Movies on Plex for November 2020


Plex’s latest free movies

The lineup of free SciFi movies on Plex this month is filled with recent blockbusters and legit titles from the ‘70s and 80s. 

Plex (and Crackle) are the only streaming services this month where you can watch Pacific Rim for free.

If you need a Tom Cruise fix, Minority Report and the surreal Vanilla Sky streams this month. 

Star Trek fans will find four movies to watch. And The Dead Zone seems oddly appropriate for an election month. 

How to Watch Movies on Plex

Watching free movies on Plex is very simple. Sign up for a free account at and fill out the basic profile information.

Plex has apps on every major streaming device, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Smart TVs and devices using Android TV work. But you can also use a PC, tablet or smartphone to watch free movies on Plex.

Once you have added the Plex app to your hardware, sign in to your account.

On the left sidebar, pick the option for “Movies & TV”. You’ll now have unlimited access to hundreds of free movies and TV shows, including titles from Crackle.

SciFi movies streaming on Plex in November

Minority Report 

Vanilla Sky


Pacific Rim  


A.I. Artificial Intelligence   

Ender’s Game  

Mr. Nobody  



The Man from Earth  

Star Trek: First Contact   



Star Trek: The Voyage Home  

Star Trek: Generations  

Star Trek: Nemesis  

District B13  

The Dead Zone   


Cube Zero  

The Last Days on Mars  


Z for Zachariah   

Mutant Chronicles   

Dark Star   


The Congress  

A Boy and His Dog  



Beyond the Black Rainbow  

Andromeda (series)  



The Dresden Files (series)  

Young Ones   

The Dead Zone (series)  

The Blood of Heroes   

Earth: Final Conflict (series)  


Scorched Earth  

The Day of the Triffids (series)  

Meatball Machine  

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