NVIDIA Shield update adds remote control & AI upscaling features


NVIDIA Shield owners just got a big update that improves AI Upscaling, and the remote control. 

The software update  — SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.2 — rolled out today, NVIDIA announced

It’s the 25th for owners of the original SHIELD TV, marking more than a five year run of software improvements since the 4K streaming device launched in May 2015.

Here’s a rundown of what NVIDIA announced today.

AI Upscaling update on Nvidia Shield

Today’s upgrade adds more UHD 4K upscaling support from 360p to 1440p content. On 2019 SHIELD TV Pros, there is added support for 60 frames per second content. Now SHIELD can upscale live sports on HD TV and HD video from YouTube to 4K with AI. 

The AI upscaler debuted on the 2019 models of NVIDIA Shield. It works by training a neural network model on countless images. The AI model takes low-resolution video and produces incredible sharpness on 4K TVs and displays.

In the weeks ahead, NVIDIA will add 4K 60fps upscaling to GeForce NOW as part of an update to the NVIDIA Games app in September.

More customizable remote options 

The Netflix button on the new NVIDIA Shield remote control also doubles as a customizable menu button.

When the new remote control debuted late last year, you could re-assign the Netflix button and use it by pressing it once. 

NVIDIA says there are now two more ways to add actions. A double press and long press of the button will enable more actions.

So, for example, if you want the Netflix button to launch Disney+ or Hulu, you can assign those actions to a double press or long press of the Netflix button. 

The SHIELD remote now has over 25 actions available. This feature works with all SHIELD TVs and the SHIELD TV app, available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

New IR and CEC Support

The software update also includes improvements for IR and CEC support. There is now support for digital projectors, including functionality when the Shield isn’t active. There’s IR volume control now with the Shield TV app and when using Google Home with Shield.

The 2019 SHIELD remote adds IR control to change the input source on TVs, A/V receivers and soundbars.

Earlier SHIELD generations — both 2015 and 2017 models — now have an option to match the frame rate of displayed content.

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