How to live stream American Horror Story without cable


Live Stream American Horror Story

American Horror Story: 1984 is inspired by slasher movies such as “Friday the 13th”.

Creator Ryan Murphy already dropped one big surprise before Season 9 of AHS even started — Sarah Paulson will not be in a major role this year, according to Variety

If you want to live stream American Horror Story: Apocalypse, your best deal right now is Hulu with Live TV.

You’ll get FX to watch new episodes as they air live, but you’ll also get unlimited access to Hulu’s on-demand library. And remember, since Apocalypse is a crossover from seasons Murder House and Coven, you may want to use that on-demand Hulu access to dive back in to those previous seasons.

Hulu with Live TV gives you 65+ live channels, 50 hours of Cloud DVR, and the ability to sign into 35 apps, including FX Now. You can even watch American Horror Story online, or on a Roku, Apple TV and just about every major streaming device.

A lot of streaming services hover around the $54.99 per month, but Hulu is an especially good deal because you’re getting two streaming services for the same price as competitors. You look over what local and regional sports channels Hulu’s Live TV package carries in your area by entering your zip code. 

If you want to know all the ways to watch American Horror Story on your Roku or smartphone without a cable subscription, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.

Watch American Horror Story Online

  • Channel: FX
  • Season Premiere: Sept. 18, 10 p.m. ET
  • Best Way to Live Stream: Hulu with Live TV 

FX used to be a network that was exclusive to cable packages offered by companies like Comcast or Spectrum.
But thanks to a wave of cord cutting options, that’s now a thing of the past. There are live streaming services offered online that get you bundles of cable channels like FX, ESPN and AMC for a fraction of the price. 

Sling TV: Live Stream American Horror Story online

The cheapest way to get the new season of American Horror Story is through Sling TV.

The Sling Blue channel gives you 45 channels for $30 per month. The channel lineup also includes Epix Drive-In, AMC, FXX and A&E. You’ll get 50 hours of recording space for $5 per month, or 10 hours for free.

Sling Blue will also give you some local networks, including local regional sports network. It’s worth looking over the channel list for Sling Blue to see if it’s a good fit for you. Sling TV works on Apple TV, Fire TV devices, Roku, Android TV and just about every other major streaming device out there.
Sling TV offers a free 7-day trial.

There are a few promotions worth considering if you’re thinking about going the live streaming route for the full season of AHS.

You can get a free or discounted streaming device when you prepay for a brief subscription to Sling TV.

Watch American Horror Story Online with fuboTV

fuboTV is a sports-first streaming service that offers FX as part of a 110+ channel bundle. It’s also the first live TV streaming service that has offered select number of sporting events on FS1 in 4K HDR.

On fubo, you’ll find a lot of key sports channels like Big Ten Network, FS1, FS2 and PAC 12 Networks. But there is a huge pool of local NBC, CBS and FOX stations along with entertainment networks.
CNN, A&E, History, National Geographic, TNT, HGTV and two Hallmark Channels are part of the entry-level lineup too. 

A subscription to fuboTV costs $54.99 per month, and comes with 30 hours of Cloud DVR.

fuboTV also has a “look back” feature for games and other sporting events that were on in the last 72 hours. It basically works like on-demand for sports. You can also use your subscription to log in to 40 different apps – including FX NOW – on your streaming device.

fuboTV works on just about every major streaming device like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android TV and NVIDIA Shield. Look over the channel listing in your area with fuboTV. You might find a couple regional sports networks or local station that you may want. Check out fuboTV with a free 7-day trial.

AT&T TV Now: Watch American Horror Story Live without cable

FX is available on AT&T TV Now’s Plus channel package. The entry-level “Plus” bundle gives you 45+ channels, including FX – home of AHS – for $50 per month. HBO, NBC, ESPN and Paramount Network are in the Plus bundle.
Want to check out FX and American Horror Story for free? Try out a free trial of AT&T TV Now without any contract or obligation.

Watch AHS online with YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers 75+ channels plus unlimited Cloud DVR for $50 per month.

Alongside FX, FXM and FXX, you’ll get TNT, ESPN and local CBS, ABC and FOX stations in many parts of the U.S. YouTube TV doesn’t work on Fire TV devices because of its ongoing spat with Amazon. But if you own a Roku, Apple TV or want to watch AHS online with your smartphone, then it’s a service worth considering. Try out YouTube TV free for 7 days.

Is AHS Season 7 on Netflix?

Season 7 of American Horror Story will come can be found on Netflix and Hulu. Neither service currently has Season 8.

Available seasons include: Murder House, Asylym, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke and Cult.

What’s the best way to watch American Horror Story online?

There are a lot of ways to live stream American Horror Story, and even watch AHS online. So let’s recap your choices and narrow the field a little bit.

  • Hulu with Live TV is the best option for most people wanting to stream AHS online. You can watch through a Roku, Apple TV or an iPhone. Subscribers get 65+ channels, 50 hours of Cloud DVR and the ability to sign in to 38 apps on your streaming devices and smartphone. And you get unlimited access to Hulu’s on-demand library that people $5.99 per month for. You’re paying $54.99 per month – the same price as most other services – so it’s really the best value, especially if you want to watch prior seasons of American Horror Story. Look over Hulu Live’s channel lineup, before deciding whether to sign up. 
  • fuboTV is a better choice for someone who wants FX, but a variety of sports networks like FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, PAC 12 Networks and beIN Sports. You’re getting 100 channels, 30 hours of Cloud DVR and the ability to sign in to about 40 apps. fuboTV has local NBC, CBS and FOX networks, along with MSNBC and CNN for news. Entertainment channels like A&E, IFC, HGTV and SyFy are in the mix as well. Look over the local channel listing for fuboTV in your area. fuboTV offers a free 7-day trial.
  • Sling TV is a best budget option to live stream AHS without cable. A Sling Blue subscription gets you 45 channels for $30 per month. Cloud DVR costs another $5 per month for 50 hours of recording space. Sling TV works on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and just about every other streaming device out there. You can try out Sling TV free for a week.

Now that I’ve shown you all the ways to stream AHS: 1984, let’s hear your two cents. How do you live stream FX without cable? Tell fellow readers in the comments below.

Note: This article was originally published Sept. 1, 2017, and refreshed for Season 9 with added streaming options.

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