How to watch an MSNBC live stream without cable


MSNBC Live Stream: How to watch MSNBC free or cheap online

Watching an MSNBC live stream on a Roku, Apple TV, or Fire Stick can be a lot cheaper than cable.

With so many people now turning to streaming devices to cut the cord, there is a growing wave of options for live streaming news. But I get it, you want MSNBC. Because you want to watch “Hardball” live or at least be able to record it.  

You want your fix of Morning Joe, or the latest news with Stephanie Rhule. You want Rachel Maddow  live and on-demand so you don’t miss a word of her nightly broadcast.

This guide will show you how to watch MSNBC live without cable. Right now, Sling TV is the cheapest option at $30 per month. You need to sign up to the Sling Blue plan to get MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. 

My runner-up pick is Hulu with Live TV because you have more channels, movies, Hulu Originals and network TV shows. You’ll get 65+ channels for $54.99 per month. Hulu on-demand is included as part of your Live TV package. So you’re getting two streaming services for the price of one. 

You might want to look over Hulu’s channel lineup because you’d essentially be getting two streaming services for the price of one. 

Let’s take a quick look at all your choices to live stream MSNBC, and how it all works.

How live streaming MSNBC works

Instead of relying on companies like Comcast or Spectrum for your favorite channels, you can use a live TV streaming service. These channels will be coming to you over the Internet, and cost a lot less than a monthly triple-digit cable bill.

The secret to cord cutting and saving money really comes down to learning how to get a reasonably priced Internet connection. Once you master that, then you’ll put your monthly pay-TV bill in the double digit range like me. 

Can I watch live news free on

You’ll need to either subscribe to cable, or a live TV streaming service like the ones we’ve been talking about to sign in to live stream on

The good news? If you sign up to any of the six live tv streaming services discussed in this guide, then you can use your subscription to watch a live feed on

But here’s the thing. It’s easier to just watch MSNBC live through whatever live TV service that you subscribe to. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a watching MSNBC live on a Roku, iPhone, PC or Mac.

The same rules apply for watching on your MSNBC app. In fact, you’ll find even less live stuff on the app. You’d be better off using the MSNBC Live Audio Stream.

Hulu with Live TV has an MSNBC live stream

Hulu with Live TV combines a robust lineup of 65+ national networks including MSNBC and local channels like ABC, FOX, NBC and CBS.

You’re getting live TV, 50 hours of Cloud DVR and Hulu’s on-demand library for $54.99 per month.

There are other favorite networks that you might recognize from your days as a cable subscriber: A&E, FX, History, National Geographic, HGTV, TBS and TNT. Hulu includes 50 hours of Cloud DVR at no extra cost. You can stream on up to two devices at once, including a mobile device like an iPhone or Android smartphone when you’re not at home.

Hulu with Live TV lets you sign in to a few dozen apps — 38 to be exact — to networks that are in your channel lineup. So if you miss a show on Bravo, or National Geographic, you can sign in to the app and watch it on demand.  You’ll also get access to Hulu’s vast library of on-demand TV shows, movies and original programming that people pay $5.99 per month for.

So you’re essentially getting two subscription services, but at the same price as competitors that just offer the live TV service. If you’ve been curious about some of the Hulu Originals programming like “The Handmaid’s Tale”, subscribing to Hulu with Live TV is a decent way to check it out while replacing your cable TV subscription too.

You can easily check for your local channels with Hulu before deciding whether to sign up. 

Watch MSNBC live stream online with Sling TV

Sling TV has been known for a few years as an inexpensive option to get channels like AMC, A&E and even ESPN without cable.

For the purposes of live streaming MSNBC, you’ll want to go for the cheapest option. That’s the Sling Blue bundle for $30 per month. 

Sling TV also offers 10 hours of Cloud DVR for free or 50 hours for another $5 per month. Not everyone likes the approach of having smaller add-on features or channel bundles, but some people love it.

It’s a decent option if you’re on a budget. You can look over the channel lineup, or just go for a free 7-day trial. You can cancel if it’s not for you. If you sign up for a brief subscription, you can also get a free or discounted streaming device

fuboTV: live stream MSNBC without cable

Sports fans should consider fuboTV for getting regional sports networks, and larger ones like NFL Network. fuboTV has 80+ channels including AMC, History, IFC, A&E and of course, MSNBC and local NBC stations for news.

The entry-level channel bundle costs $54.99 per month. You get 30 hours of Cloud DVR as part of your subscription. fuboTV also has on-demand movies, and “lookback” feature for sports that has games that aired in the last 72 hours. So there’s multiple ways to catch up on shows or sporting events that you missed a night or two before.

fuboTV even lets you go back a few hours and watch a show like “Hardball” on-demand. So you’re not eating up your Cloud DVR space. On the sports front, fuboTV is the only live streaming service that has select sporting events in 4K

Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick and Android TV devices all have fuboTV apps. You can also use your credentials to sign into more than 30 TV Everywhere apps on your streaming devices.

Try out fuboTV free for a week

YouTube TV: Watch MSNBC Online without cable

YouTube TV will have local channels wherever its service is available, and MSNBC as one of its news channels along with CNN and FOX News.

Subscribers get about 70 channels for $49.99 per month. CBS Sports Network, ESPN, all three FX channels, IFC and two National Geographic channels are part of the channel lineup. YouTube TV has unlimited Cloud DVR, but may supplement some of your recordings with on-demand content. That means you won’t necessarily be able to fast forward through commercials.

There’s apps for YouTube TV on Roku, Apple TV, and a mobile one that streams on its own or to your TV with a Chromecast. YouTube TV offers a very good service at a fair price. Try out a free week long trial with YouTube TV.

