How to Stream FOX Sports Midwest Live Without Cable


EDITOR’S NOTE: On Oct. 23, 2020, Hulu with Live TV stopped carrying regional Fox Sports Networks due a contract dispute with it’s owners. Marquee Sports Network and YES Network were also removed from Hulu + Live TV as a result.

Live Stream St. Louis Cardinals Games on Roku, Fire TV

Fox Sports Midwest used to be exclusive to DISH Network, DIRECTV and cable TV. Now you don’t need these companies anymore watch St. Louis Cardinals games live. 

In this guide, I’ll break down all your choices so that you’re no longer on the hampster wheel of rising prices or channel blackouts caused by contract disputes. I’m going to show you how to live stream FOX Sports Midwest and all your channels on a Roku, Fire TV and even a smartphone. 

What’s the best option right now? 

Hulu with Live TV is the best deal for most people because it has 65+ networks including FOX Sports Midwest, ESPN, ESPN2 and entertainment networks. There’s 50 hours of Cloud DVR. And you can stream live TV on up to two devices at once. 

A subscription costs $54.99 per month. If you already subscribe to Hulu’s on-demand service, then getting their live TV plan will make the most sense. 

That’s because Hulu with Live TV subscribers get unlimited access to the on-demand library, including Hulu Originals. So you’re essentially getting two streaming services for the price of one. You will also be able to activate the FOX Sports Go app, which adds a number of live streams that you may not find in your channel lineup. Oh, and you’ll be able to activate another 37 TV Everywhere apps on your streaming device. 

It’s easy to check the availability of FOX Sports Midwest in your area. 

Just head over to Hulu’s Live TV page and click on the link that says “View all channels in your area”. Punch in your zip code to get your channel lineup. 

How can I stream FOX Sports Midwest without Dish, DIRECTV?

It’s time to join the rest of the country and learn how to cut the cord, especially if you’re a sports fan. 

You may already know about last year’s contract dispute between Fox Sports and DISH. Blackouts and contract disputes have become more common in recent years. You don’t want to get caught in the middle of them.  

Let the companies duke it out while you find a better alternative. There is no need to miss any more St. Louis Cardinals games. 

AT&T TV NOW: Watch St. Louis Cardinals Live Stream

AT&T TV Now carries FOX Sports Midwest and other FOX Sports Networks with what’s called the Max package. 

The Max package has HBO, Cinemax, a number of ESPN networks, local ABC, NBC and FOX stations alongside entertainment channels such as Bravo, National Geographic and USA Network. 

A subscription to the Max bundle costs $80 per month. 

AT&T TV Now’s RSN search tool is the best way to get a read on what regional sports channels are in your area. Punch in your zip code to get a list of available channels. New customers can try the Max bundle free for a week before you start getting billed.

YouTube TV: Watch FOX Sports Midwest Online

YouTube TV offers a single channel bundle that has 70+ networks, including ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC and ESPN. 

There are popular regional sports channels as well, including NBCSN and FOX Sports Midwest in its local coverage area. 

YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month, and comes with unlimited Cloud DVR. YouTube TV works on Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Android TV devices. New customers can try YouTube TV free for 7-days

Is FOX Sports Midwest on Sling TV or fuboTV?

Not anymore. Due to recent contract disputes with Sinclair Broadcast Group, the 21 FOX Sports RSN’s including Yes Network are no longer on Sling TV or fuboTV. The rift between the streaming services and Sinclair narrowed the availability of FOX RSNs to Hulu Live, YouTube TV and AT&T TV Now. 

What’s the best way to live stream FOX Sports Midwest? 

I’ve just thrown a number of choices at you. So let’s break down your best option if you’re living in Missouri, Illinois, Southern Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska. 

Hulu with Live TV is the best overall deal when it comes to live streaming FOX Sports Midwest. Subscribers get 65+ live channels, including key sports networks such as ESPN and Big Ten Network. You’ll be able to activate the FOX Sports GO app for extra live feeds. Unlimited access to Hulu’s on-demand library is included for $54.99 per month. Just cancel online if you don’t like it. 

How are you going to live stream FOX Sports Midwest on your TV? Tell fellow readers in the comments below. And be sure to check out free tips on getting a better price for Internet, and more at the main page of The Cord Cutting Report.

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  1. YouTube TV just dropped Fox Sports Midwest for my area (central Illinois). It was my reason for choosing them. Back to square one!

  2. With virtually identical channel lists, why is Hulu+Live TV with 65 channels @ $55/month a better deal than YouTube TV with 70 channels @ $50/ month?

    • My answer is highly subjective — my needs won’t necessarily be yours. But I think Hulu with Live TV is a better deal overall because you’re also getting Hulu’s on-demand service included. That has Hulu Originals and new episodes from a number of major channels the day after they air. I use Hulu a lot to catch up on prior seasons of shows, and for new episodes of favorite shows.

      If that doesn’t provide much value for you, then you should go with YouTube TV. It’s a solid service, and I expect they’ll work out a deal with Sinclair to keep FOX Sports. I hope that helps.

  3. Does anyone know if YouTube offers Fox Sports Go in their viewing package? We would like to watch St Louis Cardinal baseball. Live in Memphis TN and it is blacked out via MLB streaming. We used the PlayVue last season and watched the games on Fox Sports Go….PlayVue is gone now. I am comparing Hulu and YouTube. Not interested in cable as we don’t watch tv much….just want to watch Cardinal baseball! I will eventually get a free trial for each.

  4. All the techies and smartie pants will tell you to drop ATT Satellite and watch the Cardinals on YouTube TV or Another cheaper streaming service…they don’t know that unless you live in the Midwest you can’t get Fox Sports Midwest on these services!! These internet streaming companies are just like cable companies when it comes to regional sports channels.

  5. I have a similar problem as those above. I live in west Tennessee about 350 miles from Atlanta, but only 285 to St. Louis. This is CARDINALS territory. ATT and others say I am in Atlanta territory. Screw the Brafes. Cardinals beat last Octorer too. But so far the only way I can get Fox Sports Midwest is through Direct, and my bill is currently more than $160 per month. Outrageous. Dish is in contract dispute with FSM so Dish is not an option. And ATT, Hulu and others will not let me get FSM. This is all such bull (you know what).

  6. The flaw in all the above commentary is that unless you live in the “St. Louis area,” you can’t stream Fox Sports Midwest at all. You will only have access to the “local” fox sports affiliate.

    In my case I live closer to Kansas City than St. Louis, so the above services only make Fox Sports Kansas City available to stream…. meanwhile I am still in the St. Louis blackout area, so I can’t stream from either since it is always blacked out. The same holds true for the Blues as I am likewise in their blackout region under the NHL blackout rules as well.

    The bottom line for me then is that unless I use a satellite or cable provider (which I have decided to decline with my costs soaring over $160.00/mo), I literally have no access to the teams I wish to watch.

  7. The problem is my internet is only 15 mg because of where I live.

    I am already paying Dish 78 dollars a month.

    Why do I want to add 40-50 dollars a month.

    Is there a way to stream Fox Sports Midwest for maybe 5 dollars a month?

    Is my internet speed sufficient?

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