How to watch 60 Days In Season 4 without cable


Watch 60 Days In Season 4 Live Stream

Any fan of the A&E show 60 Days In knows it’s essential that participants maintain their cover stories.

Season 4 of the popular reality show does not go as planned. And it’s expected to be a lot more intense. This guide outlines the ways to watch 60 Days In Season 4 online using DirecTV Now, Sling TV and fuboTV.

In case you were wondering what’s happening this season, here is a quick primer.

A 56-year-old father named Matt is full of dread over his decision to encourage his son, Andrew, to go undercover with him and collect information about illegal activities at the Fulton County jail. From the opening monologue, we hear Matt recalling his son’s hesitation to join him in going undercover.

“He said: ‘Dad, am I at risk? Am I in danger? Could I die in here?” Matt recalls during one monologue. “Know what I said? Absolutely not. That’s not true.”

Can I stream 60 Days In online?

There are plenty of options for you to get your fix of 60 Days In without subscribing to Comcast or another other cable provider.

Premium cable channels like the one you need for this show – A&E — aren’t exclusive to cable or satellite TV anymore.

This guide will outline all the various ways to watch 60 Days In through a number of streaming services, the A&E website or A&E app. If you wanted to binge watch a particular A&E show over the course of a week, you might want to consider tapping into free weeklong trials from DirecTV Now, fuboTV or Sling TV.

You can watch some A&E shows for free on their website, but only an episode here and there. Don’t expect to be able to stream a whole season of a top-rated show like Live PD or The First 48. You need to be a pay-TV subscriber to unlock all the episodes. The same is true for the A&E app.

Watch 60 Days In Season 4 without cable on Roku, Fire TV or Android

If you own a streaming device like a Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast, there are two ways to watch A&E on a streaming device connected to your television. You can subscribe to a live streaming service that offer various bundles of channels over the Internet.

The second method is to stream on the A&E app. The app only gives you on-demand content, not a live stream. You can find a full season of all shows and lots of previous seasons as well.

Best way to watch 60 Days In Season 4 online

DirecTV Now lets you watch 60 Days In on your TV using a streaming device like a Roku, or watch it while you’re not at home using an iPhone or Android smartphone.

You won’t get hit with any kind of penalty for burning too much data if you’re an AT&T subscriber. (I recommend using a WiFi connection if you were planning to live stream A&E on your smartphone.)

DirecTV Now is among a half dozen companies offering bundles of channels at a much lower price than cable.

The entry-level “Live A Little” package is only $35 per month for 60+ channels, including A&E. So you’ll be able to live stream every 60 Days In episode with a subscription.

You can check out their channel lineup before signing up for a 7-day free trial. Discovery Channel, History, HGTV, Lifetime, Viceland and MTV are part of the Live a Little package. You can also use your subscription to sign in to more than 50 TV Everywhere apps.

fuboTV: Best way to watch 60 Days In Season 4 with a DVR option

fuboTV began as a sports-first platform, but really broadened its channel selection with A&E, HGTV and other lifestyle channels.

It’s the only live streaming service that can authenticate the A&E app, which will allow you to unlock all of its on-demand content. You will find A&E, Bravo, FX, FXM, FXX, and both National Geographic channels as part of the 80+ channel Premier subscription.

You can check out the channel lineup in your area to see what else fuboTV offers. fuboTV just released a new app for Roku, which has on-demand movies, and a lookback feature for previously aired sporting events and shows.

You can watch channels from fuboTV on a Roku, Fire TV, iPhone, or Android smartphone. If you stream fuboTV from a PC or Mac, you can also tap into on-demand shows and movies.

fuboTV offers a free trial for 7-days. If you keep the service, the Premier bundle will cost $19.99 per month for the first month. After that promotion, the Premier bundle costs $39.99 per month.

You can read my full review of fuboTV: the definitive guide.

Watch 60 Days In Season 4 on Philo

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get A&E to watch 60 Days In online, you really can’t beat Philo. The entry-level channel bundle is $16 per month for 37 channels including A&E. Philo also has AMC, Animal Planet, Comedy Central, Viceland and Sundance TV as part of its channel bundle.

To try out Philo, you can head over to their site and start a 7 day trial with just your mobile number. Right now, Philo has an app for Roku. You can also watch Philo on iOS, Android Chrome and the web.

Sling TV, a budget choice for watching A&E

Sling TV is the best known streaming service out there. The Sling Orange package gets you A&E as part of a 29+ channel package for $20 per month. It’s definitely among the cheaper options to watch 60 Days In Season 4.

Other channels in the Sling Orange package include HGTV, TBS, ESPN, History Channel and IFC. You can try out Sling TV for free during a 7-day trial. I’ve been a Sling TV customer and I think they have a solid streaming service for the price point. If you don’t already own a streaming device, Sling TV has a few offers to get either a free or discounted device.

Pre-pay for two months of Sling TV, and you can get a Roku Express, or another streaming device like an AirTV Player.

Can I watch 60 Days In on PlayStation Vue?

No. There was some hyped up PlayStation Vue customers about seven months ago when Sony took a survey of its customers. One of the questions asked if adding A&E, History Channel, Lifetime and fyi to Vue’s channel lineup would make them more likely to subscribe.

Since then, there’s been plenty of speculation about Sony possibly making a deal with A&E networks, which owns the channels mentioned above. But so far, it hasn’t happened.

What’s the best way to watch 60 Days In Season 4 online?

Philo is the cheapest option for live streaming “60 Days In” without cable for just $16 per month. You can try out Philo free for 7 days

fuboTV is a good choice if you’re a big sports fan, but be aware there’s no ESPN. You can check out their Premier bundle during a 7-day free trial.

Want more of a budget choice? Then the Sling TV free trial is the way to go. That also lasts for 7 days. Set a reminder on your smartphone in advance of when the trial expires in case you don’t want to keep the service.

What’s your favorite way to watch 60 Days In? Let other readers know in the comments below.

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