How to Stream Every Episode of 30 for 30 with ESPN Plus

The library of ESPN’s documentary series “30 for 30” is available on-demand through ESPN+. But since Disney has multiple ways to get ESPN+, you should consider all your options. I will offer some analysis based on being a subscriber to individual streaming services versus a bundle.

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So, you’re looking to catch up on ESPN’s “30 for 30”? Let me walk you through the simplest ways to stream it, whether you’re considering ESPN+ or thinking about a bundle deal.

I have been writing and reviewing streaming services for years, and continue to test out the latest options. I provide straightforward advice on how to watch “30 for 30”, ensuring you get to pick the best viewing options.

How to Watch Every Episode of ESPN’s 30 for 30

The library of ESPN’s documentary series “30 for 30” is available on-demand through ESPN+. But since Disney has multiple ways to get ESPN+, you should consider all your options. I will offer some analysis based on being a subscriber to individual streaming services versus a bundle.

ESPN+$10.99/mo.3 for ESPN+ESPN+ HD/1080p
Disney Trio Basic
(with ads)
$14.99/mo.4 for Disney+
3 for Hulu
3 for ESPN+
Disney+ up to 4K/Dolby Atmos
Hulu up to 4K
ESPN+ HD/1080p
Disney Trio Premium
(only ESPN+ with ads)
$24.99/mo.4 for Disney+
3 for Hulu
3 for ESPN+
Disney+ up to 4K/Dolby Atmos
Hulu up to 4K
ESPN+ HD/1080p
Device support: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV along with Smart TVs by Samsung, VIZIO SmartCast, Sony Bravia, PlayStation, XBox, Xfinity Flex and Xumo TV.

You can sign up just for ESPN+ to watch “30 for 30” episodes. The service is ideal for avid sports fans. ESPN+ is the go-to choice for exclusive, live games, and sports documentaries. It’s the most economical choice, offering more focused sports coverage compared to the broader entertainment selections of Hulu and Disney+.

The streaming service costs $10.99 per month and works within the ESPN app.

The Disney Trio Basic bundle includes ad-supported subscriptions to ESPN+, Hulu and Disney+ for $14.99 per month. This bundle is perfect for families or diverse viewership needs, combining sports, Hulu’s varied entertainment, and Disney+’s family content at a cost-effective price, unlike the more sports-centric ESPN+.

The Disney Trio Premium bundle has commercial-free subscriptions to Disney+ and Hulu, but an ad-supported ESPN+ plan for $24.99 per month. This option is suited for viewers desiring a high-quality, ad-free experience on Disney+ and Hulu, though ESPN+ comes with ads. It’s a premium choice for a comprehensive content range, contrasting the singular sports focus of ESPN+.

At the moment, subscribers use the ESPN app for ESPN+ and separate apps for Hulu and Disney+. ESPN+ is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV devices such as Google Chromecast with Google TV.

How the series started

The concept behind “30 for 30” spawned from ESPN celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2009. 

The series started by focusing on notable sporting events that happened between 1979 and 2009. The other “30” in the series noted these were 30 films from Hollywood’s most notable directors and producers. 

John Singleton, Spike Jones and Peter Berg are just a few of the recognizable directors who participated early on.

“30 for 30” grew in popularity for its sometimes dark and gritty look into life of professional and college sports. “O.J.: Made In America” is seen as a definitive work on covering the storied football stars career, and his free fall after his first-degree murder trial. The five-part series won an Academy Award for Best Documentary. 

Jump down to the “30 for 30 episode list for a sampling of what’s on ESPN+. 

Watching 30 for 30 on a TV

The ESPN app is on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast with Google TV and Smart TVs that have an ESPN app. Follow these steps to start streaming “30 for 30” episodes within the ESPN app.

  • Sign up online for an ESPN+ subscription.
  • Download the ESPN app to a Smart TV or streaming device.
  • Use SETTINGS, select ESPN account for an activation code
  • Using a web browser, go to
  • Enter activation code
  • Start watching ESPN+

You can also watch ESPN+ on a PC, iPhone and tablet by signing into your account. 

What else is on ESPN+?

ESPN+ is a streaming service that focuses on live sports such as UFC, MLB, NHL and original shows.

ESPN+ live streams exclusive coverage of hundreds of college football and NCAA basketball games. You can also watch NHL games and MLB games.

It’s not a replacement for ESPN, ESPN2 or any of its sibling networks that you can find on a traditional cable TV or satellite TV package. But it does offer a cheaper alternative borne out of the streaming and cord-cutting era.  

ESPN+ has “30 for 30” episodes, live UFC, college football and MLB games.

