The Best USB TV Tuner for PCs, NVIDIA Shield TV, Xbox One

USB TV tuners can bring a lot of free, live TV into your home at minimal …

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USB TV tuners can bring a lot of free, live TV into your home at minimal cost.

The Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD is the best USB TV tuner for a NVIDIA Shield Pro TV, desktop PC or laptop. Channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and PBS are broadcast in HD (1080i or 720p). These channels are available to anyone with a powerful enough antenna.

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Millions of Americans are buying a TV antenna each year, accelerating cord-cutting from cable TV giants such as Spectrum, and Comcast.

Software hubs like Plex now serve as a conduit for TV tuners, bringing live over-the-air (OTA) channels to over-the-top streaming devices like Fire TV and NVIDIA Shield Pro TV.

All of this is probably the watershed moment that government regulators envisioned more than 15 years ago. That’s when broadcasters were mandated by the federal government to broadcast digital TV signals and drop analog TV.

How I tested Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD

I’ve been using this Hauppauge USB TV tuner since 2017. The folks at NVIDIA sent me a WinTV-dualHD along with a NVIDIA Shield Pro for a separate review. I tested the Hauppauge using Plex Live TV & DVR on the NVIDIA Shield Pro.

Since then, I purchased the necessary software from Hauppauge so I could use the tuner on my desktop PC and laptop. Usually, the software will come with the TV tuner. I needed to buy the software on CD because I received a review unit.

I tested the WinTV-dualHD on an ASUS laptop made in 2014, and an HP desktop that came out in 2008. 

So neither computer is new by any stretch. This tuner also supports Clear QAM, which allows you to watch unencrypted channels from a cable provider. 

TIP: The WinTV-dualHD comes with a portable TV antenna. I decided not to use that for testing purposes. Instead, I connected a ClearStream Eclipse amplified indoor antenna with an amplifier.

I recommend using a different TV antenna from the one that comes in the box. You want one that can be elevated as high as possible with a design that’s appropriate for your location and TV market. 

Doing a minor amount of research on this front will give you much better reception from your local over-the-air stations. See my guide on choosing the right TV antenna type for more guidance.

Best USB TV Tuner for NVIDIA Shield Pro & PCs

The Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD adds many features of a new TV and DVR for a fraction of the price. 

Because it’s a dual-tuner, you can watch one channel and record another simultaneously. This USB TV tuner also lets you record two programs at the same time. You can watch two different shows using picture-in-picture or in two complete TV windows.

That’s pretty handy if you have an NFL football game on one channel and NHL hockey game on another.

best usb tv tuner
The Hauppauge WinTV software has a picture-in-picture feature. (Photo credit: Jim Kimble / The Cord Cutting Report)

For NVIDIA Shield users

Once you have the WinTV-dualHD plugged into the back of a NVIDIA Shield, the other end of the tuner should be plugged into your antenna. 

There are two options for watching live TV, but the quickest setup is through the Live Channels app.

Using the game controller, you can press the left controller stick to pull up a menu and get into settings. There you will find an option to select “Antenna” as the connection type.

Scan for channels and pretty soon you will see your new channel lineup. You can also add some free services such as Pluto TV for a more robust channel lineup. Assuming you have some storage space on your NVIDIA Shield, the Live Channels app has a DVR feature for recordings.

Using Plex on NVIDIA Shield

I prefer using Plex for Live TV and DVR because I like the menu better. Plus, I can quickly access my movie collection that I have on my server. You will need a Plex Pass ($5 per month) to use the Live TV & DVR features, but you get a lot of other features too.

When setting up the tuner on Plex, choose the Live TV & DVR option. Follow the step-by-step instructions to start watching live over-the-air channels. 

Once your channel scan on Plex is complete, the NVIDIA remote or gamepad is the only thing you need to channel surf or program recordings.

Using a WinTV-dualHD with NVIDIA Shield TV and Plex will get your crisp and bright DVR recordings, especially on channels broadcasting in 1080i. 

I’ve written an in-depth review of Plex DVR that might be useful if you’re considering a WinTV-dualHD for either a PC or a NVIDIA Shield TV. My review of NVIDIA Shield using Plex can give you more details on how it performed during testing.

