Does HDHomeRun work on Roku? 

You can stream over-the-air channels on Roku from a HDHomeRun tuner.
But the HDHomeRun app has been in beta since its release in 2019.

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You can stream over-the-air channels on Roku from a HDHomeRun tuner.

The HDHomeRun app has been offered in beta since its release in 2019. Roku users can now schedule recordings and watch recorded programs while using the HDHomeRun app on Roku devices or Roku Smart TVs.

A third-party software hub such as Plex may be a better option because it has a more polished menu. HDHomeRun’s manufacturer, SiliconDust, says Roku devices require Firmware version 9.0 or above to support the HDHomeRun app. Roku devices must be updated to support MPEG-2.

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What does HDHomeRun do?

HDHomeRun tuners stream local broadcast TV signals  from a TV antenna to Roku devices and across your WiFi network. 

You need a TV antenna connected to your HDHomeRun unit. HDHomeRun also needs to be connected to the Internet with an Ethernet cable. Local broadcast channels include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS. Once the HDHomeRun is set up, just about any screen in your household can stream live TV channels and recordings. 

HDHomeRun works on Roku and Roku TVs through the HDHomeRun app and Plex. (photo credit: Jim Kimble / The Cord Cutting Report)

Streaming devices, Smart TVs, and PCs can now stream live TV from HDHomeRun.

HDHomeRun Prime, which works with a CableCARD, is not supported on Roku.

How do I watch HDHomeRun on Roku?

You need to first make sure that your HDHomeRun unit is set up and receiving over-the-air channels. HDHomeRun units make over-the-air signals available on your home WiFi network. Most models allow you to watch live TV on multiple TVs.

Follow these steps to get HDHomeRun working with Roku.

  1. Connect the TV antenna cord to the F-connector port on the back of HDHomeRun instead of a TV. 
  2. Plug an Ethernet cord into a WiFi router. Connect the other end of the cord to the back of the HDHomeRun Ethernet port. 
  3. Attach the power adapter for power.
  4. On a PC, go to http://hdhomerun.local/ using a web browser.
  5. Under the menu, click on “Channel Lineup”.
  6. Choose “Antenna” on the pulldown menu at the top of the screen.
  7. Press the “Detect Channels” tab and let the channel scan run.
  8. Add the HDHomeRun app to your Roku from the Roku Channel Store.

Once the channel scan is complete, you can start watching live TV on the HDHomeRun app. 

You won’t need to activate the app with a username or password. The app will automatically pull in your live TV channels.

How to Watch HDHomeRun on Roku TV

You can watch live TV on the HDHomeRun app on Roku TVs. But you won’t be able to add HDHomeRun’s channels to Roku TV’s integrated channel guide. 

You will still need to watch live channels from HDHomeRun on the HDHomeRun app or Plex.

SiliconDust does make HDHomeRun tuners that support ATSC 3.0 called HDHomeRun FLEX 4K or SCRIBE 4K. You will need a Roku device that supports AC-4 audio codec and the HVEC video codec for ATSC 3.0 channels. DRM-restricted channels are not yet supported.

The following HDHomeRun models support Roku and Roku TVs.

  • CONNECT 4K (HDHR5-4K) (ATSC 1.0-only)

Want to learn how to set up an HDHomeRun, and a detailed breakdown of HDHomeRun models? Read my HDHomeRun review for more hands-on guidance and tips. 

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