Amazon Debuts 2023 Fire TV 4K Sticks: Features, Specs & Prices

Amazon unveiled a new Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Stick 4K and introduced for the first time a Fire TV Soundbar. Here are all the details about features and pricing.

Fire TV Stick 2023
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Amazon unveiled a new Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Stick 4K and introduced for the first time a Fire TV Soundbar. Here are all the details about features and pricing. 

Fire TV Stick 4K Max2.0 GHz quad-core, 4K UHD, Wi-Fi 6E, Dolby Atmos, 16GB$59.99
Fire TV Stick 4K1.7 GHz quad-core, 4K UHD, Wi-Fi 6, Dolby Atmos$49.99
Fire TV SoundbarDTS Virtual:X, Dolby Audio, Bluetooth, 24-inch design$119.99

All-New Fire TV Stick 4K Max

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is Amazon’s latest top-tier streaming media player. 

It comes with the Fire TV Ambient Experience and boasts a 2.0 GHz quad-core processor. The processor makes the 4K Max the most powerful streaming stick in Amazon’s lineup. 

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max has 16GB of storage, double the capacity of the previous generation. The RAM remains the same at 8GB.

Fire TV Stick 2023
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Amazon says the 4K Max is the first streaming stick to support Wi-Fi 6E, promising smoother streaming experiences for users with compatible routers. The Max supports 4K Ultra HD visuals, various HDR formats, and Dolby Atmos audio. 

All-New Fire TV Stick 4K

The all-new Fire TV Stick 4K supports Wi-Fi 6, features an updated quad-core processor, and delivers 4K Ultra HD visuals with support for various HDR formats. It supports Dolby Atmos audio. 

The Fire TV Stick 4K has 8GB of storage, which is the same as the previous model. You get a slight bump in RAM with 2GB compared to 1.5GB in the first gen model. 

This latest model of the Fire TV Stick 4K offers Alexa Home Theater compatibility for a multi-speaker audio experience.

All-New Fire TV Soundbar

The biggest surprise out of today’s announcements might be Amazon’s Fire TV soundbar, which doesn’t actually have a Fire TV or any of its streaming capabilities. 

It’s just a soundbar. You can connect it to any Smart TV with HDMI port supporting eARC or ARC.

The Fire TV Soundbar is a two-channel companion device that supports DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Audio. It features a compact 24-inch design, Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with all Fire TV devices.

So what else is so surprising about this soundbar? A few years ago, Anker’s Nebula Soundbar with Fire TV software hit the market. The product never really seemed to gain much traction, and quickly fizzled out. Amazon also released a soundbar with Fire TV chops in collaboration with TCL.

Hopefully, adding the Fire TV name to the soundbar will not confuse customers in searching for a streaming device and soundbar together.

Roku has been selling its own combo soundbar-streaming box since 2019. The Roku Streambar retails for $129.99, and Roku Streambar Pro sells for $179.99.

New features for Fire TV Stick 4K Max and Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon is bringing AI-enhanced features to its streaming devices along with one feature previously reserved for its top Smart TVs.

Fire TV Ambient Experience

The Fire TV Ambient Experience, previously available only on the Fire TV Omni QLED Series, is now accessible on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

This feature transforms the TV into a smart display, allowing users to view calendars, reminders, control smart devices, and play audio from various services. It can also serve as an in-home art gallery, offering a growing collection of free artwork and the ability to create personalized backgrounds using voice commands.

Fire TV Experience Updates

Amazon has revamped the Fire TV experience with the integration of generative AI into search, browse, and recommendation functions.

Users can ask Alexa nuanced questions about TV shows and movies or specify criteria like actors, directors, scenes, genres, or moods. A new “Continue Watching” row prominently displays recently viewed content from popular streaming providers.

Generative AI Voice Search for Fire TV

One of the key updates to the Fire TV lineup is the integration of generative AI into the voice search feature.

This addition aims to make content discovery more conversational and natural. Users can now ask Alexa open-ended questions about genres, actors, storylines, and scenes to find content tailored to their preferences.

New Fire TV Device Bundle

Customers purchasing a new Fire TV streaming media player or smart TV from Amazon or retail stores in the U.S. can get a six-month subscription to MGM+ at no extra cost. MGM+ offers access to a vast library of movies and original series.

Pricing and Availability

Fire TV Stick 4K Max: $59.99 (available for pre-order)

All-New Fire TV Stick 4K: $49.99 (available for pre-order)

Fire TV Soundbar: $119.99 (available now)

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