Stargate Command: New Streaming Hub for Popular Sci-Fi Franchise


What is Stargate Command?

The movie Stargate released in 1994 starred James Spader and Kurt Russell, and later spawned a huge franchise. There’s been multiple TV series, books and games.

Now Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) is bringing everything Stargate under one virtual roof. Stargate Command, a web-based streaming platform, launched in September.  

The story of Stargate centers on the discovery of an alien Einstein-Rosen bridge device that allows people to travel across the cosmos through wormholes.

After the movie Stargate grossed $197 million worldwide, MGM followed up its box office success in the late 90s with a series of successful television spinoffs, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. An animated series, Stargate Infinity, often referred to as SGI, also had a brief run in 2002. 

The Stargate Command platform gives fans a library with hundreds of episodes and other content spanning the franchise¹s decades-long history. 

What order do you watch the Stargate TV shows?

What order do you watch all these shows once you got the movie from ’94 under your belt?

The answer lies with the experts. GateWorld has a rundown of the best order to watch from the movie in ’94 to present. You can find more drawn out takes on Reddit and StackExchange.

Stargate Command will be more than just the place to catch up or watch re-runs. It’s also the exclusive home to the U.S. premiere of the new original Stargate Origins series, which will debut on the platform later this year.

Where can I watch Stargate episodes? Stargate Command

Stargate Command has two forms of membership. There’s a free version and an All Access paid membership for $20. The paid membership lasts until May 2018.

Stargate Command is available on iOS, Android, and online in the U.S. at: It will also be available worldwide through the iTunes Store and Google Play. Internationally, All Access will be available for purchase through app stores in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

What do I get for a paid Stargate Command membership?

All Stargate Command members receive a weekly newsletter with exclusive updates on the Stargate universe from experts and influencers. It will feature interactive content that Stargate community can use, including fan forums, polls and quizzes. Members can create their own profiles and rise through the ranks at Stargate Command, all the way to the coveted ³Ascension² level.

All Access members will also get insider content and unprecedented access to the production of Stargate Origins. From development and pre-production through the show¹s premiere, all-access fans will get to see it first.

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