Can any Smart TV use HDHomeRun?

With a HDHomeRun tuner, you can add free over-the-air channels to Smart TVs by LG, Sony, and TVs supported by Roku, Android TV and Google TV.

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With a HDHomeRun tuner, you can deliver free over-the-air channels to Smart TVs by LG and Sony. 

It also supports any Smart TV running Android TV, Google TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV software. 

Smart TVs from Samsung or Vizio that do not natively support the HDHomeRun app can still use a HDHomeRun.

Third-party apps such as Plex can stream broadcast channels from a HDHomeRun tuner. But you will need a Plex Pass (which costs $5 per month) to gain access to its live TV and DVR support.

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What does HDHomeRun do?

HDHomeRun tuners stream local broadcast TV signals from a TV antenna across your home WiFi network. 

HDHomeRun boxes work with a number of Smart TVs and streaming devices. (photo: Jim Kimble / The Cord Cutting Report)

You need a TV antenna connected to a HDHomeRun unit, and an Internet connection. Local broadcast channels include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS. 

Once the HDHomeRun is set up, just about any screen in your household, including smartphones, tablets or PCs can stream live TV and recordings.

Does HDHomerun work on Google TV?

Yes. Smart TVs powered by Google TV can integrate channels from HDHomeRun into the television’s native channel menu. 

The HDHomeRun can also appear within the “Live” tab on Google TV on Smart TVs. You will still need to watch recordings through the HDHomeRun app.

With Google Chromecast with Google TV, you won’t have native integration with the “Live” tab. 

But you can watch over-the-air channels on Google Chromecast from the HDHomeRun app, Plex, and Live Channels app. 

Is there an HDHomeRun app for LG Smart TVs?

SiliconDust released an HDHomeRun app in October 2020. It supports LG televisions dating back to 2016. The HDHomeRun app is available in the LG Content Store.

LG televisions also have F-type connectors on the back of a TV. So you can get free over-the-air television even without a HDHomeRun tuner. 

Getting live TV through a TV antenna is pretty easy. Connect a TV antenna to the F-type connector on the TV, and scan for over-the-air channels under settings.

Can Samsung Smart TVs use HDHomeRun?

Samsung’s Tizen OS software does not natively support the HDHomeRun app. The best alternative might be Plex because it supports Tizen-based Samsung Smart TVs dating back to 2012. 

Can older TVs use HDHomeRun?

Yes. You can connect a streaming device to an older TV to get live TV from HDHomeRun.

Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast with Google TV, Roku or Apple TV all support the HDHomeRun app. Any streaming device operating Android TV or Google TV would work as well.

Streaming devices also give you third-party apps that support HDHomeRun such as Plex, Emby, Kodi and Channels.

Will a remote control work with HDHomeRun?

Yes. Any remote control for a Smart TV or streaming device that supports HDHomeRun gives you full control of the app. So you can change channels, pause and rewind live TV. You can also manage recordings with the remote control. 

Does HDHomeRun record to hard drives?

Yes. All of the latest HDHomeRun units such as HDHomeRun FLEX have a USB port in the back. The USB port is for attaching an external hard drive for recordings.

You can also connect older HDHomeRun units to a NAS (network attached storage), or an always-on computer. Current and older HDHomeRun units can also be connected to HDHomeRun SERVIO, which operates as a DVR server. 

How do I stream HDHomeRun over the Internet?

HDHomeRun tuners are connected to a Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cord.  You also need to plug a TV antenna into the F-connector port on the back of the HDHomeRun before scanning for channels. 

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