TCL offering discount on Winegard antenna with new Roku TV S-Series

TCL announces new partnership with antenna maker Winegard

If you’ve been on the lookout for a Roku TV deal, TCL is offering a discount aimed especially at cord cutters.

You can get $20 off Winegard’s FlatWave Ultra-Thin Amplified Digital Indoor HD Antenna (model FL5500A) when you buy a new TCL Roku TV S Series.

This new line of televisions combines a 4K UHD, HDR and Creative Pro 4K upscaling.

This deal is valid for all models from the new S405 series.

These Roku TV sets are offered in 43” (43S405), 49″ (49S405), 55″ (55S405) and 65″ (65S405) screen sizes

If you buy a new S405 TV on Amazon between June 9 and June 18, you can add the Winegard Flatwave to your cart for $19.99.

Buying it elsewhere? OK, a special insert with an offer code for $20 off Winegard’s FlatWave Ultra-Thin antenna will come packaged in the S-Series 4K TCL Roku TV box.

There some interesting reading this week about how some streaming TV executives believe the benefits of HDR outweigh 4K. With these new Roku TVs, you get both. TCL announced a strategic partnership today with Winegard Company with a goal “to redefine the way consumers use Smart TVs.”

Roku TV S Series competes for cord cutters with OTA integration

TCL’s announcement is another sign that 2017 has become the year of the antenna.

A cross section of tech companies that make hardware and software for televisions have been releasing products aiming to combine free over-the-air (OTA) channels with streaming services.

The AirTV Player, a 4K streaming Android TV box, offers a combined menu of Sling TV channels and OTA offerings when paired with antenna and tuner.

Mohu Airwave, a new tabletop antenna set to be released on Labor Day, is designed to broadcast live OTA channels to apps on Roku and other streaming devices.

Element is one of three companies releasing new 4K Ultra HD televisions with Fire TV software and a voice remote. Those TVs also boast of built in OTA integration. Amazon began offering a free over-the-air antenna to customers buying the new Element TV when it was released.  

Winegard Flatwave antenna with a TCL Roku TV

I have always been a big fan of Winegard antennas, whether it’s one designed for home or use on the road.

The Flatwave antenna comes with Winegard’s patented Clear Circuit Technology that boosts 100% of available signal. It also has a dual band optimized VHF/UHF element for maximum signal capture.

There are a couple of other things that I really like about this antenna. It comes with a long mini coax cable for easy positioning. There’s also a USB power insert that connects directly to a USB port on the TCL Roku TV.


Winegard recently gave TCL its Cord Cutter Certified Platinum Award, noting that the company includes a tuner in its critically acclaimed Roku TVs.

“Coupling an antenna, like Winegard’s FlatWave, with our TVs helps consumers save money by eliminating the need for a cable box and extra devices, while also enabling access to the widest variety of streaming content that viewers can watch on their own time,” Chris Larson, a senior vice president at TCL said in a released statement. “Similar to TCL, Winegard has unmatched in-house and vertically integrated capabilities to deliver high quality products with innovative technologies, and together we offer the perfect option for those looking to forgo a cable subscription in favor of an alternative wireless service.”

The television sets have access to more than 5,000 streaming channels and 450,000+ movies and TV episodes through the built-in Roku operating system. They include dual-band wireless connections and three HDMI ports for flexibility. 

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  1. i bought the t v at amazon 11/12/16 . now i need to use the 20.00 dollar off coupon, how do i order the antenna,i am on your website now, no way to order anything. this coupon is valid until 1/31/18

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