How to Watch Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz PPV on any TV

ESPN+ and DAZN will live stream the Top Rank Boxing PPV event of Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz in the U.S.. The bout is happening Saturday, August 5, live at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz PPV
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ESPN+ and DAZN will live stream the Top Rank Boxing PPV event of Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz in the U.S.. The bout is happening Saturday, August 5, live at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Just like with UFC PPV, ESPN+ has the rights to pay-per-view Top Rank boxing fights in English and Spanish. This article explains how to watch Top Rank Boxing or MMA fights on any TV without a cable TV or satellite service.

Where to Watch Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz PPV

Many cord-cutters already know that in the U.S., ESPN+ is among the most important sports-focused streaming services for watching boxing pay per view events live. 

Saturday’s bout is available to watch in the United States as an ESPN+ PPV, which costs $59.99 for the fight and $9.99 for an ESPN+ subscription. The ESPN+ subscription runs month-to-month and you can cancel whenever you like. 

You can also watch the Paul vs Diaz fight as a DAZN PPV. The PPV event costs $59.99. The first month of a DAZN subscription is 99 cents, but the cancellation policy doesn’t allow you to cancel your DAZN membership right after the fight (as explained below.)

Based on that alone, the ESPN+ PPV is the better option to watch the fight.

ESPN+ is available to watch through the ESPN app across Smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, laptops, and PCs. Gamers can watch the ESPN+ on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz PPV
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Saturday’s fight will be Paul’s first since his split-decision defeat in February against British boxer Tommy Fury.

Paul and Diaz have traded scathing public jabs about a potential fight for more than a year. Paul now has a 6-1 record with 4 KO’s. 

Hungrier than ever to show the world his boxing prowess, the Cleveland native is promising to silence the critics with a spectacular KO against the combat sport icon.

Jake Paul’s path to redemption will require him to take down a world-renowned MMA superstar. Nate Diaz is making his highly anticipated boxing debut. He has been the most sought-after free agent in combat sports history.

Diaz regularly sparred undefeated Hall of Fame boxer Andre Ward. Diaz has won 22 fights as a pro, including defeating Conor McGregor with a 1-2 that lead to the Irishman’s first loss in the UFC.

Paul moved into the Combat Sports world as an underrated opponent.

His first fight quickly ended with a first-round stoppage of another social media influencer. He has beaten MMA and former UFC Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva. He likewise bested former NBA star Nate Robinson, MMA fighter Ben Askren, and former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley.

How much is the Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz fight?

You need to have an ESPN+ or DAZN subscription even if you only want to buy Paul vs Diaz, which costs $59.99. 

An ESPN+ subscription costs $9.99 per month. A DAZN subscription is $19.99 per month, or $24.99 per month, but costs only 99 cents for the first month. But unlike with ESPN+, you can’t cancel your subscription right away.


If you don’t have an ESPN+ subscription yet, there are a few different options to consider, especially if you want to save a few bucks.

Option 1: Buy a Top Rank Boxing PPV for $59.99 and you’ll automatically be signed up for a month-to-month ESPN+ subscription at $9.99 per month.

Option 2: You can bundle an annual ESPN+ subscription with a boxing PPV. The annual ESPN+ subscription and PPV event costs $159.98. That saves you $19.89 for an ESPN+ subscription compared to the regular monthly rate.

Option 3: If you already subscribe monthly to Hulu and/or Disney+, you might want to consider getting boxing PPV with the Disney+ bundle. Buying a single boxing pay-per-view and the Disney+ bundle costs $72.98. The Disney+ bundle (also known as the “Disney Trio” includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. A subscription to the Disney+ bundle costs $12.99 per month. You can easily bundle the fight, and consolidate your subscriptions all at once. 


DAZN operates differently when it comes to its subscription options. Like ESPN+, you need a subscription in order to purchase a DAZN PPV. But in November 2022, DAZN revised its cancellation policy so you can’t simply drop your membership right after the fight is over.

Option 1: You can buy the DAZN PPV under the “Monthly Saver” plan. Subscribers pay 12 monthly installments for a DAZN subscription. The first month is $0.99, then $19.99 per month for the remaining period. The subscription is a minimum term of 12 months.

Option 2: You can get a DAZN PPV with a monthly subscription. The first month costs $0.99, then $24.99 a month. You can only cancel this subscription with a 30-day notice.

