TV antennas from Mohu, Antennas Direct on sale at Best Buy

Sale on TV antennas at Best Buy starts today Best Buy is marking down Mohu and …

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Sale on TV antennas at Best Buy starts today

Best Buy is marking down Mohu and Antennas Direct TV antennas this week. 

The sale discounts four TV antennas by $10 or $20 starting today. The sale lasts until Nov. 8. 

I haven’t tested the Mohu antennas listed below, but I have had generally positive experiences with a number of other Mohu models including the Mohu Leaf Glide and Mohu Blade.

For the last few years, Mohu and Antennas Direct have made for top picks in my annual best indoor TV antenna review. And the ClearStream 2Max was also a top performer earlier this year in my annual outdoor TV antenna review. 

Earlier this year, Antennas Direct bought Mohu, becoming the largest TV antenna maker in the U.S.

TV antenna sale starts today

The Mohu Arc is an indoor flat-panel antenna that comes with a 10 foot coaxial cable. Mohu says that the antenna has a range of up to 40 miles.

On Best Buy’s site, the Mohu Arc rates pretty high — with 1,653 customers giving the antenna an overall ranking of over four out of five stars.

The Mohu Arc is $10 off its usual price of $34.99 on the Best Buy site. The discount is already applied before checkout. 

The Mohu Arc Pro has the same basic design, but includes an amplifier system built into the antenna setup. This antenna also includes some coaxial cable and an AC power adapter. Out of 464 reviews, the Mohu Arc Pro received four out of five stars overall. 

The Mohu Arc Pro is $20 off its usual price of $79.99 on the Best Buy site. 

The Mohu Sail can be used in a number of locations, but is best if it’s placed outdoors or in an attic. The Sail gets its name from the slight bend that the antenna has. It comes with a 30 foot coaxial cable and mounting kit. Mohu says that the Sail has a 70 mile range.

The Mohu Sail is priced $20 off its usual price of $119.99 at Best Buy. 

Antennas Direct is also offering the excellent ClearStream 4Max, another outdoor TV antenna, for $20 off its usual price of $149.99.

The ClearStream 2Max and 4Max are among the best outdoor TV antennas that Antennas Direct makes.

The sale ends Saturday, Nov. 8.

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