ESPN+ MLB Schedule for 2024

Published on: June 10, 2024

ESPN+ will stream one regular season MLB game each day during the 2024 season. You can expect to see one to two MLB games daily on ESPN+ throughout the year.

What MLB games are on ESPN+?

In years past, ESPN+ has featured each MLB team at least 10 times during the regular season. Unlike Apple TV+ and Peacock, which show MLB games weekly, ESPN+ offers daily matchups.

ESPN+ MLB games have local blackout restrictions. However, fans can still stream other MLB games if they cut the cable. Despite these local blackout rules, ESPN+ Game of the Day remains a bargain for fans who want to watch out-of-market MLB games.

An ESPN+ subscription is priced at $10.99 per month. It can be bundled with Hulu, Hulu Live TV, or the Disney Bundle.

How to Stream MLB Games on ESPN Plus

To stream MLB games on ESPN Plus, you can use a Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and even a PC.

I recommend having a solid internet connection and Wi-Fi router for the best streaming experience.

After signing up for ESPN+ online, activate your account in the ESPN app to start watching on your TV. Hulu users can add ESPN+ for $10.99 per month when they sign up. Hulu’s on-demand service has a 30-day free trial, but ESPN Plus is not included in the trial.

If you sign up for Hulu Live TV, an ESPN+ subscription is included along with Disney+. Once you activate your ESPN Plus account, you can start watching other live sporting events such as NHL games, the PGA Tour, soccer and UFC fights.

Today’s MLB Schedule on ESPN+

Here is the schedule for the upcoming MLB games on ESPN+:

  • 06/10/2024: 9:40 PM – 12:40 AM: Seattle Mariners vs Chicago White Sox
  • 06/11/2024: 10:10 PM – 1:10 AM: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Texas Rangers
  • 06/12/2024: 7:10 PM – 10:10 PM: Cincinnati Reds vs Cleveland Guardians
  • 06/13/2024: 1:05 PM – 4:05 PM: Baltimore Orioles vs Atlanta Braves
  • 06/14/2024: 7:10 PM – 10:10 PM: Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees
  • 06/15/2024: 4:10 PM – 7:10 PM: Atlanta Braves vs Tampa Bay Rays
  • 06/16/2024: 1:35 PM – 4:35 PM: Baltimore Orioles vs Philadelphia Phillies
  • 06/17/2024: 9:38 PM – 12:38 AM: Los Angeles Angels vs Milwaukee Brewers
  • 06/18/2024: 9:40 PM – 12:40 AM: Oakland Athletics vs Kansas City Royals
  • 06/19/2024: 12:35 PM – 3:35 PM: Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds
  • 06/20/2024: 1:10 PM – 4:10 PM: Minnesota Twins vs Tampa Bay Rays
  • 06/21/2024: 7:10 PM – 10:10 PM: Miami Marlins vs Seattle Mariners
  • 06/22/2024: 4:05 PM – 7:05 PM: Texas Rangers vs Kansas City Royals
  • 06/23/2024: 3:10 PM – 6:10 PM: Colorado Rockies vs Washington Nationals
  • 06/24/2024: 9:45 PM – 12:45 AM: San Francisco Giants vs Chicago Cubs
  • 06/25/2024: 9:40 PM – 12:40 AM: San Diego Padres vs Washington Nationals
  • 06/26/2024: 7:10 PM – 10:10 PM: Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays
  • 06/27/2024: 3:45 PM – 6:45 PM: San Francisco Giants vs Chicago Cubs
  • 06/28/2024: 6:20 PM – 9:20 PM: Philadelphia Phillies vs Miami Marlins
  • 06/29/2024: 10:07 PM – 1:07 AM: Los Angeles Angels vs Detroit Tigers
  • 06/30/2024: 1:35 PM – 4:35 PM: Baltimore Orioles vs Texas Rangers
ESPN+ has daily MLB games. (photo credit: Jim Kimble / The Cord Cutting Report)
ESPN+$10.99/moHD/1080p – 3 devices
Disney Trio Basic
(with ads)
$14.99/mo.Disney+ up to 4K/Dolby Atmos
Hulu up to 4K
ESPN+ HD/1080p
Disney Trio Premium
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$24.99/mo.Disney+ up to 4K/Dolby Atmos
Hulu up to 4K
ESPN+ HD/1080p
Device support: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV along with Smart TVs by Samsung, VIZIO SmartCast, Sony Bravia, PlayStation, XBox, Xfinity Flex and Xumo TV.

Is live baseball available on ESPN Plus?

Yes. ESPN Plus streams every MLB game live in the ESPN app. You can watch a replay after the live game ends.

View the upcoming MLB game lineup on ESPN Plus.

Does ESPN Plus have in-market MLB Games?

You won’t be able to rely on ESPN Plus for in-market games. For local games, you still need Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) to watch your MLB team. So, New York Yankees fans need YES Network, and Boston Red Sox fans will need NESN

To watch without cable, you can use a live TV service with RSNs for local sports coverage. DIRECTV STREAM and Fubo carry the most RSNs, including Bally Sports, NBC Sports, NESN and ROOT Sports. These two services also carry key cable TV and broadcast networks for the MLB season, including ESPN, FOX, FS1, TBS and MLB Network.

To watch out-of-market MLB games, you can subscribe to ESPN Plus.

FAQ: ESPN+ and MLB Games

These are common questions that readers ask when researching which MLB games they can stream on ESPN Plus.

Is Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN Plus?

No, Sunday Night Baseball is typically broadcast on ESPN’s main channel, not on ESPN Plus. However, ESPN Plus streams one regular season MLB game per day on weekdays.

How many MLB games are on ESPN+?

ESPN+ streams one to two MLB games each day during the regular season, featuring every team multiple times throughout the season.

Is MLB TV included with ESPN+?

No, MLB TV is a separate service offering comprehensive coverage of MLB games. ESPN+ provides daily games but does not include the full MLB TV service.

What MLB games can I watch on ESPN+?

You can watch one regular season game per day on ESPN+, focusing on out-of-market games. This includes a variety of teams and matchups throughout the season.

Does ESPN+ have baseball?

Yes, ESPN+ features baseball games and other programming, including live MLB games, highlights, and analyses.

Does ESPN Plus have MLB Network?

No, ESPN Plus does not offer MLB Network. It provides access to daily MLB games and related content but not the full MLB Network channel.

ESPN+ vs MLB TV: What’s the difference?

  • ESPN+ offers daily MLB games, sports analysis, and additional content across various sports.
  • MLB TV is dedicated to MLB, providing live and on-demand access to all regular season games, with options for in-market and out-of-market games.


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