By the way, if you are using a NVIDIA Shield that is not a Pro model, you can’t use the Hauppauge USB TV tuner since there is no USB port on that unit. 

Your better option in that case is using a HDHomeRun as a tuner, and plugging a hard drive directly into the tuner. You can likewise set up a Plex media server, and use your NVIDIA Shield as a client. 

Using WinTV dual-HD on a PC desktop or laptop

To use the Hauppauge tuner with a PC or laptop, just plug it in to a USB port and load the CD with WinTV software. The antenna connects to the opposite end of the tuner.

best usb tv tuner
Hauppauge includes a remote control, USB extension cable and a small HDTV antenna. (Photo credit: Jim Kimble / The Cord Cutting Report)

You’ll need to register your Hauppauge tuner online while it’s plugged in to your computer. Once registered, you can download the WinTV viewing software. The setup wizard gives you the option to update drivers for the USB tuner, so you don’t have to go hunting for them.  

Just like with setting up an antenna, you will have to scan for channels in order to pick up ATSC digital TV. The setup process is simple and takes about five to 10 minutes.

The picture quality on the dualHD came across crisp and bright on my PC and laptop, especially with networks like NBC, FOX and ABC that broadcast in high definition. I didn’t experience any kind of lag that you might encounter with streaming. A WinTV-dualHD doesn’t require any subscription for DVR when connected to a PC or laptop.

The user interface on the WinTV viewer appears rudimentary, and far from the thumbnail style guide that a Plex Pass subscription gets you.

But the features make up for the user interface. The WinTV handled pausing and rewinding live TV without any struggle. I watched two channels at once with picture in picture, and recorded programs with no problems.

The WinTV viewer has buttons at the bottom of the screen to change channels, search for channels and options you’re used to seeing on a TV like closed captions. 

The picture-in-picture feature worked well during my testing, but occasionally it took a few seconds for the smaller picture to come on.

How do I record a show with a Hauppauge WinTV-dual HD?

To record a program, you can either hit the red record button at the bottom of the screen, or you can schedule a recording. The WinTV software also comes with a desktop icon for TitanTV, an online TV guide that gives you listings for both cable and over-the-air channels.

The WinTV comes with a small decent remote control that changes channels, adjusts volume, pauses live TV, rewinds, fast-forwards and mutes sound. 

Streaming live TV over WiFi to my Android smartphone through a web-based interface didn’t work that well. It was slow to respond and sometimes hang up on a channel. I’d really love to see a WinTV app instead.

Overall, the WinTV-dualHD is the best USB TV tuner that I’ve tested. It offers quite a bit of value because you can transform any computer into a TV that also records live, over-the-air local channels.

In my home office, where I did most of my testing, having a desktop PC or laptop serve as a TV saved me a lot of space (and money) compared to buying a new television. Once I had the software setup on both computers, I could easily move the USB tuner from one to the other while my antenna hung from a nearby wall.

Is there a TV Tuner for Xbox One?

While Hauppauge continues to offer a TV tuner specifically for Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S, it’s important to note that this tuner is not compatible with the newer Xbox Series X or S models.

For users of the Xbox Series X, like myself, the HDHomeRun tuner is a better and more versatile solution. 

My TV-watching experiences with the Xbox Series X has been significantly enhanced by the HDHomeRun tuner. The app seamlessly integrates with the Xbox ecosystem. The Xbox Series X features a dedicated HDHomeRun app, ensuring smooth and intuitive access to live TV channels.

The compatibility with Plex Live TV & DVR on the Xbox Series X further amplifies the utility of the HDHomeRun tuner. The integration of OTA channels allows for a comprehensive media experience, combining live TV, OTA DVR capabilities, and access to a vast media library on Plex. 

The HDHomeRun tuner connects to an ethernet port (not Wi-Fi). The TV tuner stream channels over Wi-Fi to various apps like HDHomeRun or Plex.

HDHomeRun vs Hauppauge digital tv tuners

Deciding whether to buy a tuner from HDHomeRun vs Hauppauge really comes down to features. Both tuners will do a nice job with giving you a clear picture.

