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History channel live stream online

The History Channel started out in the 1990s as the go-to place for in-depth documentaries about World War II. But today it’s known for original programming like American Pickers, Pawn Stars and Vikings.

The network may have shed its war doc past, its old name sticks. It was rebranded History in 2008. Many people still refer to this A&E Network by its old name, The History Channel.

There are plenty of options to watch the History channel without subscribing to Comcast, Spectrum or other cable or satellite companies. You could say that the History channel is very forward looking by offering live streaming options.

In this guide, I’ll outline all the ways to watch the History channel live, and the advantage of using apps on your Roku or History website. If you’re looking to binge watch a particular show over 7 days, there are some free weeklong trials that you can take advantage of from DirecTV Now, fuboTV and Sling TV.

The History Channel is part of the A&E Network, which also owns Lifetime, A&E, LMN, fyi, Crime and Investigation, Military History, LRW and Viceland. So if you do try out a live streaming service like the ones I just mentioned, there’s a good chance you might get more than just History in your channel lineup.

What are the most popular shows on History?

There are dozens of shows on History in 2017. I’ve been a fan of Counting Cars lately. But I’ve been watching American Pickers and Pawn Stars for much longer. I always feel like I’m getting a pretty cool lesson on American history or Americana by watching those shows. Rick Harrison is obviously a very well read guy. That can be a big help when a new person steps into Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas to get a stack of money for a not-so-valuable collectible. And come on, who doesn’t love the antics of Frank on American Pickers? Here’s a list of the most popular shows on History this year.

  • Ice Road Truckers
  • American Pickers
  • Forged In Fire
  • Pawn Stars
  • The Curse of Oak Island
  • Vikings
  • Knightfall
  • American Pickers (Best Of)
  • Ancient Aliens
  • JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald
  • Two Degrees

** Note: This most popular list is based on data from the History channel based on new episodes.

Are History channel shows on Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix has had a number of shows from the History channel in its library, but the availability of shows varies. Lately, it seems like you can find a lot of one-off specials.

If you subscribe to Hulu, then you can watch prior seasons of Vikings before the new season starts on Nov. 29. You can find a number of past seasons from History as well. 

Watch History channel live without cable on Roku, Fire TV or Android

If you own a Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Android TV device, you have a couple of options to stream episodes of favorite shows like Ancient Aliens or Vikings.

You can replace your cable subscription with streaming platforms like DirecTV Now, Sling TV or fuboTV. All three of those platforms offer a way to watch the History channel live along with dozens of others. You just stream your live channels over the Internet instead of having them pipe through a cable cord.

Can I stream History channel shows online?

Yes. If you want to use the History app to watch episodes, you used to need a subscription to Comcast or Spectrum. That’s no longer the case. Now when you subscribe to DirecTV Now or fuboTV, you get to use your subscription to sign in to the History app and many other networks. Being able to sign in to these apps is known as TV Everywhere support.

You can also find older episodes of certain specials or programs for free on platforms like TubiTV. For example, I recently found America: The Story of Us available on TubiTV. Big Rig Bounty Hunters, IRT Deadliest Roads are on there too.

DirecTV Now: Best way to live stream History channel

DirecTV Now currently offers the best value for live streaming History channel. You can live stream History from DirecTV Now’s app on a Roku or other popular streaming device. Or you can live stream on a smartphone when you’re not at home.

The entry-level channel bundle, “Live a Little”, gives you 60+ live channels including History, A&E, ESPN, HGTV and Discovery Channel.  Check out their channel lineup for yourself before signing up for a 7-day free trial.

Are you in the market for a new streaming device? You can get a new Apple TV  if you prepay for three months of a DirecTV Now subscription. Prepay for two months, and DirecTV Now will give you an Amazon Fire TV.

With DirecTV Now, you will get TV Everywhere support for more than 50 apps. I’ve been impressed with their on-demand movie selection that also comes with any channel bundle.

fuboTV, best choice for sports fans to watch History channel live

fuboTV started out as a sports-first platform geared toward soccer fans, but you’ll find a lot more than just soccer. Sure, beIN Sports is still an important part of its channel lineup. But you’re also going to find A&E, History channel, Viceland, HGTV and Food Network as part of the 64+ channel bundle, Fubo Premier.

fuboTV also offers 30 hours of Cloud DVR so you can even record your favorite shows on History, and watch them later. fuboTV just released a brand new app on Roku, and works on just about any major streaming device. So if you have a Fire TV or NVIDIA Shield TV, you can easily try out the fuboTV app, and authenticate a few dozen apps through TV Everywhere support.

fuboTV offers a free 7-day trial for new customers. fuboTV will charge you only $19.99 for the first month. You can include Showtime for free as part of your weeklong trial. 

Sling TV, a budget choice for watching History channel

Sling TV offers the lowest price for a live stream of History. You can subscribe to the Sling Orange channel bundle. That gives you 29 channels for $20 per month. You’ll get History, AMC, ESPN and Viceland.

Sling Blue also has History channel, and gives you 45+ channels for $25 per month. The Blue package gives you NBC in many markets, Nat Geo Wild, FOX RSNs and Epix Drive-In. Sling TV offers a Cloud DVR option for an extra $5 per month. You’ll get 50 hours of recording space.

Sling TV has a free 7-day trial for new customers. If you’re willing to prepay for two months, you can get a free Roku Express or Amazon Fire Stick. Prepay for three months and get a Roku Ultra for only $50.

Can I watch History channel on PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV?

No, not at the moment. There’s been speculation for a while that A&E Network channels were going to join Sony’s PlayStation Vue lineup. But it’s been over a year since chatter online has surfaced, and nothing has happened. YouTube TV doesn’t currently offer the History channel live. But YouTube TV is a newer service. So you could see some new channels come to YouTube TV soon.

What’s the best way to live stream History channel?

DirecTV Now gives you the most channels, and best flexibility for your dollar. You can watch a History channel live stream on a Roku, or take advantage of the History app to catch up on episodes.

If you’re already an AT&T customer, you don’t have to worry about DirecTV Now eating up your data plan if you want to watch a show or sporting event live. AT&T owns DirecTV Now.

So check out DirecTV Now free for 7 days, or get yourself an Apple TV when you prepay for three months. Prepay for two months and DirecTV Now will give you an Amazon Fire TV

Want to watch History channel on a budget? Then subscribe to Sling TV for $20 per month, but check out their free 7-day trial first. If you need a solid Cloud DVR option, give fuboTV a try free for a week. You also have the option to include Showtime for free as part of your trial.

What’s your favorite way to get a History channel live stream? Tell fellow readers in the comments below. 

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