FOX Live Stream: How to Stream FOX Live Without Cable

Fox Live Stream: How to watch FOX for free or cheap online

There are two good ways to watch FOX without cable.

Either hook up a TV antenna and enjoy your local FOX station in HD quality for free. Option number two is to try out a live TV streaming service, and stream FOX on a Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV or smartphone.

Hulu with Live TV and fuboTV are among the best live TV streaming services for streaming FOX because they have the most coverage for local stations in the U.S.  

Either service works great for live streaming FOX.

But Hulu’s Live TV lineup will have some musts for sports fans like ESPN. fuboTV doesn’t have that key network, but has sought after channels including NFL Network, NBA TV and NBCSN.

You can get a look at Hulu’s local channel lineup in your area before signing up for a free 7-day trial. You can also look over fuboTV’s channel offerings before trying out its service free for a week.

This guide will quickly review all of your choices to live stream FOX without needing cable TV from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox or anyone else.

Watch FOX live with an antenna

There’s no good reason these days to not at least try using an antenna. Just head over to AntennaWeb and punch in your zip code to see if there’s a broadcast tower for FOX in your area. If there’s one about 30 or 40 miles away, then you have an excellent chance of getting FOX for free.

Get some channels. Dump your cable TV subscription, and become a cord cutter. It’s pretty simple.

You can watch all the NFL or college football on FOX you want for free with an antenna. FOX also broadcasts the MLB World Series and most of the playoffs. The NASCAR Daytona 500, US Open, Champions League Final and Confederations Cup are also on FOX.

So seriously consider an antenna. You’ll thank me later. Read How to Choose the Best TV Antenna & DVR for more tips on getting started.

If you can’t use an antenna, then keep reading. I’ll show you how to live stream FOX without cable.

FOX live stream on Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV has the most local FOX networks than any other live TV streaming service. Sports channels include ESPN, ESPN2, CBS Sports Network and Big Ten Network. A&E, Bravo, Disney Channel, Food Network and HGTV are among its more popular entertainment network.

Hulu only has one live TV bundle, which has 60+ channels and 50 hours of Cloud DVR for $40 per month. Hulu offers a lot of value because subscribers also get unlimited access to the on-demand library and Hulu Originals that people pay $7.99 per month for. So you’re getting two streaming services for the same price as a lot of standalone live TV streaming services.

Check out Hulu with Live TV’s other channels, or a free 7-day trial.

Watch FOX Online without cable with fuboTV

fuboTV has coverage for more than 95 percent of local FOX channels all over the U.S.

FOX is part of the 80+ channel lineup that comes with lots of regional sports channels, and national ones like beIN Sports, Big Ten Network, NFL Network, FS1 and FS2.

There are entertainment channels as well. A&E, History, and HGTV are part of the fuboTV channel lineup. Subscribers get 30 hours of Cloud DVR storage. And you can upgrade for up to 500 hours of Cloud DVR space. fuboTV has apps for just about any streaming device, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices like NVIDIA Shield TV.

You can also use your subscription to tap into dozens of TV Everywhere apps on your streaming device or smartphone. You can try out fuboTV free for 7-days. A subscription costs $44.99 per month, but if you keep fuboTV after a free trial, your first month will be $10 off.

Live stream FOX online with Sling TV

To watch a FOX live stream on Sling TV, you’ll need to sign up for the Sling Blue package. That will give you 40+ channels for $25 per month, including FOX and NBC in many markets.

Sling TV has a smaller number of local channels across the U.S. compared to Hulu and fuboTV. But it’s the cheapest option if a FOX live stream is offered in your area.

You’ll get 50 hours of Cloud DVR for an extra $5 per month. Even if Fox television isn’t offered by Sling TV where you live, you can still use your credentials to sign in to the FOX Sports Go app to watch a live feed of sporting events.

Try out Sling TV free for 7-days, or get a free streaming device like a Roku by prepaying for your subscription.

PlayStation Vue has FOX live Stream

PlayStation Vue offers FOX on its entry-level channel bundle which gives you 48+ channels for $45 per month. You’ll get channels like AMC, FX and National Geographic as part of your subscription. You can use a Roku, Amazon Fire TV or a PC to watch PlayStation Vue channels. You’ll also have access to numerous TV Everywhere apps as long as you have corresponding channels in your subscription.

PlayStation Vue has a 5-day free trial.

Watch FOX online with DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now offers FOX television on all four of its channel packages. The cheapest option is the “Live a Little” plan, which has 65+ channels for $40 per month.

Having a DirecTV Now subscription also gives you access to the FOX NOW app, which has a FOX live stream, and access to other live channels like National Geographic, FX and Nat Geo Wild. DirecTV Now has a 7-day free trial.

Watch FOX Online with YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another option to get a FOX live stream. YouTube TV gives you 50+ channels and unlimited Cloud DVR for $40 per month. The service is available in roughly half of the U.S. YouTube TV offers a free 7-day trial.

What’s the best way to watch FOX online?

There are a lot of options out there, so let’s narrow down a few in case you can’t use an antenna to watch FOX without cable.

  • Hulu with Live TV has the most local FOX networks in the U.S. at the moment, and offers key sports channels like ESPN, ESPN2, FS1 and FS2. Subscribers get access to 50+ live TV channels, 50 hours of Cloud DVR and a massive on-demand library for $40 per month. Hulu offers a free 7-day trial.
  • fuboTV has 80+ channels and has almost as much nationwide coverage of local FOX stations. FS1, FS2, NFL Network, NBA TV, Big Ten Network, TNT and A&E are part of the entry-level channel lineup. fuboTV will give you $10 off your first month if you keep the service beyond a 7-day free trial.
  • Sling TV is easily the cheapest option around at $25 per month. The Sling Blue package carries FOX in select markets around the U.S. You’ll get 40 channels with Sling Blue, including regional sports networks for NBC and FOX. Sling TV offers a free 7-day trial.

What’s your favorite way to watch to live stream FOX? Tell readers in the comments below.

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2 Comments on FOX Live Stream: How to Stream FOX Live Without Cable

  1. So what you are saying is cut the cord and pay for a new cord coming from someplace else?

    Fox FS1 that carries NASCAR is not available unless you pay for a service somewhere that has Fox. Period end of discussion.

    Yes they OTA about 25% of the races but that sure prevents you from being season loyal!

    • True. Just to avoid confusion: note that FOX is a separate channel from FS1 and FS2. You have to pay for FS1 any way you cut it — it’s just a matter of how much. With a local FOX station, you can likely get it for free with your antenna depending on what kind of reception you get.

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