Watch MLB Network Live Without Cable: 3 Services for 2024

Major League Baseball fans can stream MLB Network on DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, and Sling TV. In 2024, there is a new option for DIRECTV STREAM subscribers.

MLB Network
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MLB Network offers a unique blend of live and taped Major League Baseball games, available through three key streaming platforms: DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, and Sling TV. 

Unlike traditional cable, these services provide flexibility and ease, allowing fans to watch games without a cable subscription. MLB Network is not available on YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV.

This guide gives a comprehensive overview for fans looking to watch MLB Network and avoid the limitations of cable.

Throughout the regular season, MLB Network broadcasts numerous out-of-market games, offering a broad view of the league. However, local games on MLB Network may face blackout restrictions. The channel also features live and tape-delayed spring training games and hosts Division Series games during the MLB playoffs.

When evaluating price, channel variety, and additional features, Sling TV stands out for cost-conscious consumers seeking MLB Network access. A subscription to the Orange or Blue plan with Sports Extra is $55 per month. 

DIRECTV STREAM is recommended for those desiring a broader sports package and willing to pay more. MLB Network is part of the 23-channel Sports Pack add-on.

How to Watch MLB Network

Watching MLB Network is straightforward with live TV streaming services, appealing to cord-cutters and baseball fans alike. 

These platforms offer access to a range of channels, including ESPN, local broadcasts, and popular cable networks like AMC, A&E, and CNN, with only an internet connection required. Devices such as Smart TVs, streaming devices, and smartphones support live TV streaming, making it accessible on various platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, PCs, and Macs.

Subscribing to these services often starts with a free trial, allowing users to explore offerings before committing. The flexibility to cancel online and switch services lets you explore the streaming landscape for online live TV options.

MLB Live Stream Comparison: Free trials, Plans & Pricing

All three live TV streaming services require an add-on to get MLB Network as part of a channel lineup. Here is how the these three services compare.

MLB Network, regional sports networks, NFL Network, NBA TVMLB Network, NHL Network, NBA TV, MLB Strike ZoneMLB Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, MLB Strike Zone
Unlimited Cloud DVR, watch on unlimited screens at home1000 hours Cloud DVR, watch on 10 screens simultaneously50 hours Cloud DVR, flexibility in combining base plans
– Entertainment + Sports Pack: $94.98/mo
– Choice: $108.99/mo
– Ultimate: $119.99/mo
– Premier: $164.99/mo
– Pro: $79.99/mo
– Fubo Extra: $7.99/mo add-on
– Sports Plus: $10.99/mo add-on
– Base: $40/mo
– Sports Extra: $11/mo add-on
– Orange + Blue: $55/mo
Sports Pack adds 23 premium sports networksFubo Extra and Sports Plus add-ons for enhanced sports and entertainment coverageSports Extra add-on varies slightly between Orange and Blue plans, offering a selection of sports channels
Comprehensive sports coverage and premium channel selectionDiverse sports and entertainment content, including out-of-market MLB gamesBudget-conscious viewers seeking essential sports content with some flexibility
Offers a 5-day free trialTypically offers a 7-day free trialNo standard free trial, but offers promotions and discounts

DIRECTV STREAM for MLB Network: Comprehensive Sports and Entertainment

  • Key Features: Offers MLB Network, regional sports channels for local MLB games, and a wide variety of other sports and entertainment channels. Subscribers enjoy unlimited Cloud DVR storage and can watch on an unlimited number of screens at home.
  • Pricing: The Entertainment plan with Sports Pack includes MLB Network for $94.98 per month. The Choice plan starts at $108.99 per month with more than 105 channels. Other plans include the Ultimate package ($119.99/month) and the Premier package ($164.99/month), which offers premium channels.
  • DIRECTV STREAM Sports Pack can be added to any plan for an additional $14.99/month. Access to 23 premium sports networks, including NFL Network, NBA TV, and more, alongside your MLB Network viewership.
  • Best For: Sports fans who want comprehensive coverage of their local MLB and NBA teams, and are willing to pay a premium for a broad selection of channels and features.
Device support: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV along with Smart TVs by Samsung, Sony Bravia

