Mohu Leaf Glide debuts, an indoor leaf antenna promising “outdoor” reception


Antenna-maker Mohu launched Leaf Glide today, new indoor antenna that’s described as delivering outdoor antenna performance. The company says that the Leaf Glide picks up more broadcast TV channels than any other indoor antenna on the market. Mohu’s Leaf Glide antenna uses its SignaLift technology, designed to deliver a 65-mile reception range.

I plan on testing this antenna in the coming days, so keep an eye on the CCR to see how it works.

The antenna went on sale today at Amazon.

“Our mission is to continue evolving and innovating the cord cutting experience for consumers,” Mark Buff, founder and CEO of Mohu said in a statement. “As the number of people who cut the cord on pay TV continues to rise, we know that access to quality channels matters. Through continuous improvements to our existing antenna models, we built Leaf Glide to do just that – give consumers access to the best live TV choices of any other indoor antenna on the market.”

5 facts about Mohu Leaf Glide Antenna

  1. Height: 11.5”;  Width: 21.5”; Depth: approximately 1/16”
  2. 65 mile range with patented SignaLift technology
  3. 16’ premium low-loss coaxial cable with knurled easy-twist connectors (detachable)
  4. Jolt® Amplifier with CleanPeakTM RF filtering technology (15 dB gain)
  5. Push pins and hook & loop tabs

Leaf Glide is an addition to the Mohu Leaf antenna family, differentiated by its SignaLift technology and size. The company says that due to its modified design, the antenna’s patented SignaLift technology is exceptional at receiving Very High Frequency (VHF) channels compared to other indoor antennas.

Leaf Glide is largest indoor Mohu antenna

Leaf Glide’s size is larger (21.5 inches by 11.5 inches) than the original Mohu Leaf at 11.5 inches by 9 inches. The larger size is part of how it captures lower frequency bands and more signal from fringe channels.

Leaf Glide also incorporates omni-directional architecture, meaning the antenna does not have to be pointed in any one direction to pull in signals.

How do you use Leaf Glide?

The setup for the Leaf Glide is simple and works just like any amplified indoor antenna. Here’s how you set up your TV to get OTA channels with the Leaf Glide.

  1. Connect Leaf Glide to included Jolt® amplifier
  2. Plug amplifier into TV
  3. Scan for channels
  4. Enjoy free live TV

Leaf Glide aimed at cord cutters

Hardware and software companies alike have been spending much of 2017 creating products aimed at the cord cutting movement that’s afoot.

Mohu said in a statement that the Leaf Glide was part of the company’s mission to “innovate the cord cutting experience for consumers.”

Use of free over-the-air (OTA) channels has been a key component of cord cutting for a couple of reasons. The channels are free for life once someone buys an antenna. With major networks now broadcasting in digital, people are discovering a little-known fact among cord cutters. The picture quality of OTA channels is actually better than cable because the broadcast signal is uncompressed.

For antenna companies, the renewed interest in their products has been a boon.

OTA channels and streaming platforms are coming together in a variety of ways. Plex, the media software maker, rolled out a beta version of its software on June 1 to transmit live TV to complement its DVR service for OTA channels.

Users need a subscription known as Plex Pass to use the service, along with a decent antenna, server and tuner.

The AirTV Player, a new 4K streaming box, combines Sling TV’s channel lineup alongside OTA channels. You can also stream other popular apps like Netflix and YouTube. TCL released its new Roku TV S-Series in a joint promotion with Winegard antenna, which gives customers a discount for a FlatWave Ultra-Thin antenna. Likewise, Element has been promoting its new 4K Fire TV edition set as one that has OTA integration.

Mohu is also expected to release on Labor Day Weekend its much anticipated Mohu Airwave, a tabletop antenna that will broadcast live OTA channels to apps on Roku and other popular over-the-top streaming devices.

 If you’re thinking of trying out the Leaf Glide, you may want to go to AntennaWeb first and see what towers are in your region. That’s a favorite resource of mine that’s worth bookmarking.

The Leaf Glide is being sold exclusively at Amazon and

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