2024 Kansas Jayhawks Basketball: 6 Live TV Streaming Services

Kansas Jayhawks games primarily air on ESPN+, and cable and broadcast channels ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, CBS, and ABC. 

ESPN+ hosts the Big 12 Conference’s digital offering, Big 12 Now, offering nationwide access. This development is a game-changer for Kansas fans, as it means exclusive streaming of certain Jayhawks basketball games (previously not aired on ESPN) on ESPN+.

Kansas Jayhawks
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The Kansas Jayhawks, a revered name in NCAA basketball, symbolize excellence and a rich legacy. 

Are you looking for a way to watch the Jayhawks during the college basketball season without the need for traditional cable? 

In 2024, cord-cutters can use over-the-air TV and streaming services such as ESPN+ or Sling TV to watch Jayhawks games on the cheap. 

With numerous championships and a consistent presence in NCAA tournaments, the Jayhawks have set a benchmark on the court.

The evolution of digital media has made ‘Kansas Jayhawks streaming’ a popular phrase among fans. Various streaming services now offer extensive coverage of the Jayhawks, allowing fans to watch games live without a cable subscription.

How to Watch Jayhawks Basketball Without Cable

KU basketball fans looking for a cost-effective way to watch Jayhawks games might consider a combination of Sling Orange, a TV antenna, and a standalone subscription to ESPN+. 

Here’s why:

Sling Orange provides access to ESPN and ESPN2. When combined with an TV antenna for ABC and CBS games, you are covered for a significant portion of national broadcasts. Sling Orange is priced at $40 per month and is one of the more affordable live TV streaming services, offering not just sports coverage but also a range of entertainment and news channels.

Adding a standalone ESPN+ subscription, available for $10.99 per month, ensures that fans don’t miss any of the in-market games streaming through the Big 12 Now platform. This combination covers a wide array of games, from in-market games to national headliners.

The total cost for Sling Orange ($40) and ESPN+ ($10.99) comes to around $50.99 per month.

Hulu + Live TV has more complete channel coverage for Jayhawks games, and includes ESPN+, but costs $76.99 per month. It’s not the cheapest option, but it is the best one for complete coverage of Jayhawks games across broadcast networks such as ABC, and CBS along with cable networks and ESPN+.

Streaming platforms provide an all-encompassing experience for Jayhawks fans. From live games to exclusive interviews with players and coaches, these services ensure that fans are always in the loop with the latest from their favorite team.

What channel are Kansas Jayhawks games on?

Kansas Jayhawks games primarily air on ESPN+, and cable and broadcast channels ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, CBS, and ABC

ESPN+ hosts the Big 12 Conference’s digital offering, Big 12 Now, offering nationwide access. This development is a game-changer for Kansas fans, as it means exclusive streaming of certain Jayhawks basketball games (previously not aired on ESPN) on ESPN+. 

This includes notable football games and around 10 men’s basketball games, including exhibition matches.

Cord-cutters using a TV antenna can watch Jayhawks games for free on ABC or CBS. 


  • Live NCAA basketball
  • Out-of-market NHL games
  • Live soccer from Serie A, LaLiga
ESPN+$10.99/moHD/1080p – 3 devices
Disney Trio Basic
(with ads)
$14.99/mo.Disney+ up to 4K/Dolby Atmos
Hulu up to 4K
ESPN+ HD/1080p
Disney Trio Premium
(only ESPN+ with ads)
$24.99/mo.Disney+ up to 4K/Dolby Atmos
Hulu up to 4K
ESPN+ HD/1080p
Device support: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV along with Smart TVs by Samsung, VIZIO SmartCast, Sony Bravia, PlayStation, XBox, Xfinity Flex and Xumo TV.

ESPN+ has become a go-to streaming service for NCAA sports fans looking to catch Jayhawks games. 

A subscription at $10.99 per month turns the ESPN app into a wallet-friendly engine of NCAA streaming, especially for Big 12 teams.

According to kuathletics.com, the inclusion of Kansas’ third-tier events on ESPN+ is a significant shift for viewers. This platform allows fans to stream exclusive Jayhawks football and men’s basketball games, including some previously unavailable on traditional ESPN broadcasts. 

Under the Big 12 Now initiative, each Big 12 institution commits to televising a minimum of 50 events annually. This initiative includes the University of Kansas. This move is designed to provide greater exposure for student-athletes.

ESPN+ provides an excellent opportunity to follow Kansas team’s games live, which might not be otherwise available on local or national television broadcasts.

ESPN+ includes a variety of other sports leagues and events, from college football to soccer leagues like the Spanish La Liga and the German Bundesliga. This makes ESPN+ not just a haven for college sports fans, but also a one-stop-shop for diverse sports content.

