How to Watch COMET TV Without Cable 

Your comprehensive resource for watching COMET TV free: Tips for over-the-air access and streaming, with insights on device-specific restrictions.

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Comet TV is a unique digital broadcast channel that caters to fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. You can easily watch COMET for free and without the need for cable or satellite TV.

COMET is available as an over-the-air channel in many U.S. markets and through various free streaming options. But there are some limitations when it comes to streaming the channel for free on certain devices. Here is everything you need to know about watching COMET on any Smart TV, streaming device or smartphone.

How & Where to Watch COMET TV for free

The COMET app carries a free live stream and schedule on all Roku devices, and Apple TV. 

If you are using an Amazon Fire TV  or Smart TV, you can download the free STIRR app and watch COMET live. 

The STIRR app is supported across some, but not all, major streaming devices and mobile devices. Android smartphones and iPhones (with current iOS). 

Chromecast and Google TV users don’t have an easy free option. There is no STIRR app in the Google Play Store for Android TV or Google TV.  

You can also find COMET on subscription-based streaming services, including Fubo, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. Sling Orange at $40 per month is your cheapest subscription. 

But your quickest (and best) option is to just start watching for free. You can also watch COMET live directly on its website. My two favorite ways to watch COMET is with my TV antenna, or streaming the COMET app on Roku. 

What’s on Comet TV?

One of the most exciting aspects of Comet TV is its extensive library, drawing from the vast collections of TV shows and movies from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and United Artists. 

With over 1,500 hours of sci-fi programming, the network’s offerings include a blend of theatrically released feature films and select off-network series from the 1960s to the 2000s. This includes gems like “The Ray Bradbury Theater” and the 1990s revival of “The Outer Limits,” ensuring a diverse and engaging viewing experience.

Watching Comet TV for free with a TV antenna

For those who prefer traditional over-the-air viewing, it’s important to understand the dynamics of TV antennas. 

Indoor antennas are typically sufficient for urban settings, while outdoor antennas are generally ideal for suburban or more distant, rural locations. Additionally, Comet TV broadcasts on either UHF or VHF bands, depending on your location, so ensuring your antenna supports the correct band is crucial.

When you use a TV antenna, you will be able to get more than just COMET. You can potentially get popular broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS in HD resolution. 

Since COMET is a sub-channel, you should expect picture resolution to be less than HD. In my broadcast market, COMET is in 480p picture resolution.

How Can I Stream Comet TV?

Streaming Comet TV is convenient with platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and smart TVs from Samsung and LG. I have subscribed to the following live TV streaming services, so here are some breakdowns and comparisons. 

Sling TV

Sling TV carries COMET in the Orange and Blue channel bundle. The Orange plan has about 31 channels, including ESPN, TNT, and HGTV.

Subscribers get 50 hours of Cloud DVR. 

Sling Orange subscribers can watch TV on one screen at a time. Sling Blue has 41 channels, including NFL Network, TNT and TBS.

Sling TV has apps on LG and Samsung Smart TVs. You can also watch Sling TV with a Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. You can also watch live TV on an iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and smartphones.

Sling TV is the least expensive way to get COMET along with some sports channels and possibly some locals with the Blue plan. But if you don’t need sports networks, then Philo or Frndly will be a less expensive option.


Fubo (formerly fuboTV) has COMET and a complete lineup of local broadcast channels. Local ABC, CBS, FOX NBC and CBS stations are part of the entry-level pro bundle. 

The channel lineup has cable networks such as AMC, ESPN and NFL Network. Subscribers get 1,000 hours of Cloud DVR. You can watch live TV on three screens at once. 

The Pro bundle has 170 channels including COMET and costs $74.99 per month.  A Fubo subscription has perks for sports fans, but for the purposes of watching COMET, it’s a pricey choice.

Fubo works on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Smart TVs that use Android TV or Google TV. You can also watch live TV channels on a PC or smartphone. If you just want to watch COMET, try using its free app or find it on STIRR. 


YouTube TV offers COMET in its base channel plan. 

For $72.99 per month, subscribers get more than 128 live TV channels and unlimited Cloud DVR. Subscribers get local ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX stations. The channel lineup includes ESPN, USA Network, Comedy Central, CNN, FX and Telemundo.

TNT, TBS, SEC Network, ACC Network, FS1, FS2, NFL Network, and MLB Network and regional NBC Sports networks are part of the base plan as well.

You can watch TV or on-demand content on up to three screens at once. YouTube TV has locals and local sub-channels such as COMET. But there are cheaper options such as Sling TV if you wanted to stream COMET alongside some cable networks like ESPN.

Subscribers can use Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. You can also watch TV live on a PC with your subscription. You can get a free 7-day trial.

The COMET App: Free Streaming on Multiple Platforms

On Roku

Using the COMET app on Roku is a really enjoyable experience. The app’s simplicity, featuring a single live stream and a schedule, reminds me of the early days of Roku apps. It’s a minimalist yet charming approach, differing from today’s complex apps. Each time I open the COMET app on Roku, it feels like unwrapping a surprise gift, with the potential of diving into an episode of “The X-Files” or exploring the mysterious worlds of “The Outer Limits.”

On Apple TV and STIRR

Similarly, on Apple TV, the COMET app maintains its straightforward and user-friendly interface, offering seamless live streaming and programming schedules. On the FAST service STIRR, the COMET app integrates well, adding to the diversity of streaming options available for sci-fi enthusiasts.

How to Watch COMET FAQs


No. Comet TV is not available on DIRECTV STREAM. You can subscribe to Sling TV, Fubo or YouTube TV instead. 

Is Comet TV Still Available?

Yes, Comet TV continues to be available for streaming and as an over-the-air channel.

What’s on Comet TV Right Now?

The current lineup on Comet TV is a rich mix of shows like “Stargate SG-1,” “The Outer Limits,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” The latest schedule can be found on Comet TV’s official website or your streaming service’s guide.

What Shows Does Comet TV Have?

The channel features a variety of shows from the extensive MGM library, including “Stargate SG-1,” “The X-Files,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Grimm,” “Firefly,” “Farscape,” “The Outer Limits,” “Tales From the Darkside,” and “Friday The 13th: The Series.”

Whether through a traditional TV antenna, streaming via the COMET app on various platforms, or watching via live streaming services, Comet TV offers a wide range of options for fans of the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres.

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