How to get the best deal on the Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy S9 now available for preorder

Getting the best deal on the Samsung Galaxy S9 ($719.99 at Best Buy) will depend on how much you can spend, and what carrier you’re going to use.

While the new S9 boasts cool features like a super slo-mo camera, now is also a good time to get a deal on the Galaxy S8, which debuted last April. (Amazon is selling an unlocked certified refurbished Galaxy S8 for $569.99.)

Smartphones essentially function as a second, portable TV. Since becoming a cord cutter, I’ve used my Android smartphone a lot more for streaming. There’s Netflix, live streaming platforms like PlayStation Vue and OTA channels with a HDHomeRun tuner that I use regularly. So let’s quickly review how to get a deal on a new S9 before it becomes available for pre-order on March 2.

If you’re buying a Galaxy S9 or a Galaxy S9+ and you’re using AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, pre-order your phone on Friday and get $100 off the price. T-Mobile is offering up to half off a Galaxy S9 with a trade-in of your current phone. The Uncarrier also takes up to $360 off the S9 Plus. I have always preferred buying a new smartphone outright, and Samsung is offering the best deal for an unlocked Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus.

Buying a Galaxy S9 vs financing one

In the past few years, it’s made more economical sense to buy a new smartphone outright than getting one through your carrier. But larger companies are now trying to compete with budget carriers and industry disruptors like T-Mobile. So here’s what you need to know about financing a new Galaxy S9 vs buying one at full price.

  • AT&T lets you finance over 30 months, and pay $26.34 per month. But you’re required to have a $60-per-month plan. Your total is $2590 after two years of paying off the S9.
  • Verizon lets you finance the Galaxy S9 for 24 months. so you’ll pay $33.33 per month for the phone. That’s in addition to a $75 per month service plan. The total comes to $2,600 for the Galaxy S9 after two years of payments. (Verizon also offers trade-in options, and will credit you up to $350 when you trade in your current phone.)
  • T-Mobile is offering up to half off of the Galaxy S9 when you trade in your old phone. Don’t have a qualifying trade-in? Then you can finance an S9 through T-Mobile. Pay $30 per month for 24 months, or $720 outright. For the Galaxy S9 Plus, it’s the same deal: $30 per month for 24 months with a down payment of $120. The full price of an S9 is $840 through T-Mobile.

Want to buy one outright instead? There are still some major advantages to buying an unlocked Galaxy S9 instead of financing one. The biggest advantage? You can take your phone to different carriers if a deal or promotion comes up. When you buy a phone directly from a major carrier, in most cases that phone is set up to only work with that carrier.

If you buy a S9 from Samsung, you’ll pay $720 for an unlocked S9, and $840 for an S9 Plus. And Samsung offers a trade-in for eligible phones.

What small phone carriers have the Galaxy S9?

If you’re buying your own unlocked Galaxy S9, there are a number of low-cost MVNOs that are worth checking out. Straight Talk is advertising its own deal on the Galaxy S9.

You can also take an unlocked smartphone to Cricket, Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular. Be sure to check out your options at Freedompop and Tello as well.

Where are you going to buy a Samsung

Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus? Do you still use one of the big four carriers? Tell readers your stories in the comments below.

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