The platform has proven itself in the last few years by offering a rich on-demand library, and a multitude of other sports categories like volleyball, football, baseball, and more.

The service is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android and Apple devices, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, LG Smart TV, PlayStation, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, and Xbox, ensuring easy access regardless of your preferred streaming setup.


Device support: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV along with Smart TVs by Samsung, Sony Bravia

DIRECTV STREAM, which offers a range of channels covering NCAA sports, including games of the Kansas Jayhawks.


The DIRECTV STREAM Choice plan, priced at $108.99 per month, includes more than 105 channels. 

This plan is tailored for sports enthusiasts, especially those following college hoops on ESPN, ESPN2, CBS Sports Network, Big Ten Network, and ACC Network. 

These channels provide access to a wide range of NCAA sports, including those on local broadcast channels such as ABC, CBC and FOX. DIRECTV STREAM Choice also offers unlimited Cloud DVR storage and access to 40,000 on-demand movies and shows. Subscribers can enjoy live TV on unlimited screens within their home.

In addition to sports, the plan includes a variety of entertainment channels such as AMC, HGTV, and Comedy Central, catering to a broader range of viewing preferences.


The Ultimate package, priced at $119.99 per month, expands on the Choice plan by offering more than 140 channels, including additional sports channels that cover a wide range of sports, though it doesn’t specifically add more content for NCAA basketball fans.


The Premier package, the most comprehensive option priced at $164.99 per month, includes over 150 channels. It encompasses all sports channels from the Ultimate package and adds premium content, including channels like HBO, Cinemax, and various STARZ channels. 

While these channels occasionally broadcast sports-related documentaries and series, they do not significantly enhance access to Kansas Jayhawks coverage compared to the Choice plan.

For Kansas Jayhawks fans, the DIRECTV STREAM Choice plan seems most suitable, offering the essential channels for NCAA basketball without the additional cost of premium channels.

All DIRECTV STREAM packages provide an experience similar to DIRECTV satellite service, but with some differences in pricing and channel availability.


  • Free trial
  • 1,000 hours Cloud DVR
  • 10 simultaneous streams
Elite $89.99/month255
Premier$99.99/month264 & Showtime
Device support: Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Xbox One, along with Smart TVs by Hisense, Samsung, LG, Sony Bravia and VIZIO SmartCast TV. Android, iPhones and iPads with current iOS.

For Kansas Jayhawks fans looking to catch their games on channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, and ABC, Fubo offers a range of packages that include these key networks.


The Pro Plan, priced at $79.99 per month, offers over 189 channels, including local networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

Additionally, the package includes ESPN, ESPN2, and other essential channels like Food Network, Fox News, and Comedy Central. This plan caters to a broad audience, offering a balanced mix of sports, news, and entertainment content.


The Elite Plan, for $89.99 per month, builds on the Pro plan by adding more than 50 channels from the fubo Extra option, totaling over 255 channels. 

This expanded lineup includes additional sports channels, such as ESPNU, providing more comprehensive coverage of NCAA basketball. It’s an excellent choice for viewers who want a wider array of sports, lifestyle, and entertainment options.

Fubo Premier

The Premier Plan, at $99.99 per month, is the most comprehensive package, featuring over 264 channels. It includes all channels from the Elite package, plus premium content like SHOWTIME. 

This plan combines fubo Extra, News Plus, and Sports Plus, appealing to viewers seeking the broadest range of sports, news, entertainment, and premium content. However, for Kansas Jayhawks fans, the additional channels in the Premier plan may not significantly enhance their viewing experience compared to the Elite plan.

All plans offer 1,000 hours of Cloud DVR storage and allow streaming on up to 10 screens simultaneously. Fubo’s “look back” feature is particularly beneficial for sports fans, enabling subscribers to catch up on sporting events from the past three days.

For Kansas Jayhawks fans, both the Pro and Elite plans offer a robust selection of channels covering their games. The Elite plan, in particular, is ideal for those who want broader sports coverage, including channels like ESPNU, which is crucial for NCAA basketball.

Sling TV

Blue$40/month41 (Locals included)
Orange + Blue$55/month88
Device support: AirTV Mini, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast along with Smart TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony Bravia and VIZIO SmartCast.

For Kansas Jayhawks fans seeking to watch their games primarily on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, CBS, and ABC, Sling TV offers flexible options to cater to these needs.

