FOX Sports Live Stream: How to Watch Online Without Cable


EDITOR’S NOTE: On Oct. 23, 2020, Hulu with Live TV stopped carrying regional Fox Sports Networks due a contract dispute with it’s owners. Marquee Sports Network and YES Network were also removed from Hulu + Live TV as a result.

Watch FOX Sports live without cable

This guide is going to show you how to live stream a regional Fox Sports network without cable no matter where you live. 

Let’s face it – cable is overpriced everywhere. So whether you’re a NASCAR junkie living in Iowa, an college football buff in Indiana or a die-hard baseball fan in Washington D.C., it’s time for you to cut the cord and start saving some cash.

Getting a Fox Sports live stream is super easy. We all know that each regional FOX Sports network carries specific leagues and teams. Below is a list of FOX Sports’ regional sports networks available on a few live TV streaming platforms.

Right now, Hulu with Live TV is my top pick for watch regional FOX Sports networks without cable TV or satellite. I’ll break down all your choices below. 

FOX Sports RSNs

  1. Fox Sports Arizona
  2. Fox Sports Arizona Plus
  3. Fox Sports Carolinas
  4. Fox Sports Detroit
  5. Fox Sports Detroit Plus
  6. Fox Sports Florida
  7. FOX Sports Indiana
  8. FOX Sports Indiana Plus
  9. FOX Sports Kansas City
  10. FOX Sports Kansas City Plus
  11. FOX Sports Midwest
  12. FOX Sports Midwest Plus
  13. Fox Sports New Mexico
  14. Fox Sports New Orleans
  15. Fox Sports North
  16. Fox Sports North Plus
  17. FOX Sports Ohio
  18. Fox Sports Ohio Plus
  19. Fox Sports Prime Ticket
  20. Fox Sports San Diego
  21. Fox Sports San Diego Plus
  22. Fox Sports South
  23. Fox Sports Southeast
  24. Fox Sports Southwest
  25. FOX Sports Southwest Plus
  26. Fox Sports Sun
  27. FOX Sports Tennessee
  28. Fox Sports West
  29. Fox Sports Wisconsin
  30. FOX Sports Wisconsin Plus

Availability of these regional sports networks will depend on the live TV service and where exactly you live in the U.S. I’ll show you how to see if your regional FOX Sports network is available on a specific streaming service before you subscribe or sign up for a free trial. I’ll also tell you which ones give you access to live streams in the FOX Sports GO app

There are about a half dozen live TV streaming platforms out there, but only a small number now carry FOX RSNs.

So let’s get moving.

Watch FOX Sports online using Hulu with Live TV

One of the best overall bargains for streaming regional FOX Sports networks is through Hulu with Live TV.

For $54.99 per month, you will get about 65+ live channels, including Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2 and local FOX stations. Entertainment networks A&E, History, TNT, Viceland and the FX family of channels are also in the lineup.

Aside from having a regional FOX Sports live stream in your channel lineup, you will also be able to use your Hulu credentials to sign in to the FOX Sports Go app. The app often has live feeds of games that you can watch. Hulu subscribers can sign in to about 38 TV Everywhere apps, including FOX Sports GO, WatchESPN and Big Ten Network.

Subscribers get 50 hours of Cloud DVR and can watch on two screens at once. You’ll also get unlimited access to Hulu’s on-demand streaming library with limited commercials. The Hulu library has a vast collection of movies, network TV shows and kids programming. So you’re getting more content than you have time to watch.

You can check on availability of FOX Sports stations by heading over to Hulu’s Live TV page, and click on the link that says, “View all channels in your area”. Just punch in your zip code to get your channel breakdown.

Hulu with Live TV works with Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and Chromecast. You can also watch on a PC, iPhone, tablet or Android smartphone.

If you already subscribe to Hulu’s on-demand service, then adding the live TV package makes the most sense. Don’t like it? Just hop online and cancel. There are no contracts or commitments. 

Stream on YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers a pretty big list of regional sports networks, including many regional FOX Sports networks and NBC Sports networks.

There’s only one channel bundle with YouTube TV. You’ll get about 75+ channels for $64.99 per month and unlimited Cloud DVR. YouTube TV has FS1, FS2, ESPN, and entertainment channels like AMC, Sundance TV and BBC America. You can also activate FOX Sports GO. Try out YouTube TV free for a week.

Is FOX Sports on Sling TV?

Not anymore. A recent contract dispute with Sinclair, the owners of FOX Sports RSNs led to them being removed from the Sling TV channel lineups. A similar rift happened between Sinclair and fuboTV. 

What’s the best way to stream FOX Sports live without cable?

The best overall value right now for getting a regional FOX Sports network is through Hulu with Live TV.

You’re getting a pretty robust lineup of live TV channels, a massive on-demand library of movies and TV shows and a way to activate the FOX Sports GO app for $54.99 per month. Before you try out Hulu’s live TV service, check out its channel lineup first. Just cancel online before the end of the trial if you don’t like the service.

If you want some tips on getting a better deal on Internet without cable, then read my guide on how to find or negotiate a better price.

What do you use to get a FOX Sports live stream to your TV without cable? Tell fellow readers in the comments below.


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  1. Except I hate Hulu and they’ve raised prices 3 times in less than 2 years! Arg! I’m so pissed! Every time I get comfortable with a provider, Fox sports RSN goes into dispute with them.

  2. Fox Sports no longer on YouTube TV either. Just got the e-mail on Feb 27 telling me they will be shutting off FOX Sports RSN and YES TV on Feb 29! Time to switch back to Hulu I guess…

  3. I guess I’m just not going to be able to watch St Louis Cardinals anymore. I’m not paying $50-70 a month even though I’m an avid fan that used to watch every game.

    • It’s too bad that Sling TV doesn’t have the FOX RSN’s anymore. They had the lowest price point at $30 per month.

      I haven’t heard much yet, but I would keep an eye out for what ESPN+ has for MLB games. Last season, ESPN+ had about 180 games and a subscription costs $4.99 per month. When I get a schedule, I’ll post it on the site.

  4. I do not want to pay these sports networks big money so I cancelled. I used to be a sling subscribers as they were the cheapest to offer Foxsports Regional Network (FSSW in my case).
    Hulu charges 55/month now. I’m only interested in FSSW and no other channels. $55 for 1 channel? No way!

    Didn’t we all cut the cable due to exorbitant prices? They are now worse than cable. I can live without FSSW.

    Good riddance Sinclair.

  5. All these options are just as expensive as cable. If I’m going to pay $65 for high speed internet, why would I want to pay another $70? I might as well stay on cable for that price.

  6. We are trying Hulu+live tv and have Fox Sports Midwest. The problem last night was that the St Louis cardinals game was blacked out in our area. That’s a deal breaker for my husband. So I need to know if there is a workaround to watch live Cardinals games on Hulu. Any ideas?

    • You might want to try a VPN either with a streaming service, or the MLB.TV app. You can probably find a VPN service that has a free trial, or that’s pretty inexpensive.

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