Smithsonian Channel on YouTube TV? It’s probably coming soon


Smithsonian Channel on YouTube TV: Website showing TV Everywhere support

Smithsonian Channel is likely coming to YouTube TV pretty soon.

There’s some circumstantial evidence on Smithsonian Channel’s own website under the TV Everywhere authentication section. Smithsonian Channels offers about 28 free episodes on its website and app at any given time.

But like with many networks, pay-TV subscribers can unlock a lot more shows and other content. While researching an upcoming guide, I clicked on the “unlock more episodes” tab to see what providers supported TV Everywhere authentication.

You are then prompted to enter in your zip code to get a list of local pay-TV providers. To my surprise, YouTube TV was on the short list. I punched in a few different zip codes where YouTube TV is offered, and they came up again and again.


When I clicked on the tab to sign in, I got a message saying YouTube TV didn’t offer Smithsonian Channel in my area. But as far as I can tell, it’s not offered anywhere in YouTube TV’s lineup.

There was already an admission by a YouTube TV executive in an interview with cnet that we could be expecting more from the live streaming service this fall.

To put that answer in context, Kelly Merryman, managing director of content partnerships at YouTube TV, was responding to a question about whether YouTube TV would get more device support. Currently, subscribers can stream YouTube TV using Chromecast or using AirPlay on Apple TV.

YouTube TV is already available in half of U.S. households and its footprint is sure to expand very soon. In my review of YouTube TV, I concluded it’s poised to be one of the best live streaming platforms out there. 

Sundance Now and Shudder added to YouTube TV

Without any fanfare, YouTube TV fulfilled its plans to make AMC-owned Sundance Now and Shudder as add-on networks.

Sundance Now is being offered for $7 per month. Lately, the platform has been getting some buzz for adding to its lineup Riviera, a popular series in the UK. Horror-themed Shudder costs $5 per month. Subscriptions to Sundance Now and Shudder are also available through Amazon Channels, and on the Shudder and Sundance Now websites.

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  1. I guess we can keep adding every channel there is to where we have no chance to have the prices to where we are actually saving money. We need at least one of these services to maybe have a basic package with the networks and what comes with that then reasonable add ons for say sports, news, info, entertainment etc. This way we are going to just be staying with the same system which is exactly what these greedy people all want. And it will be us to blame for it.

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