Channel Master debuts Stream+ media player


Stream Media Player to offer OTA DVR and Android TV streaming options

Channel Master is getting ready to release a new Android TV media player that includes live over-the-air TV with DVR capabilities.

The new Stream+ media player will have pause and rewind capabilities for live broadcast TV, apps for popular streaming services and games. Channel Master officially announced on Tuesday the upcoming release of the Stream+ media player on its blog.

No release date was mentioned. The Google Play Store will serve as the hub for downloading streaming apps and games, according to Channel Master. The Stream+ media player will operate on Android TV 7.0 Nougat.

The over-the-air TV menu will work through the Google Live Channels app. Recorded shows will be stored on a MicroSD card, but Channel Master has also included a USB 3.0 “for future applications.”

The Stream media player may delight some Android TV fans who have been pining for a new streaming player with the popular Google-based software.

“Stream+ is the culmination of customer requests, market research and engineering, rolled up into an advanced solution from creative companies,” said Joe Bingochea, EVP of Product Development at Channel Master. “We are a consumer-first company focused on delivering value to our customers and we’re excited to do that with Android TV and the Google Live Channels app.”

Built-in Chromecast, Live Channels app on Stream media player

According to Channel Master, the Stream+ will be capable of streaming 4K, HDR and 3D picture quality. The remote will have voice search capabilities. There are two ATSC 1.0 tuners, so you will be able to watch a one live program from your antenna while recording another. Both tuners can also be recording a show from an antenna, while you’re using another streaming service like Netflix.

Stream+ will have dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, quad-core CPU for advanced gaming, a MicroSD storage option for DVR, and USB 3.0 for personal media use and future options.

Stream+ also includes advanced Google features such as built-in Chromecast functionality and integration with Google Home.

The Live Channels app installs automatically during the Stream+ setup process to add over-the-air broadcast TV channels into a graphical guide, and installing a MicroSD storage card activates the Live Channels DVR setup process. The dual internal TV tuners allow the user to record one live program while watching another, or record two live programs at the same time while watching a recorded program or using a streaming service.

Stream+ is available for pre-order now from Channel Master’s online store at a special introductory price of $99. The product is expected to be in stock mid-January, when the retail price will be announced.

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  1. Channel Master Stream + 2019 version Review

    We got this unit on a Black Friday sale, so the price was excellent, 40% off. So am pleasantly surprised how well it is working for us.
    The plus side:
    1. Setup was not too difficult, as it prompts as you go.
    2. Worked seamlessly with our indoor antenna, and even found a couple more borderline OTA stations than the smart TV did before.
    3. The built in Google Live Channels 14 day channel guide is great, but see below-was hard to get installed right.
    4. Recording is not easy to understand, but seems to work OK once you can get the show selected you want to record.
    5. DVR Playback is good, it automatically records the best video possible.
    5. The apps available from Google play include many options, and work very well. But see below for what apps are missing. We use Pandora, all the PBS ones, Pluto TV and YouTube in addition to the .
    The negatives:
    1. So far no Amazon, Netflix , Apple TV, Disney+ or Play-on streaming apps yet available, It seems Google has a stranglehold on streamed stuff. If you need a specific app, check first what is available on Google Play
    2. Had to try 3 times to do the updates needed to get the 14 day schedule instead of 2 day one. The support page for Stream+ has a search function, thank goodness.
    3. There is no real manual for the Stream+ per se. You have to search in their support data base, or else watch an extremely long YouTube video that serves as their manual. By the time you get done, you forget what you learned. The support by email was also quite good, so that helps.
    4. The DVR function for recording an active show is clunky to pause live, start recording now and then be able to skip over commercials. Still am learning how to best do this. It is the only way besides recording a complete show to skip ads, and is not intuitive at all.
    5. You have to remember this is a Google Android quad-core processor based system. So being a computer, it does freeze up or do odd things once in a while. Have had to go into setting and restart the system twice already in the first month. Kind of like Windows more than Apple computers, i think

