Explore the 2023-24 NHL Schedule on ESPN Plus

Published on: February 22, 2024

You can stream over 1,050 out-of-market NHL Power Play games on ESPN+. 

This service ensures you never miss a moment from your favorite teams, no matter your location. A subscription to ESPN+ is only $10.99 per month, and provides a lot of hockey matchups for NHL fans.

For those seeking a budget-friendly option, watch six ABC-exclusive games at no extra cost with a TV antenna.

This guide covers the NHL 2023-24 season across ESPN networks. This year, ESPN, ESPN+, Hulu, and ABC will broadcast over 100 hockey games. This lineup features 28 unique ESPN+ exclusives and 22 must-see ESPN highlights. Curious about which subscription offers the best value? 

We provide all essential stats and streaming options.

While an ESPN+ subscription is the most cost-effective option at $10.99 per month, it’s not the only one. Alternatively, you can get Hulu + Live TV for $76.99 per month, which has key NHL networks such as ESPN, and some NBC regional sports networks. 

That could be important to you if you are a Chicago Blackhawks fan who needs NBC Sports Chicago. A diehard San Jose Sharks fan who likewise wants NBC Sports Bay Area might want to consider Hulu Live TV for in-market games. 

You can also combine ESPN+ with the Disney Bundle. The Trio Basic package includes ad-supported ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu for $14.99 per month.

Here is the latest on the 2023-24 NHL season on ESPN. Whether streaming online or watching on TV, ensure you never miss a goal, slapshot, or penalty this hockey season.

Streaming NHL Games on Your TV

To stream NHL games, you need a Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Roku. A strong internet connection and a Wi-Fi router ensure smooth streaming.

After you sign up for an ESPN+ subscription online, activate ESPN+ by signing in to the ESPN app. 

Hulu users can add ESPN+ to their subscription for an extra $10.99 per month, accessible within the Hulu app. The Disney Trio Basic bundle also includes ESPN+, alongside Disney+ and Hulu, for $14.99 per month.

For those without cable, several live TV services offer ESPN, including those with regional sports networks.

ESPN+’s NHL Schedule Today

February NHL Games

DateTime (ET)GameTV
Feb. 33:002024 NHL All-Star GameABC/ESPN+
Feb. 67:30Colorado Avalanche at New Jersey DevilsESPN+/Hulu
Feb. 610:00Edmonton Oilers at Vegas Golden KnightsESPN+/Hulu
Feb. 88:00Tampa Bay Lightning at New York IslandersESPN
Feb. 101:00St. Louis Blues at Buffalo SabresABC/ESPN+
Feb. 103:30Washington Capitals at Boston BruinsABC/ESPN+
Feb. 107:00Seattle Kraken at Philadelphia FlyersESPN+/Hulu
Feb. 158:00Dallas Stars at Nashville PredatorsESPN
Feb. 1712:30Los Angeles Kings at Boston BruinsABC/ESPN+
Feb. 173:00Edmonton Oilers at Dallas StarsABC/ESPN+
Feb. 178:00Philadelphia Flyers at New Jersey DevilsABC/ESPN+
Feb. 183:00New York Rangers at New York IslandersABC/ESPN+
Feb. 191:00Toronto Maple Leafs at St. Louis BluesESPN
Feb. 193:30Detroit Red Wings at Seattle KrakenESPN
Feb. 227:00Washington Capitals at Tampa Bay LightningESPN
Feb. 2210:30Nashville Predators at Los Angeles KingsESPN+/Hulu
Feb. 2412:00St. Louis Blues at Detroit Red WingsABC/ESPN+
Feb. 243:00New York Rangers at Philadelphia FlyersABC/ESPN+
Feb. 277:00Buffalo Sabres at Florida PanthersESPN+/Hulu
Feb. 279:30Dallas Stars at Colorado AvalancheESPN+/Hulu

