Formovie Theater Clinches Top Spot in Laser TV Showdown Again

This year’s showdown featured a competitive lineup of nine ultra-short throw projectors, highlighting the advancements and consumer preferences in the rapidly evolving Laser TV market.

laser tv showdown
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For the second year running, the Formovie Theater has secured the top spot in the 2nd Annual Laser TV Showdown. 

The annual event, hosted by ProjectorCentral and, took place on October 26 at’s headquarters in New Jersey. 

This year’s showdown featured a competitive lineup of nine ultra-short throw projectors, highlighting the advancements and consumer preferences in the rapidly evolving Laser TV market.

What Is A Laser TV?

Laser TV, or ultra short throw projector, represents a significant advancement in home viewing technology. Utilizing wide-angle lenses and mirrors, these devices can project large images from a short distance, ideal for smaller spaces and brighter environments. This technology offers a substantial upgrade over traditional projectors, allowing for larger screen experiences in various home settings.

The Winners

First Place: Formovie Theater

The Formovie Theater secured the first place for the second consecutive year. Chosen by the majority of the judges as their top pick, it stood out for its exceptional performance across all judging criteria.

Second Place: A Tie

The second spot was shared by Epson LS800 and Hisense PX2-Pro. The Epson LS800 was recognized for its overall performance and features like high brightness and dynamic contrast. The Hisense PX2-Pro, noted for its improved contrast and Dolby Vision support, represents a significant upgrade over its predecessor.

Third Place: Leica Cine 1

The Leica Cine 1, a newcomer to the projector market, impressed with its sharpness and quality optics, a testament to Leica’s legacy in lens manufacturing.

Lifestyle Projector Category

In a separate category, the Lifestyle projector showdown concluded with a tie between the Formovie X5 and BenQ X3100i. These compact smart projectors boast all-in-one features, including built-in speakers and streaming apps, catering to the evolving needs of modern consumers.

The results of this showdown provide valuable insights for consumers seeking high-quality home entertainment solutions, marking an important milestone in the Laser TV market.

The Evaluation Process

Rob Sabin, Editor-in-Chief at Projector Central, led the event alongside a panel of expert judges from the audio/video industry. The evaluation involved side-by-side comparisons using identical Spectra Projection Vantage UST Screens. A series of test patterns and media clips were used to rigorously test each projector’s performance in different viewing conditions. 

Notably, the judging focused solely on image quality, without considering the price of the projectors.

Full Scoring

The full scoring results for each category, including audio system evaluations conducted after the event with separate judges, are below. For more information on the products and further details about the event, readers can visit the coverage at ProjectorScreen.comĀ 

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