There are a couple of things that really makes HDHomeRun a standout device. The ability to watch OTA channels on tablets and smartphones is a great convenience. 

SiliconDust, makers of HDHomeRun, simply have a better way to watch live TV on tablets or a smartphone compared to the WinTV-dualHD. HDHomeRun has its own dedicated app for TV viewing, and Plex as a second option. The HDHomeRun app is available for Android and iOS tablets, smartphones, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV streaming devices.

The entry-level HDHomeRun Flex Duo is a dual-band tuner that costs about $30 more than the WinTV-dualHD.

Using a HDHomeRun tuner comes with an extra cost if you plan to record programs. SiliconDust offers its own DVR service for $35 per year. 

It costs nothing just to watch live TV on your devices. The DVR service from SiliconDust gives you a full program guide for 14 days ahead of airing.

Hauppauge requires no subscription, and does not require an Ethernet connection, so it’s a more portable solution with no ongoing fees.

Both tuners support using Plex for a live OTA and DVR service, but that costs $5 per month.

There’s an added benefit of Plex. You can have access to all of your movies and music that’s burned to a PC available on the app. Plex is accessible on streaming devices like Fire TV or your smartphone.

Unlike the Hauppauge tuner, HDHomeRun tuners need to be hardwired to your WiFi router so it can wirelessly broadcast the live OTA feed across your home network.

What’s the best antenna to use with a USB TV tuner?

The two antennas I have used with the Hauppauge WinTV-dual HD were made by Antennas Direct. I continue to be impressed with their range, consistency and performance.

The ClearStream Eclipse is the FLEX’s predecessor and remains a critical favorite. Both of these antennas are portable, and easy to take with you and bring in a remarkable number of channels.

The newest model is the ClearStream FLEX, an indoor multi-directional antenna.  It’s easily among the most powerful indoor antennas that I have tested this year. It’s ultra-thin and easy to set up.

Read my guide on How to Choose the Best Antenna for more tips on what to get.

Is a USB TV tuner worth it?

A Hauppauge tuner is the way to go if you want live TV and DVR capabilities without any subscription or fees.

On the NVIDIA Shield TV, you can use the WinTV-dualHD with the Live Channels app for free. I prefer using Plex Live TV & DVR. 

Otherwise, the tuner will need to be connected to a PC or laptop. Hard drive space on the computer will be used to store recorded programs.

This might not sound ideal, but it really boils down to your needs. I have an acquaintance that has a desktop connected to his living room TV. He uses it to stream a Sling TV subscription and watch other things on YouTube. A Hauppauge tuner would work well for him.

If you watch TV from a laptop while you’re on the road, whether you’re a long haul trucker or an RV enthusiast, a Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB TV tuner will be a good buy for you.

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  1. Thankful for any recommendation – I three Hauppauge USB devices – two dual HD and one Hybrid. Rural area, and have Terk antennas. but they do not receive the channels which broadcast in digital standard definition. My antique Windows 7 ATI all in Wonder (internal) card gets every single local channel via windows Media center. even my TV gets the channels using the exact same antenna –

    Hauppauge has good features, but I can’t get the only stations needed to save shows for my mom at a time she can watch) – if you have any recommendations I would be very thankful. there is so little that my mom can watch now, that I really want her to be able to enjoy something.

  2. Next to my TV, I have a old desktop PC running Windows 7 with Windows Media Center that I use mostly as a DVR with the included guide. With Microsoft ending support for Windows 7 in 2019, I will probably update to Windows 10 and need to find a replacement for WMC. I currently have an older Hauppauge two tuner card installed in the desktop. I don’t watch enough TV to need any streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. Looking at the description, it appears that the WinTV-dual HD tuner that you review here would be a good option. Is there something else I should consider?

    • I’ve been using this model with Windows 10 and it has worked well. If your new WMC setup is just for watching and recording free over-the-air channels, then I would say go with this model. It’s easy to set up and works with Plex if you use that at all. Hauppauge also makes “hybrid stick” that records some local cable TV (QAM channels), but I have never tested one because I stopped using cable TV years ago. Hope that helps.

  3. And what is the solution to access the TV tuner over network? I keep wondering about the software solution to share the USB over Ethernet in my house.


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