6 Best Prime Day deals for streaming and cord cutters


Prime Day starts on Tuesday, but the deals have already begun

Amazon Prime Day starts at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, but you don’t have to stay up late to start saving. 

Amazon and other retailers are already starting to roll out deals for streaming fans and cord cutters. A number of Roku devices are already discounted. You can buy a Roku streaming stick priced between $22 to $37. 

There are a number of inexpensive TVs with built-in Fire TV software.

On Prime Day, the Amazon Fire TV Cube will go on sale for $79.99. That’s the lowest price ever seen for Amazon’s flagship streaming device. Will Amazon Fire Sticks also go on sale? We won’t know until tomorrow. 

Keep this page bookmarked because it will be updated with deals specific to streaming and cord cutting.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus


The Roku Streaming Stick+ debuted in 2017, and the company really hasn’t packed as much value into a streaming stick since. The “plus” part of this stick refers to 4K HDR10 support, which is the format used by most streaming services that support Ultra High Definition Streaming. 

The Prime Day price is $37. It’s usually $49.

So if you already own a 4K TV, just plug the Roku Streaming Stick Plus into the HDMI port to get started. The remote controls TV power, volume and has buttons that directly launch into Netflix and Hulu. 

I think the Roku Streaming Stick+ is the better stick to have because 4K televisions are getting cheaper every year. So if you don’t own a 4K TV now, you probably will own by the time you buy your next television. 

If you don’t care about 4K streaming, Roku has also discounted their cheaper streamers.

The Roku Premiere is a 4K HDR streamer, but lacks power and volume controls on the remote.  (Prime Day price is $27, which saves $13.) 

The Roku Express HD streams 1080p content and it’s priced for just $22. 

$.99/month: Showtime, EPIX, PBS Masterpiece and 10 other streaming services

Amazon Prime customers have access to dozens of subscription-based streaming services called Amazon Channels

Between now and the end of Prime Day, there are more than a dozen streaming apps that are offering a deal: 2 months of service for 99 cents per month. 

This deal applies to Showtime, A&E Crime Central, EPIX, History Channel Vault, Lifetime Movie Club, Motortrend, PBS Masterpiece, PBS Documentaries, Urban Movie Channel, UP Faith & Family, Pantaya, Sundance Now and Movie Sphere.

Remember, the $0.99-cent rate lasts for two months and then renews at $10.99 per month. Prime Video Channels are easy to cancel under the settings of your Amazon Prime account. It just takes a few clicks. 

See the deal…

Fire TV Cube: $80 (starts Tuesday)

The Fire TV Cube (2nd generation) pulls together the best 4K streaming hardware offered by Amazon along with an Alexa voice-controlled speaker found in Echo devices.  

Amazon says the Fire TV Cube will go on sale for $79.99 starting on Prime Day. That’s the lowest price and might be a sleeper deal due to all of the other Amazon-branded products that are being discounted. 

This version of the Fire TV Cube was released in 2019. It supports 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10+. It has a number of voice commands that takes away the pain of needing a remote control all the time. You can turn the TV on and off, dim the lights and control the volume of a TV or soundbar. There are voice commands for launching streaming services, movies and TV shows. 

See the deal…

Fire TV Recast: OTA DVR is $100 off

If you live within 35 to 40 miles of TV broadcast towers then there’s an excellent change that you can get free over-the-air channels. I’m talking ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS.

I consider the Fire TV Recast among the best over-the-air DVRs currently on the market. My video review covers why.

The Recast is priced at $179.99 for Prime Day.

The Fire TV Recast will integrate these channels into your “Live” tab on Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV Cubes. You can also watch free over-the-air channels on your smartphone, Fire HD tablets and outside of your home.

I bought one of these (at the full price of $279.99) when the Fire TV Recast debuted. Now you can buy it for $100 off and add free TV to your Fire TV devices without any subscription fees.

Fire HD 10: Starting at $79.99


Not everybody watches Netflix on a television. I’ve never been much of a tablet person, but I know people who use them for reading bestsellers and binge-watching Breaking Bad.

The discount for the Fire HD10 will probably be among the most popular Prime Day deals out there. The Fire HD10 came out last year. The screens have a 1080p display, and it’s an easy way to stream Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video in bed or on the go. 

The important thing to note is that you can buy these tablets either “ad-supported” or “without ads”. Big spoiler: The ad-supported version of the Fire HD10 will be the cheapest during Prime Day at $79.99. 

I think the better deal is for the without ads version of the Fire HD10, which is priced right now for $94.99. It’s usually $164.99. 

Fire TV Edition: Insignia & Toshiba models 


If you need a television for a guest bedroom or a kid’s room, you can get a very good deal during Prime Day. I haven’t personally reviewed the Fire TV Edition.

These TVs do get consistently high ratings by Amazon customers. Here’s a breakdown of TV sets. Note that some of the cheapest of these TV sets are only in 720p, or 1080p as noted in their listings. 

The Insignia 24” 720p Fire TV Edition is priced at $79.99. It’s usually: $149.99.

For an inexpensive 4K TV, Toshiba 4K Fire Edition sets are marked down. The 43-inch version is $209.99. It’s usually priced at $329.99.

The 55-inch version is priced at $299.99. This TV is usually $449.99.

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