fuboTV Lookback feature launches, showing previously aired sports


fuboTV Lookback shows games aired in previous three days

fuboTV has launched a new “Lookback” feature that allows subscribers to go back and watch sports and entertainment that aired in the previous three days.

The new feature is available on desktop PC and mobile devices for now. A company representative told me that lookback is now available for most channels. You can find it by clicking on the electronic program guide at the top of your screen.

I’ve been trying it out since I was told about it last night. I discovered that there are a few ways to watch previously aired shows or sporting events.


fuboTV lookback with sports

When you go to the sports section, just scroll down to the guide. You’ll notice a small calendar icon in the upper right. Click on the icon, and it will pull up a calendar. Choose a day, and the guide will show all sporting events available to watch.

When I chose Thursday, there were 25 different sporting events to watch. It included four FIFA U-20 World Cup games. There was AFL Premiership Football and some more domestic choices like college baseball (Maryland vs Iowa) and two NASCAR races.

The “Jump To Today” button that above the calendar icon is handy to help you get back to live programming. You could also just click on date at the top of the screen to navigate back a day or two.

You can narrow your search by choosing a particular sport like football or basketball. This menu shows games that just aired along with upcoming ones you can record on Cloud DVR.

fuboTV on-demand movies and shows

You won’t find the lookback feature on A+E Networks, but that’s expected to change in the next couple of weeks, according to FierceCable.com.

If you want to see what aired recently on channels A&E, History Channel or Viceland, you can go about this a couple different ways.

In the entertainment section, scroll down and you’ll find the “recently aired” section.

fubo also has a large on-demand section for entertainment channels. You won’t find a full season, but enough to help you catch up on the last few episodes. Under the movies section, you will find separate queues for live movies, recently aired and upcoming. (You can record upcoming movies with Cloud DVR.)

Below that, in the “movies on demand” section, you can narrow you choices by genre.

Latest fuboTV features comes following ‘TV Everywhere’ apps

While “lookback” isn’t readily available on A&E or History Channel, fuboTV recently expanded TV Everywhere app support to those channels. The networks are among more than 30 channels that can be authenticated with a fubo Premier subscription. The subscription gives you 64-channels for $34.99 per month. fuboTV is offering a free 7-day trial to check out their streaming service. Check out my review, fuboTV: the definitive guide for more details.

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  1. Does Fubo offer a search option for specific shows? Are there past seasons available for “marathon” watching similar to netflix or hulu?

  2. Will Fubo be adding AMC in the near future? I love the service and the picture quality, but, the wife (and myself included) miss AMC in their line up.

  3. I tried Fubo for the first time last night and the quality was very good. My only issue is the Roku user interface lacks something to be desired. Minimal information about the game or show – I didn’t know if I was watching a live soccer match or just a replay. No guide that allows one to scroll down through a channel-time grid. Any knowledge if there’s improvement on the way?

    • Generally speaking, the interface on Roku can compared to a 1980s Atari game. That said, fuboTV is still working on improving its app on various streaming devices. I spoke with someone from the company yesterday before they announced the $55M infusion in venture capital. It sounds like they will be working on a lot of ways to improve the user experience while expanding programming. I don’t have a timetable, but my guess is that the company is moving as quickly as they can now that they have more money to do it.

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