What’s the best way to get a MSNBC live stream?

The answer may depend on what other channels you want along with MSNBC.

If you’re on a budget, or want a smaller channel lineup, Sling TV will get your MSNBC live for $30 per month under the Blue plan. Try out Sling TV free for a week. Or you can get a free or discounted streaming device by signing up for a brief subscription. You’re not obligated to keep your subscription after that. 

From an overall value perspective, Hulu with Live TV is giving you a lot for $44.99 per month. You’re getting 65+ channels that you can watch from pretty much any device like a Roku or Fire Stick, or on the go with your smartphone. And you’re getting unlimited access to Hulu’s vast on-demand library of network TV shows, movies and Hulu Originals like “The Handmaid’s Tale”. 

You’ll also be able to record shows and activate apps on your streaming devices for networks like A&E, Bravo and FOX Sports. You can look which channels Hulu with Live TV offers in your area to see if it’s a good fit for you. If you already subscribe to Hulu on-demand, getting their live TV package makes the most sense.

Sports fans who want regional sports channels in the mix should do a free trial of fuboTV for seven days. If you want to learn more about getting rid of cable, read my cord cutting guide for more help.

How do you get an MSNBC live stream? What’s your favorite program? Tell fellow readers in comments below.

This article was published April 13, 2018, and has been updated.

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  1. I agree completely. HBO let you but a single sub; why not MSNBC? I cancelled Sling for this reason. $30- a month for MSNBC is not justifiable. Sling is a package of junk – no thanks.

  2. MSNBC is now part of SlingTV Blue you do not have to buy news extra just an FYI Hulu TV does not have AMC and YouTube TV does not have History Channel. Sling Blue has the best overall cable channels but they don’t have Local TV stations


  4. This is frustrating. I don’t have cable because I refuse to pay an arm and a leg to watch the few shows that interest me. I just cancelled basic Starz and Hulu because there’s a lot of junk I don’t watch. All I wanted to do is to be able to livestream MSNBC. I don’t want ESPN, Disney…etc Just MSNBC. I refuse to pay for cable or Hulu $54+, Sling $30 +, YouTube, and all to do that. I will just have to be satisfied with listening to it on the radio with XM Sirius. It would be nice if MSNBC would consider those of us who don’t want all the other programs and create a decent package for just MSNBC.

  5. I agree. Frustrating but I guess the consequence of choosing not to pay for cable and not to pay more $15/month for subscriptions (Netflix is my highest one). As streaming becomes more like cable I will adjust as needed but still won’t pay the high dollars.

  6. Agree. We chose the commercial free BASIC Hulu for about $11/month and couldn’t be happier. We listen to MSNBC live or watch the uploaded shows later in the day, ie Morning Joe and the others we like, ie Maddow, The Beat (only segments are often available however) on YouTube the following day

  7. Why do you pay for You Tube?
    Cutting cable is NBD depending upon your TV viewing interests, pick a service like HULU @ $45/month – 50 + but no sports channels or YouTubeTV at $50/month 60 channels with sports channels and a few others. Each have different services so choosing is about knowing your needs/wants. These services would save you at least $55.00/month

  8. Hey that’s great, I did not know ! I have no suscriptions to any cable TV providers and I don’t intend to. I wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks to watch “legally” MSNBC but they force you to subscribe to a $50+ monthly fee… I find that ridiculous.

  9. One advantage to cable is that when power goes down or snow blocks signal I can still get MSNBC live online. Also I can get it where ever I am that I can log into WiFi. A lot of Hotels and motels only have basic which doesn’t offer MSNBC. I think about cutting Cable because I am paying at least $110 a month, also pay for Netflix, VIKI, Youtube, WiFi, cell phone and other services, well over $350 a month. Oh well, I have a lot of interests.


  11. I am going to stop paying for direct tv, watching CNN right now using the Spectrum app. I like MSNBC better, but I guess for now I will be watching CNN and the advertisers there will be putting their ads in front of my eyes while the MSNBC advertisers will no longer reach me

  12. Why can’t I just watch MSNBC free on-line !!! I will watch the commercials and all. I just want to watch MSNBC live. For now all I can do is listen to it. This is 2019 !!! So STUPID that I can’t watch commercials for free.

    • If you have an android device, you can get the MSNBC Live app for free and watch it for free on your android device.

  13. Hulu Live TV is a complete waste of money. We paid for one month just to watch MSNBC, and halfway through, we kept getting error messages. I called Hulu and the help we got? It’s either MSNBC or Hulu. Money right down the drain and Hulu was happy to keep it.

  14. Can AppleTV be used to record programs and watch later without the ads? Without that it’s not that helpful. Xfinity is not more expensive than 40 bucks per month and it’s easy to record stuff.

  15. Thanks for the information. Your facts on sling TV streaming are wrong.. You have to buy the Blue package and then pay extra for the Orange package to get CNN and MSNBC which costs significantly more with not that many other channels and most of the channels in the required basic Blue package are junk TV and play mostly teasers, not Complete series. I’m going to try Hulu after reading all of your praises about it. The same old junk is on streamers. Amazon opened their library after their recent failure. Is it ‘would or wouldn’t’ or ‘Ihop or I hob’ All lies. Major TV time to push Ihob … what a scam to cover an executives ass. Same no nothingings running streaming TV for short term profits and no reliable programming.Looks like AT&T is organizing a wall of competition as most streaming providers have the same junk and just raking in profits … and forcing people to watch all advertising unlike cable. It’s a shame we didn’t have a Bell Labs to direct people away from the unholy costs of cable with a regulated scheme both in cost and ad content on all cable and streaming which is now surpassing primary programming.

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