Frndly TV Channels: 2024 Plans & Prices

Published on: May 15, 2024

As the cost of bloated cable and satellite TV bundles continue to rise, viewers are turning to smaller and cheaper streaming services. 

Frndly TV is focused on family-friendly programming with a few cable networks you will recognize such as A&E, Hallmark Channel, and History Channel. 

Frndly TV reported surpassing 700,000 subscribers in December 2022. Following that milestone, the live TV streamer had a significant uptick, with an 82% rise in viewership and a 30% increase in weekly active users in the first quarter of 2023.

Subscribers get over 50 live TV channels, an on-demand library and Cloud DVR. Plans start at just $7.99 per month, making it a compelling choice for cord-cutters.

This guide will help you explore Frndly TV’s offerings, including new local channels, and niche outdoors and sports. As someone who has subscribed to Frndly TV for several months, I’m here to guide you through the features and benefits of Frndly TV.

What is Frndly TV?

Frndly TV, founded by former Dish Network veterans Bassil El-Khatib, Michael McKenna, Mike McClain, and Andy Karofsky, launched in October 2019. 

Based in Denver, Frndly TV targets cost-conscious customers with a skinny bundle of family-friendly programming. It offers over 50 live channels, including Hallmark Channel, INSP, and Lifetime, at prices starting at $7.99 per month. 

The service focuses on providing affordable, no-frills entertainment with a user-friendly interface and flexible plans, making it a popular choice for families and budget-conscious viewers. Like other streaming services, there are no contracts or commitments. 

Frndly TV Plans and Pricing

Frndly TV offers three plans: Basic ($7.99/month), Classic ($9.99/month), and Premium ($11.99/month).

The Basic plan includes SD quality and one stream, the Classic plan offers HD quality, two streams, and unlimited DVR for three months, and the Premium plan provides HD quality, four streams, and nine months of DVR storage. All plans include access to over 50 live channels and a 7-day free trial.

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Basic$7.99/month50 (SD Resolution)
Classic$9.99/month50 (HD Resolution)
Premium$11.99/month50 (HD Resolution) &
Device support: AirTV Mini, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast along with Smart TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony Bravia and VIZIO SmartCast.

Frndly TV Channel List

  1. A&E
  2. AccuWeather
  3. BYUtv
  4. BabyFirst
  5. Bounce TV
  6. Catchy Comedy
  7. Court TV
  8. Cowboy Way Channel
  9. Crime & Investigation
  10. Dove Channel
  11. Dove Family Movies
  12. Dove Kids
  13. FETV
  14. FMC
  15. FYI
  16. Game Show Network
  17. GetTV
  18. Great American Family
  19. Great American Living
  20. Grit
  21. Hallmark Channel
  22. Hallmark Family
  23. Hallmark Movies Now
  24. Hallmark Mystery
  25. Heartland TV
  26. Heroes & Icons
  27. History
  28. INSP
  29. ION
  30. ION Mystery
  31. JusticeCENTRAL.TV
  32. LAFF
  33. Lifetime
  34. Lifetime Movie Network
  35. Local Now
  36. MeTV
  37. MeTV+
  38. Military HISTORY
  39. Movies!
  40. Outdoor Channel
  41. Pixl
  42. Pursuit
  43. QVC
  44. Recipe.TV
  45. Start TV
  46. StoryTV
  47. The Weather Channel
  48. UPtv
  49. VICE TV
  50. Waypoint TV

Frndly TV Channel Store

The Frndly TV Channel Store is a new feature that allows subscribers to add various subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services to their base plan.

These subscriptions are on-demand add-on channels. The available add-on channels are:

  • A&E Crime Central: $5 per month or $50 per year
  • History Vault: $5 per month or $50 per year
  • Lifetime Movie Club: $5 per month or $50 per year
  • Great American Pure Flix: $9 per month or $80 per year

Subscribers can bundle Lifetime Movie Club, History Vault, and A&E Crime Central for $10 per month or $100 per year, offering a discount. These add-ons integrate seamlessly into the Frndly TV app, providing an easy and unified viewing experience.

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Are there Sports Channels with Frndly TV?

Frndly TV doesn’t include some of the big sports networks such as ESPN or FOX Sports 1. Instead, there are niche outdoor sporting networks. 

You can watch the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, and World Fishing Network. These channels offer a mix of live sports events, outdoor adventures, and fishing shows.

Are Local Channels Offered on Frndly TV?