Option 3: If you want a DAZN subscription long term, you can subscribe through the “annual super saver” plan. You pay $59.99 for the pay-per-view, and $224.99 for a full year of DAZN. The annual subscription to DAZN saves you $74.98 compared to the regular monthly rate.

How to Watch Paul vs Diaz FAQs

These are questions fans often ask when searching for ways to watch Top Rank Boxing events.

How can I watch Paul vs Diaz? 

You can buy the PPV from ESPN+ or DAZN for $59.99 per month. Each streaming platform requires that you buy a subscription. But ESPN+ has more flexibility as to when you cancel your subscription.

When is fight time for Paul vs Diaz? 

The Main Card between Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz is 8 p.m. ET in the United States. You can watch the fight by signing up for ESPN+ or DAZN, and purchasing the Paul vs Diaz PPV. 

Are PPV early prelims on ESPN+?

In the co-main event at 8 p.m. Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano, the undisputed featherweight world champion, will put all her belts on the line against former WBO featherweight title holder Heather “The Heat” Hardy across 10 rounds contested at 126 lbs. The fight will stream live on ESPN+.

All seven undercard fights are streaming on ESPN+ starting at 6:15 p.m. ET and include welterweight and lightweight bouts. The schedule is as follows:

MainJake Paul vs. Nate Diaz185
Co-MainAmanda Serrano (C) vs. Heather HardyIBF, WBA, WBC, WBO Featherweight
UndercardAshton Sylve vs. William Silva135
UndercardJeremy Stephens vs. Chris Avila168
UndercardShadasia Green vs. Olivia Curry168
UndercardAngel Beltran Villa vs. Alan Sanchez147
UndercardKevin Newman II vs. Quilisto Madera
UndercardNoel Cavazos vs. Jose Aguayo
UndercardCJ Hamilon vs. Luciano Ramos

Can I record a PPV on ESPN+?

ESPN+ subscribers who buy a pay-per-view event do not need to record a fight such as Paul vs Diaz. You can watch the bout later or even the next day. ESPN+ makes the fight available on-demand. After you pay for the PPV event, you can watch the fight up to 15 days after the live airing, according to an ESPN Plus help page.

Do I need ESPN Plus to order the PPV?

You do need a subscription to either ESPN+ or DAZN to order a PPV, including the boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz. 

How to Watch ESPN+ PPV on Smart TVs

Most Samsung Smart TVs (2016 or newer) support the ESPN app. You can also watch ESPN+ through the ESPN app on Smart TVs running Android TV and Google TV. Any Smart TV that carries the ESPN app in its app store allows you to watch ESPN+.

How to Watch DAZN PPV on Smart TVs

The DAZN app is available on LG Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Philips TV and VIZIO TV. You can sign up for a DAZN subscription and buy the PPV, then use your credentials to watch Jake vs Diaz.

How to get ESPN+ PPV on an Amazon Fire Stick

All Amazon Fire TV devices, including Fire TV Edition televisions, get apps from the Apps & Games section.

The voice search button on some remote controls is a decent short cut for hunting down apps. You can say “ESPN app” and select it for download. 

If that doesn’t work for some reason, then the traditional method is short and simple: 

1) Hold down the Home button on the Fire TV remote

2) Select “apps” under the menu

3) Then select ESPN under streaming apps

How to watch ESPN+ PPV on Roku

The ESPN app can be found within Roku Channels. Here’s how to quickly add ESPN+ and start watching a PPV fight.

1) Turn on your Roku or Roku TV

2) Select Streaming Channels from the left column menu

3) Select Search Channels

4) Type in ‘ESPN’ then select the ESPN+ app

5) Choose Add Channel 

6) Select the ESPN app from the Home Screen

7) Login with Email and Password

Watching ESPN Plus to Xbox One and XBox Series X

Getting the ESPN app on Xbox One takes a few simple steps:

1) Go to “Store” tab at the top of the home screen

2) Once within the Microsoft Store, scroll down to Search

3) Type in “ESPN”

Then just confirm you want to download the ESPN app. You can sign in to your ESPN+ account with your email and password.

Watching ESPN+ on PS4 or PS5

You can add the ESPN+ app to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 just like any other app or game:

1) Go to PlayStation Store

2) Select the search bar

3) Type in ESPN

4) Download the ESPN app

5) Login with email and password

Sign up for ESPN+ and Top Ranking Boxing PPV

Sign up for DAZN and Paul vs Diaz PPV

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