March NHL Games

DateTime (ET)GameTV
Mar. 23:00Minnesota Wild at St. Louis BluesABC/ESPN+
Mar. 27:00Vegas Golden Knights at Buffalo SabresESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 47:30St. Louis Blues at Philadelphia FlyersESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 77:00St. Louis Blues at New Jersey DevilsESPN
Mar. 912:30Carolina Hurricanes at New Jersey DevilsESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 93:00Pittsburgh Penguins at Boston BruinsABC/ESPN+
Mar. 147:30New York Islanders at Buffalo SabresESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 163:00New York Rangers at Pittsburgh PenguinsABC/ESPN+
Mar. 166:00Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Florida PanthersESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 197:00Carolina Hurricanes at New York IslandersESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 1910:00Minnesota Wild at Anaheim DucksESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 217:30Nashville Predators at Florida PanthersESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 2110:30Seattle Kraken at Vegas Golden KnightsESPN
Mar. 238:00Florida Panthers at New York RangersABC/ESPN+
Mar. 267:30New Jersey Devils at Toronto Maple LeafsESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 2610:00Columbus Blue Jackets at Arizona CoyotesESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 287:30Detroit Red Wings at Carolina HurricanesESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 302:30Vegas Golden Knights at Minnesota WildESPN+/Hulu
Mar. 307:00Toronto Maple Leafs at Buffalo SabresESPN+/Hulu

April NHL Games

DateTime (ET)GameTV
Apr. 48:00St. Louis Blues at Nashville PredatorsESPN+/Hulu
Apr. 61:00Tampa Bay Lightning at Pittsburgh PenguinsABC/ESPN+
Apr. 63:30Florida Panthers at Boston BruinsABC/ESPN+
Apr. 710:00Dallas Stars at Colorado AvalancheESPN
Apr. 97:00Washington Capitals at Detroit Red WingsESPN
Apr. 99:30Minnesota Wild at Colorado AvalancheESPN
Apr. 117:30Columbus Blue Jackets at Florida PanthersESPN+/Hulu
Apr. 1312:30New York Islanders at New York RangersABC/ESPN+
Apr. 133:00Seattle Kraken at Dallas StarsABC/ESPN+
Apr. 138:00Boston Bruins at Pittsburgh PenguinsABC/ESPN+
Apr. 159:30Minnesota Wild at Los Angeles KingsESPN
Apr. 167:00Toronto Maple Leafs at Florida PanthersESPN
Apr. 169:30Chicago Blackhawks at Vegas Golden KnightsESPN
Apr. 187:00Seattle Kraken at Minnesota WildESPN
Apr. 189:30Edmonton Oilers at Colorado AvalancheESPN

Frequently Asked Questions About NHL on ESPN Plus

NHL fans often seek information on how to watch their favorite teams. Below, we address these queries.

What does the ESPN Plus subscription include for NHL fans?

ESPN Plus will stream more than 1,000 out-of-market games, and exclusively stream 28 NHL games in the 2023-24 season. It holds rights to a select number of games.

Does ESPN Plus cover all NHL games?

No, not every NHL game is on ESPN Plus. While over 100 NHL games have exclusive broadcasting rights with the Walt Disney Company, this does not encompass the entire season.

What NHL content is available on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus provides NHL Power Play, offering over 1,050 out-of-market games, alongside 28 unique regular-season games.

Why are not all NHL games on ESPN Plus?

Broadcast rights are spread across various networks. Regional sports networks like NESN, Bally Sports, and NBC Sports hold rights for local games, limiting ESPN Plus’s coverage.

How can I watch NHL games on ESPN Plus?

Subscribe to ESPN Plus through the ESPN Plus website for $10.99 per month. You may cancel at any time, and start watching games on a Smart TV, through a streaming device, and even a PC or laptop.

How to Watch Local NHL Games

For local games, regional sports channels are key.

This season, ESPN features 22 exclusive regular-season games. Ensure your live TV service includes ESPN and your local regional sports network for comprehensive coverage.

In-market games are viewable on NESN, MSG, MASN, and ROOT Sports, and regional Bally Sports networks through DIRECTV STREAM and Fubo. YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV offer regional NBC Sports networks.

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