Fubo’s MLB Network Access: Diverse Sports and Entertainment Streaming

  • Key Features: Carries MLB Network within add-on bundles. Offers a robust lineup of over 182 channels in the Pro plan, including sports, entertainment, and local channels. Provides 1000 hours of Cloud DVR and supports watching on 10 screens simultaneously.
  • Pricing: The Pro plan is $79.99 per month. Add-on options for MLB Network include Fubo Extra ($7.99/month) and Sports Plus ($10.99/month). Regional sports fees apply.
  • Fubo Extra adds 57 more channels to the base package, enhancing the entertainment, news, and sports network offerings. Channels include INSP, NHL Network and Sony Movie Channel.
  • Sports Plus is offered as an add-on for an additional $10.99 per month, significantly enhances sports coverage with 30 channels, including ESPNU, NBA TV and MLB Strike Zone.
  • Best For: Viewers looking for a diverse range of entertainment and sports content, including out-of-market MLB games, with a preference for a larger DVR storage option.
Elite $89.99/month255
Premier$99.99/month264 & Showtime
Device support: Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Xbox One, along with Smart TVs by Hisense, Samsung, LG, Sony Bravia and VIZIO SmartCast TV. Android, iPhones and iPads with current iOS.

Sling TV’s Affordable MLB Network Streaming: Sports on a Budget

  • Key Features: Offers MLB Network with the Sports Extra add-on, which can be combined with either the Sling Orange or Sling Blue plan. Provides a cost-effective solution with 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage.
  • Pricing: Sling TV plans start at $40 per month, with the Sports Extra add-on available for an additional $11 per month. Combining Sling Orange and Blue costs $55 per month.
  • Sports Extra adds roughly 16 channels for $11 per month with slight variations between Orange and Blue plans. Common channels include NBA TV, MLB Network, NHL Network and MLB Strike Zone.
  • Best For: Budget-conscious viewers who prioritize affordability and flexibility in their streaming service, without wanting to miss out on essential sports content.
Blue$40/month41 (Locals included)
Orange + Blue$55/month88
Device support: AirTV Mini, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast along with Smart TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony Bravia and VIZIO SmartCast.

Each service has its unique advantages depending on what you’re looking for. DIRECTV STREAM is ideal for those who don’t mind paying more for a comprehensive sports and entertainment package. 

Fubo is suited for viewers who desire a broad mix of content including sports, entertainment, and local channels. Sling TV represents the most budget-friendly option, especially for those primarily focused on accessing MLB Network and other key sports content without the need for a wide channel selection.

Watching MLB Network without cable FAQs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about watching MLB Network without a traditional cable subscription, based on the information provided:

Can I watch MLB Network on the MLB app?

Yes, you can live streamMLB Network on the MLB app on iPhone, iPad, and supported Android devices. However, only certain pay TV providers support “TV Everywhere” access, meaning you can activate the app with services like DIRECTV STREAM, but not with fuboTV and Sling TV.

Is MLB Network on Hulu?

No, Hulu Live TV does not include MLB Network in its channel lineup. Hulu Live TV offers over 75 live TV channels including ESPN, FS1, and local broadcast channels but not MLB Network.

Does YouTube TV carry MLB Network?

No, YouTube TV does not carry MLB Network anymore. The network was removed from YouTube TV on January 31, 2023, due to the failure to reach a new agreement.

How to watch MLB Network on Roku?

Roku users can watch MLB Network by subscribing to services such as fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, or through the YouTube TV app (though YouTube TV no longer carries MLB Network).

Does MLB Network show spring training games?

Yes, MLB Network broadcasts a number of live spring training games along with regular season games, though blackout restrictions may apply during the regular season.

Does MLB Network show live games?

Yes, MLB Network airs live spring training and regular season games, in addition to pre-recorded games.

How can I watch MLB Network without a TV provider?

You can subscribe to online services like DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, or Sling TV to stream MLB Network without needing a traditional cable TV or satellite provider.

Is MLB Network included with Amazon Prime?

No, MLB Network is not available on Amazon Prime. However, Amazon will be offering regional Bally Sports networks via Amazon Channels, which will carry in-market MLB games across the U.S.

Can I watch MLB Network on a TV antenna?

No, MLB Network is not available over-the-air and cannot be received with a TV antenna. However, you can watch some games broadcasted on FOX or NBC using a TV antenna.

What games can I watch on MLB.TV?

With an MLB.TV subscription, you can watch every out-of-market game during the 2024 season, offering extensive coverage beyond what’s available on MLB Network.


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