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How to watch Beyond The Walls

The three-part series Beyond The Walls hasn’t been available in the U.S. for very long, but it’s already gained considerable praise.

Shudder recently acquired the first exclusive rights to the French horror series, which has rich elements of mystery and a fantasy comparable to a Guillermo del Toro fable.

Beyond The Walls, a three-part series on Shudder, centers on the story of a woman who inherits a house.

The story centers on Lisa, a speech therapist who inherits the house across the street from her apartment. She has never met the deceased owner. And she is already battling her own deep torments. She lives alone, but wears a wedding ring in order avoid hanging out with friends.

Lisa already suffers from night terrors about a shallow pond when she moves in and begins to hear scratching on the other side of the wall.

When she hammers out her wall, she finds a hallway, a door and a entrance into another world. Lisa quickly gets lost and meets a man that looks her same age, who says he has been trapped in the house for about three years. Soon, the ‘Others’ come and they must hide in order to survive.

Beyond The Walls won praise from well respected sites like Bloody Disgusting and an audience score of 100 percent from Rotten Tomatoes.

If you want to watch Beyond The Walls for free, you can binge watch the series during a 7-day trial that won’t cost you a dime. If you decide to keep Shudder beyond the trial, it only costs you $4.99 per month.

Shudder has been broadening its selection of exclusive and original shows like Black Lake, Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories, and Missions. You can also find the BBC Series Inside No. 9 and Kiyoshi Kurosawa Penance. Here’s what else is coming to Shudder in January. 

Coming to Shudder in January 2018

1/11: DON’T GROW UP (2015) – On an isolated island, a group of teenage delinquents living in a youth center wake up to find themselves alone with no one to watch over them. After enjoying their freedom by partying, their supervisor suddenly gets sick and attacks them. When they fight back and kill him, they flee the scene only to find that the adults they encounter Along the way are infected with the same violent, and incredibly dangerous disease. It soon becomes very clear that in order to survive they cannot grow up.

1/18: JORDSKOTT: Season 2 – Detective Eva Thornblad (Moa Gammel) returns in this eerie, Nordic Noir series laced with Gothic menace. Eva returns to her old job in Stockholm in an attempt to put the haunting events that occurred in Silverhojd behind her and begin a new chapter. However, the discovery of a mutilated corpse floating beneath the ice of a suburban lake leads her to believe she is not yet done with her past. You can catch all of season 1 of Jordskott now.

January 1

A Horrible Way To Die (2010) – US
Director: Adam Wingard
Cast Includes:  AJ Bowen, Amy Seimetz, Joe Swanberg

Frailty (2001) – US
Director: Bill Paxton
Cast Includes: Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe

Pi (1998) – US
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Cast Includes: Sean Gullette, Mark Margolis, Ben Shenkman

January 8

Mr. Jones (2013) – US
Director: Karl Mueller
Cast Includes: Jon Foster, Sarah Jones, Mark Steger

Red State (2011) – US
Director: Kevin Smith
Cast Includes: Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, John Goodman

January 11

Don’t Grow Up  (2015) – A Shudder Exclusive
Director: Thierry Poiraud
Cast Includess: Fergus Riordan, Madeleine Kelly, McKell David

January 15

The Eye 2 (2004) – US
Directors: Danny Pang and Oxide Chun Pang (as The Pang Brothers)
Cast Includes: Qi Shu, Eugenia Yuan, Jesdaporn Pholdee

The Eye 3 (2005) – US
Directors: Danny Pang and Oxide Chun Pang (as The Pang Brothers)
Cast Includes: Bo-lin Chen, Yan Kam Ching, Ng Wing Chuen

January 18

Jordskott: Season 2 (2017) – A Shudder Exclusive Series
Creator: Henrik Björn
Cast Includes: Moa Gammel, Göran Ragnerstam, Richard Forsgren

You can also peruse the Shudder listings yourself, or try their free 7-day trial. Subscription to the app is only $6.99 per month. Roku has a Shudder app, but Amazon Fire TV owners are out of luck unless you are a Prime subscriber. I’ll get back to that in a few moments. If you want to learn more new sources for movies, you may also want to check out my recent article on Netflix alternatives.

How to find horror movies on Neflix

To get a rundown of good horror movies currently on Netflix, you can do a quick thumbnail search by category. All you need to do is to login to your Netflix account in a separate window and click on the particular code for horror movies.

How to find the scariest movies on Amazon Prime

scariest-moviesAmazon is another often untapped resource for good horror movies. There are a few ways you can go about diving into their massive catalogue of horror.

If you do a common search under Amazon Video, you will get a lot of results for horror movies that you can stream from just about anywhere. Many of these titles are free if you subscribe to Amazon Prime. If you’re not an Amazon Prime customer you can try it free for 30 days.

As a subscriber, you can also take a deeper dive into Amazon Channels. If you scroll through the genres, you will see these half a dozen horror channels all vying for having the scariest movies that you can find.

  1. Shudder: This AMC-owned channel/app is geared for the horror aficionado with a lineup of American made and foreign horror films that covers several decades. (7-day Free Trial – $6.99 per month)
  2. Screambox: You can find supernatural movies, monster stories and even more action-based titles with Screambox. (7-day free trial$4.99 per month)
  3. Full Moon: There’s Grindhouse flicks, lots of B-movie-style babes in bikinis and weird looking dolls that are possessed and want to rip off your head. Sound good? (7-day Free Trial – $6.99 per month)
  4. XL TV: There’s more of action movie, sometimes sci-fi thing going on with the movies found on XL TV. Take the movie Poker Night, which involves a detective being kidnapped and tormented by a masked serial killer. It’s on odd mix because you will also find “family movies” and documentaries here as well. (7-day free trial – $4.99 per month)
  5. Monsters and Nightmares: This channel claims to have “the creepiest, most terrifying horror films of the last decade.” It seemed like a dubious claim until I saw the cover for The Last Circus. Those are some damn scary looking clowns. (7-day free trial – $2.99 per month) 
  6. Fear Factory: A newer horror-based channel with a thin catalog. They got Cropsey at least. (7-day trial  – $2.99 per month) 

Try Shudder’s free 7-day trial to watch Beyond The Walls, and see if you think they’ve got the scariest movies around. There’s no contract or obligation to stick with a subscription. What are some of the scariest movies you’ve ever seen? Tell fellow readers your favorites in the comments below.

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