Frndly TV is starting to roll out local broadcast stations in select markets. As of now, it offers local programming in six Designated Market Areas (DMAs), including Denver, Detroit, Green Bay, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and West Palm Beach. 

Here’s a breakdown of the exact channels and their locations:

  • Denver, CO DMA: KDCO, Channel 3 (Independent – Scripps)
  • Detroit, MI DMA: WMYD, Channel 20 (CW Affiliate – Scripps)
  • Green Bay, WI DMA: WACY, Channel 32 (Independent – Scripps)
  • Kansas City, MO DMA: KMCI, Channel 38 (Independent – Scripps)
  • Philadelphia, PA DMA: WFMZ, Channel 69 (Independent – Marantha Broadcasting Co.)
  • West Palm Beach, FL DMA: WHDT, Channel 9 (Independent – Scripps)

Frndly TV plans to expand this feature to more markets in the future.

What channels are 4K on Frndly TV?

Frndly TV currently focuses on providing a high-quality HD streaming experience for its subscribers. While 4K channels are not yet available, the service continually updates its offerings to meet customer demands. 

Keep an eye on future announcements for potential upgrades to 4K content.

Single account, simultaneous streams

Frndly TV supports simultaneous streaming options, depending upon your subscription. 

The Basic plan allows one stream, the Classic plan offers two streams, and the Premium plan provides up to four streams simultaneously. With simultaneous streams, different family members can watch their favorite shows at the same time.

Frndly app and device support

The Frndly TV app is compatible with a wide range of streaming devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Smart TVs from Samsung, Vizio, and models running on Android TV or Google TV support the Frndly app. 

It also supports mobile devices, allowing you to watch on Android smartphones and iOS (iPhones and iPads).  

How to watch Frndly TV on Smart TVs

To watch Frndly TV on a smart TV, download the Frndly TV app from your TV’s app store. 

(photo credit: Jim Kimble / The Cord Cutting Report)

The app is available on popular smart TV platforms like Android TV, Google TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. Samsung and VIZIO Smart TVs are also supported. Once installed, log in with your Frndly TV account and start streaming live TV and on-demand content.

Frndly TV DVR

Frndly TV offers an unlimited cloud DVR with its Classic and Premium plans. 

The Classic plan allows you to store recordings for up to three months, while the Premium plan extends this to nine months. You can record your favorite shows and watch them at your convenience without worrying about storage limits.

Frndly TV comparisons

When comparing Frndly TV to other streaming services, its affordability and family-friendly content make it unique. 

Unlike many competitors, Frndly TV offers a large number of channels for about $10 per month if you want HD resolution. Its unlimited DVR, easy-to-use interface, and simultaneous streaming options is similar to higher priced options such as Philo and Sling TV. 

Philo offers a more robust channel lineup with cable networks that Frndly lacks. The live TV service has HGTV, Discovery Channel, Food Network and other popular entertainment-focused cable networks. Philo is priced at $25 per month, and includes unlimited Cloud DVR with no limit on how long you keep recordings. Subscribers can get a free trial.

Sling TV has a more cable-like channel lineup with networks such as CNN, ESPN and TNT. Plans start at $40 per month with 50 hours of Cloud DVR. Sling TV offers a wide variety of add-on channel bundles so you can customize your plan.

Frndly free trial

Frndly TV offers a 7-day free trial for new subscribers. This trial allows you to explore the service and its features without any commitment. However, you do need to cancel your plan before the free trial ends to avoid getting billed for the first month of service.

You can test any of the different plans using the free trial.  

How to Cancel Frndly TV

Canceling Frndly TV is straightforward. Log in to your account on the Frndly TV website, go to the account settings, and select the option to cancel your subscription. There are no contracts or hidden fees, so you can cancel anytime without penalties.

Frndly TV Channels FAQ

Here are questions readers search for when they are researching Frndly TV.

Does Frndly TV have a channel guide?

Yes, the Frndly app has a full channel guide that shows the date and time of upcoming live TV programs.

Is Frndly better than Philo? 

Frndly TV is an excellent value for the live TV channels and DVR options, but it doesn’t have as many channels as Philo.

Philo’s menu and interface are a bit more polished. However, Philo costs $25 per month, which is more than twice as much as Frndly’s most expensive plan. 

Can I watch Frndly on Roku or Roku TV?

Yes, Frndly is available on all Roku streaming devices and current models of Roku TVs. Just add the Frndly app through the Streaming Store, and sign in using your subscription credentials to start watching live TV.


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