  2. Channel master used to be top notch company been around tv antennas for years then cband satellite channel master was the equipment to buy then tv antennas made a huge come back especially with many tv station broadcast .more then one channels …..then channel master ended up making there equipment in china and other over seas factory’s …..the equipment started to go down hill especially there out door tv antenna rotors …own the original channel master DVR plus excellent DVR … channel master promised Netflix would be available never did appear … kinda passed on channel master new DVR stream plus ….herd same rumors would be adding Netflix and same thing is happening again I stick with my older DVR plus ….and my Nick name for channel master is ….aka China master ….don’t buy anything from them anymore

  3. In terms of big streaming apps, everyone knows at this point that the Stream+ doesn’t support Netflix or Amazon. It also doesn’t support some network tv apps such as The CW (sorry fans of DC’s Supergirl or Arrow, and Supernatural fans). Finally, lacks support for many of the niche streaming apps you might be enjoying on your other android devices.

    The DVR fails to play back recordings if you open or close a streaming app during the recording. Recordings will also fail if you pause live tv while something else is recording, or if you pause the recording you’re watching while recording something else. And let’s not forget the ever popular random recording failures.

    Customer service from ChannelMaster isn’t “live”. You must submit an online ticket and someone from ChennelMaster will respond by e-mail or phone call (your choice) and tell you to perform a factory data reset. Regardless of your issue, that’s always their first step. This wipes all your recordings, schedules, and downloaded apps. This is followed by reinstalling your chosen apps, reconnecting them and reentering your user names and passwords.

    This device has been available to consumers for nearly a year and the bugs are still plentiful. The Stream+ falls short of both the “Stream”, and the “+”.

  4. I bought a DVR+ a few years ago waiting for netflix and Hulu to come on line. I fell I have been lied to and betrade by channel master. going to be hard to win my trust back

  5. Channel Master Stream+/DVR+:

    Stream+ = Channel Master ONLY allows recording to MicroSD-Cards. ? like why ?!
    The Stream+ does NOT allow you to RECORD TV Programs to a far more economical and portable USB 3.0 Storage Drive. And, as we all know, MicroSD cards are ridiculously expen$ive + very slooow + easily corruptable.

    DVR+ = a unit that cost several $Hundred, and yet Channel Master left ALL their customers hanging with a now DISCONTINUED Product. wow, I mean wow ?

    With the decades of pedigree and experience that Channel Master has had as a LEADER in the Antennae/TV/Boroadcast technology,
    it’s almost embarrassing to see how far they have flopped in the DVR/PVR industry.
    I’m sorry, but I agree with “Shame on you channel master”.

  6. Beware channel master promised DVR + customers more apps would be coming and none really appeared except sling TV Which has already abandoned DVR plus support and channel master hint more apps for things like Netflix and Hulu would be coming and they never did and channel master left channel master DVR + customers with a $300 plus DVR expensive toy with no more support…ps not saying new channel master DVR stream more is not good product but before I buy it I surely won’t trust channel master untill I see nextfix and Hulu actually appear because channel master promised a lot to DVR + customers and took there hardworking money and left them hanging with no future support shame on you channel master

  7. Be aware, the channel master stream plus is nice hardware but there are major issues with the software and CM support just says it is a Google issue and provides no assistance
    I’ve had the unit for about a month and programs record and play fine for about a day and then become unplayable. I’ve seen many other posts with the same problem.
    The CM website shows all good reviews because the negative ones posted are removed
    Do not buy the Channel master Stream+ until software issues are resolved

  8. I was interested in the channelmaster Stream+ Media Player, but buyers should be aware that Channelmaster immediately charges your credit card with the $99 purchase even though it wouldn’t be scheduled to ship until sometime in April, 3-4 months away. Other companies only charge your card when the item is in stock ready to ship. Not very good customer service- I cancelled my order.

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