Can I watch 30 for 30 on Netflix, Disney+ or Hulu?

You won’t find any episodes of “30 for 30” on Netflix. There was a time when 30 for 30 resided on Netflix, but that ended soon after the debut of ESPN+. There are now a few episodes of “30 for 30” on Disney+. But there are no episodes currently on Hulu.

What’s the best way to watch ESPN’s 30 for 30?

ESPN+Most affordable at $10.99/month, exclusive premieres, extensive sports coverage including live college football, NCAA basketball, NFL, and MLB games.Limited to sports content; doesn’t replace ESPN cable networks.
Disney Trio BasicCost-effective bundle ($14.99/month) includes ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+; diverse content range.Includes ads; ESPN+ within the bundle is also ad-supported.
Disney Trio PremiumAd-free Disney+ and Hulu; diverse content including sports, entertainment, and family shows; supports up to 4K/Dolby Atmos.More expensive at $24.99/month; only ESPN+ has ads.

ESPN+ is the best place to watch “30 for 30” episodes — whether it’s on your TV or online using a PC or smartphone. A subscription to ESPN+ is the cheapest option at $10.99 per month, and it’s easy to sign up.

For families or viewers seeking a broader range of content, the Disney Trio Basic bundle provides a balanced mix of sports, entertainment, and family content at a reasonable price.

New episodes of “30 for 30” are starting to premiere on ESPN+. If they don’t, then you will see them on ESPN+ pretty quickly after that — most of the time in a matter of hours.

You can scroll down through the summary of originals shows and live sports covered by ESPN+ before signing up.

Just about any streaming device or smartphone can be used to watch “30 for 30” episodes through ESPN+. That includes a smartphone, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, PCs and even game consoles.

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30 for 30 Episode List on ESPN+

At the moment, ESPN+ has more than 250 episodes available for streaming. Below is a sample list that I’ve put together. There are dozens more not listed here. 

  • Kings Ransom
  • The Band That Wouldn’t Die
  • Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?
  • Muhammad and Larry
  • Without Bias
  • The Legend of Jimmy the Greek
  • The U 
  • Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks
  • Guru of Go
  • No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson
  • Silly Little Game
  • Run Ricky Run
  • The 16th Man
  • Straight Outta L.A. 
  • June 17th, 1994
  • The Two Escobars
  • The Birth of Big Air
  • Jordan Rides the Bus
  • Little Big Men
  • One Night In Vegas (Not available.) 
  • Unmatched 
  • The House of Steinbrenner
  • Into the Wind
  • Four Days in October
  • Once Brothers
  • Tim Richmond: To The Limit
  • Fernando Nation
  • Marion Jones: Press Pause
  • The Best That Never Was
  • Pony Excess
  • The Fab Five
  • Catching Hell
  • Renee
  • The Dotted Line
  • Charismatic
  • The Real Rocky
  • Unguarded
  • Roll Tide/War Eagle
  • The Marinovich Project
  • The Announcement
  • Broke
  • 9.79*
  • There’s No Place Like Home
  • Benji
  • Ghosts of Ole Miss
  • You Don’t Know Bo
  • Survive and Advance
  • Elway to Marino
  • Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau
  • Free Spirits
  • No Mas
  • Big Shot
  • This is What They Want
  • Bernie and Ernie
  • Youngstown Boys
  • The Price of Gold
  • Requiem for the Big East
  • Bad Boys
  • Slaying the Badger
  • Playing for the Mob
  • The Day The Series Stopped
  • When The Garden Was Eden
  • Brian And The Boz
  • Brothers In Exile
  • Rand University
  • The U: Part 2
  • Of Miracles and Men
  • I Hate Christian Laettner
  • Sole Man
  • Angry Sky
  • Trojan War
  • The Prince of Pennsylvania
  • The Gospel According To Mac
  • Chasing Tyson
  • Four Falls of Buffalo
  • The ’85 Bears
  • Fantastic Lies
  • This Magic Moment
  • Believeland
  • Doc & Darryl
  • Phi Slama Jama
  • Hit It Hard
  • Catholics vs. Convicts
  • This Was The XFL
  • One and Not Done
  • Celtics/Lakers: Best of Enemies Parts 1-3
  • Mike and the Mad Dog
  • George Best: All By Himself
  • What Carter Lost
  • Year of the Scab
  • Tommy
  • Nature Boy
  • The Two Bills
  • Last Days of Knight
  • Seau
  • 42 to 1
  • Deion’s Double Play
  • The Dominican Dream
  • Qualified
  • O.J.: Made in America (5 parts) 

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