HDHomeRun Connect Duo+ will have built-in DVR


New DVR and cable announced by SiliconDust

SilconDust announced that they’ll soon be releasing a new DVR and tuner designed for recording free live channels captured by a TV antenna.

The HDHomeRun Connect Duo+ will have a 250GB internal hard drive for storing up to 60 hours of HD recordings.

California-based SiliconDust, the makers of HDHomeRun tuners, announced the new device at CES 2018 in Las Vegas this week. It’s one of two new devices that SiliconDust unveiled. The company also has plans to release a new network TV tuner for cable subscribers. The HDHomeRun Prime6 will allow people to get rid of their cable box, and record or watch up to six shows simultaneously.

Both TV tuners have one thing in common. Users can watch live TV on streaming devices, PCs, smartphones, tablets or game consoles that are connected to their home WiFi network. The company is known for its line of popular TV tuners that allow users to broadcast live over-the-air channels across a home network.

The announcement came months after SiliconDust released two new TV tuners called HDHomeRun Duo, and HDHomeRun Connect Quatro.

HDHomeRun seeks widespread compatibility

SiliconDust said in a statement that the company has been focusing on supporting the widest range of devices and platforms. The idea is to let consumers pick what device they want to use with a HDHomeRun device, the company said.

The tuners already have an extensive lineup of support including:

  • Windows 10
  • Android tablets and phones (4.4.2)
  • Android TV streaming boxes & devices (5.0)
  • Televisions with Android TV, Fire TV OS television
  • Apple OSX (10.11)
  • iOS (v10)
  • Screen mirroring to compatible Samsung and Apple devices.
  • Sony PS3 and PS4
  • XBox One and XBox One X
  • Nvidia Shield Pro

The Prime6 will require a cable card from a local cable provider. The HDHomeRun Connect Duo+ works with a guide subscription or a subscription to Plex Pass. Both devices are expected to be released in mid-2018. No prices have been released.

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    • I like your thinking – 60 hours of recording is not much these days, HD or SD. Heck, our computer which is about 5 years old has a 2 TB hard drive.

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