Inside the Chiefs vs Dolphins Broadcast: Peacock, Local TV, and Streaming Options

The exclusivity of the Chiefs vs Dolphins game on Peacock is solely for the out-of-market or national audience. Local fans can watch the game on NBC using a TV antenna.

chiefs vs dolphins
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NFL fans gearing up for the Kansas City Chiefs vs Miami Dolphins game on Saturday, take note: Peacock isn’t your only viewing option. 

For many local fans, a trusty TV antenna could be the key to catching all the live action on a local NBC station. 

This often overlooked method offers a straightforward and cost-effective way to tune into NFL games, including most games during Super Wild Card Weekend

I have often talked about how Thursday Night Football games that are “exclusive” to Amazon Prime are actually available over-the-air in the local TV market of the teams on the field.

The same broadcast rules apply for those in the Miami and Kansas City areas when it comes to watching the game on NBC. So, before you subscribe or stream, consider trying a TV antenna to watch every thrilling moment of this much-anticipated playoff showdown.

  • Outside of market: Peacock Premium: Sign up at $5.99 per month, and cancel anytime.
  • In the Kansas City market, KSHB 41 (NBC affiliate) is carrying coverage of the Wild Card matchup on Saturday night,
  • If you live in the Miami area, WTVJ 6 (NBC6) in Miami will carry the game. 

Having said all that, if you live in Miami or the Kansas City TV market, you will find that a free trial from DIRECTV STREAM would also get you access to the game. Why? 

Because DIRECTV STREAM, and other live TV streaming services that carry those specific NBC affiliates, are streaming the local over-the-air stations just like a cable TV provider. (Note: These NBC stations are not part of the current DIRECTV-Tenga dispute.)

The exclusivity of the game on Peacock is solely for the out-of-market or national audience. 

Why is the Chiefs vs Dolphins game on Peacock?

In an unprecedented move in NFL history, the playoff clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins will be exclusively streamed on Peacock, marking a new era in sports broadcasting. 

Not everyone is thrilled with the decision. But it’s not that surprising, either. In the cable-bundle’s heyday, there were more than 100 million subscribers across the U.S., according to The New York Times. That number has dwindled to about 70 million as cable operators grapple with the new landscape of streaming. 

NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, has been adapting to the significant shift from traditional cable TV to streaming services. This transition is directly in response to the growing trend of cord-cutting, where viewers are moving away from conventional cable subscriptions in favor of internet-based streaming platforms.

NBCUniversal’s strategic response to this shift is multifaceted. Firstly, as the owner of NBC networks, they have a rich portfolio of content that includes news, sports, and entertainment. 

This programming has traditionally been a staple of cable TV packages, but with changing viewer habits, NBCUniversal has had to rethink distribution strategies.

Enter Peacock, NBCUniversal’s flagship streaming service, launched in July 2020. 

Peacock represents a significant step in adapting to the streaming era. It offers a range of programming, including live sports, classic TV shows, original series, and news. 

The service offers all of its sports from NBC (and most from NBC Sports) with the exception of its Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) at a fairly low price point. 

It’s a strategic move to attract a broad audience base. The inclusion of live sports on Peacock, such as NFL games, is particularly noteworthy. 

Sports broadcasting has been one of the strongholds of traditional cable TV, but with Peacock, NBCUniversal is directly addressing the demands of cord-cutters who are sports enthusiasts. By offering exclusive sports content, they are not only retaining their existing audience but also attracting new viewers who prefer streaming over cable.

NBCUniversal’s approach reflects a broader trend in the industry, where media conglomerates are launching their own streaming services to compete in the digital space. 

Paramount+ offering CBS Sports on their service is another example, but these conglomerates are now competing with the likes of Amazon and Apple TV, which are vying for streaming rights to live sporting events.

Saturday’s game is not just a battle on the football field; it’s a revolution among the streaming giants in how fans engage with their favorite sports.

  • Date: Saturday, January 13, 2024
  • Time: 8:00 PM ET
  • Matchup: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins (AFC Wild Card Round)
  • Where to Watch:
    • Streaming on Peacock
    • Local broadcast in Kansas City on KSHB (NBC Ch. 41)
    • Local broadcast in Miami area on WTVJ 6 (NBC6)

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