Projector-maker Nebula releasing 4K Android TV Streaming Stick

Projector-maker Nebula is making a 4K Android TV streaming stick.

Nebula is developing a 4K Android TV streaming stick for TVs and its line of smart projectors.

The Anker-owned brand said on Thursday that the new streaming stick will be released “in the coming months.”

Subscribers to Nebula’s newsletter were asked earlier today to participate in a brief survey about the upcoming streamer.

The survey provided a few details about what Nebula is considering before the new 4K streaming stick comes out. 

Participants in the survey were asked about how they felt about the existing price points for 4K Android TV sticks.

They were asked to rate the importance of an operating system, specific streaming apps, sound decoding and picture resolution such as HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Another question asked, “Would you mind using two remote controls for one piece of equipment (one for the projector and one for the TV stick?)”

Nebula already has three projectors that use Android TV software: the Nebula Capsule II, the Nebula Cosmos 1080p home projector and the Nebula Cosmos Max 4K home projector. 

But others such as the Nebula Capsule Max, Nebula Mars II and Nebula Mars II Pro lack Android TV software. 

The question about the remote control suggests that Nebula might be looking to attract customers who have already bought projectors that lack Android TV software.

Android TV has a wider selection of popular streaming apps such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime.

Netflix support

One detail that the company confirmed is that the new Android TV stick will have native support for Netflix.

The current line of Anker projectors with Android TV software require customers to sideload the Netflix app through the Nebula mobile app. 

This video highlights the difference between Anker projectors with and without Android TV.

Competing Android TV devices 

When Nebula releases its 4K streaming stick, the company will enter an already crowded market of streaming devices that are using Android TV. 

That includes the new Google Chromecast, the first device to also have the added layer of Google TV software. Google TV aggregates movies and TV shows from a number of streaming apps, including Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Max, into a single interface.

The TiVo Stream 4K and Xiaomi Mi TV Stick were both released in the last year. The more expensive, NVIDIA Shield, has been using Android TV since 2015. Xiaomi also has the $50 Mi Box S. 

But Google Chromecast, which was released last month, is already getting a lot favorable reviews for its novel way of recommending movies and TV shows. 

Nebula gave no specific release date on when its 4K streaming stick will be released. 

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