Sling Orange

The Sling Orange plan, priced at $40 per month, includes over 32 channels. Key channels for Kansas Jayhawks fans in this package are ESPN and ESPN2. Other notable channels include AMC, A&E, Bravo, and History, offering a mix of sports and entertainment. However, this plan does not include CBS or ABC, which are also essential for watching certain NCAA Division I games.

Sling Blue

Sling Blue, at the same price of $40 per month, offers a different selection of 40 channels. While it includes networks like FOX Sports 1 and NFL Network, it lacks ESPN networks. This plan is less suited for Kansas Jayhawks fans who prioritize NCAA basketball games that air on ESPN channels.

Sports Extra Package

The Sports Extra package, available for an additional $11 per month, is necessary to access ESPNU, along with other sports channels like ACC Network, SEC Network, and NBA TV. This package is crucial for fans wanting comprehensive coverage of NCAA Division I games.

Combined Sling Orange and Blue

Subscribers have the option to combine Sling Orange and Blue for $55 per month. This combination, along with the Sports Extra package, maximizes the channel lineup, providing access to a broad range of sports networks.

All Sling TV subscribers receive 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage. The service is compatible with various devices, including Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, and Smart TVs with Android TV or Google TV, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Sling TV’s offerings, especially the combination of Sling Orange with the Sports Extra package, provide a cost-effective way for Kansas Jayhawks fans to access key channels for watching their games. Additionally, Sling TV allows subscribers to use their subscription to activate the ESPN app, offering another convenient way to catch live games and content.

Hulu + Live TV

  • Sign up & get Disney+ and ESPN+ included
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR (9 mos.)
  • Two simultaneous streams
Hulu + Live TV$76.99/month90+
Device support: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV along with Smart TVs by Samsung, VIZIO SmartCast, Sony Bravia, PlayStation, XBox, Xfinity Flex and Xumo TV.

For Kansas Jayhawks fans looking to watch games primarily on cable networks, broadcast channels and ESPN+, Hulu Live TV presents a comprehensive solution.

Hulu Live TV offers a single plan that includes over 90 live TV channels, covering the essential networks for Kansas Jayhawks basketball fans. This plan includes ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN College Extra, ACC Network, and CBS Sports Network, all of which are crucial for following NCAA basketball games. 

Additionally, Hulu carries local broadcast channels across the U.S.

A subscription to Hulu Live TV is priced at $76.99 per month. This package is particularly appealing for college basketball fans because it includes unlimited access to ESPN+, home to Big 12 Now.

Disney+, and Hulu’s on-demand library of movies and TV shows are also included. Hulu Live TV subscribers can watch live TV on up to two screens simultaneously. The service also offers unlimited DVR storage, allowing fans to record and watch sports, news, movies, or other content at their convenience.

YouTube TV

  • Free trial
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR
  • Three simultaneous streams
YouTube TV$72.99/month128
Device support: Android TV, Google TV, Smart TVs by Samsung, LG, VIZIO, Hisense, Sharp and Sony; Chromecast, Google TV, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation and Google Nest Hub; Android and iOS devices.

YouTube TV offers a comprehensive package that caters NCAA basketball fans.

YouTube TV’s Base plan, priced at $72.99 per month, features over 128 live TV channels, including crucial sports networks for following Kansas Jayhawks games. 

This plan includes ESPN, and ESPN2, which are essential for NCAA basketball coverage. Additionally, the package covers local channels like FOX and CBS, ensuring access to games broadcast on these networks.

The number of local channels available may vary based on your location, which also determines the availability of local and regional sports channels. However, the YouTube TV Base plan includes a wide range of key sports channels such as ACC Network, FS1, TNT, TBS, SEC Network, NFL Network, and MLB Network, providing a rich selection of sports content.

Beyond sports, the plan offers a diverse range of entertainment networks, including A&E, AMC, BBC America, BET, BET Her, Bravo, Comedy Central, and Disney Junior, among others. This broad selection caters to a variety of viewing preferences within a household.

YouTube TV allows for the creation of up to 6 profiles per account, making it a flexible option for families or shared households.

The service is compatible with a range of devices, including Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield TV, Apple TV, and Smart TVs. It also supports mobile apps for convenience on the go.

How to Watch KU Games FAQs

Can I watch the Kansas Jayhawks on Peacock?

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, primarily focuses on content from NBC networks. KU basketball games are typically broadcast on ESPN networks, CBS, and ABC. Therefore, Peacock is not a standard platform for watching Kansas Jayhawks basketball games.

Does Paramount Plus have Jayhawks NCAA games?

Paramount Plus includes access to CBS Sports content, which may feature some KU games, especially those aired on CBS. However, not all KU games are available on Paramount Plus, as many games are broadcast on ESPN networks and other channels. 

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