ZapperBox M1 OTA DVR Review

ZapperBox now supports digital rights management (DRM), allowing users to watch and record DRM-encrypted broadcast channels. It features a user-friendly channel guide and offers the option to stream YouTube. But, the effectiveness of NextGen TV remains to be seen.

tablo 4th gen ota dvr

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Tablo 4th Gen OTA DVR Review

The Tablo 4th generation over-the-air (OTA) DVR delivers a brand new experience for over-the-air TV with granular search features, and free streaming channels. The menu and response time isn’t perfect, but I believe that both will improve with future software updates.

best portable projector

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Best Portable Projectors for 2023 & Beyond

These portable projectors have been tested indoors, and outside for movie nights on both pricey screens and off-white walls.

A portable projector can create a small, theater-like experience in a family room, backyard or camper with minimal setup.