5 Best “Amazing Stories” episodes worth streaming for free


Reboot of 80s sci-fi series by Steven Spielberg is coming to Apple

Apple is banking on renowned director Steven Spielberg for its first crack at creating an original series.

The tech giant struck a deal to create 10 new episodes of “Amazing Stories,” a sci-fi and horror anthology series that ran on NBC in the 1980s. The Wall Street Journal broke news about the deal on Tuesday.

With new episodes of Amazing Stories on the horizon, it’s worth seeing first hand what made the show so memorable. Below is a list of the top five episodes of “Amazing Stories”. You can stream almost every episode on this list for free from the NBC web site or the NBC app.

“Amazing Stories” were short 30-minute episodes, and the show only lasted for two seasons on NBC. I used to watch the show when it aired in the mid-1980s. It was true appointment TV for any fan of sci-fi along with shows like Doctor Who.

Watch some of these episodes today and you’ll see why Apple is willing to reportedly pay about $5 million per episode to reboot the series. If done correctly, a new Amazing Stories series could compete with original content from Netflix and Amazon.

5 Best Episodes of Amazing Stories

  1. Go to the Head of the Class
    A teenage horror buff is enamored with a classmate. The two use black magic to get revenge on their strict English teacher (played by Christopher Lloyd). The plan works better than they expect, and now the teens have to deal with the teacher’s frightening and comic wrath. Directed by Robert Zemeckis.
  2. The Mission
    A World War II gunner is an aspiring cartoonist and trapped in the belly of a B-17 with a landing gear that’s been destroyed. His creativity might be the only thing that can save him. Starring Kevin Costner and Kiefer Sutherland. Written and directed by Steven Spielberg.
  3. Mummy Daddy
    An actor stars as a mummy, wrapped in his costume so tightly he can’t speak. His wife goes into labor so he races off to the hospital in costume. Little does he know, there’s a local legend about a real mummy that roams that backwater swamps where the movie is being shot. And the townspeople want their revenge.
  4. The Doll
    A shy bachelor with a loveless life buys a special doll for his 13-year-old niece. His present only brings him embarrassment when he learns his niece is too old to want to the doll. He takes the doll back home only to learn that it can communicate with him. Starring Jon Lithgow.
  5. Remote Control Man
    An unhappy husband lives with his nagging wife and son, but finds some solace with his new TV set, which “comes alive” with his magic remote control.

How to stream: Head over to the NBC website or download the NBC app to watch these episodes for free. What’s your favorite episode of Amazing Stories? Tell fellow readers in the comments below.

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