Sundance Now review: offering indie movies for cord cutters


Sundance Now offers indie movies you won’t find on Netflix

Have you ever discovered a great indie movie that came out a few years ago that you had never heard of before?

Sundance Now is essentially the new ground zero for that kind of content.

For years now, the name Sundance has been associated with independent movies and the world renowned film festival in Park City, Utah. You don’t need to dream anymore about shelling out a few thousand bucks and hitting a film festival for 10 days.

A few months ago, Sundance re-branded its DocClub app. Renamed Sundance Now, the app offers a livelier selection of curated, independent movies and other lesser known films you won’t find on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

There are award-winning foreign films, cool indie movies, and documentaries. Sundance Now also has a section for their original programs like The Bureau.

And if you still have that film fest fantasy going where celebs curate a list of favorite of movies for you, no worries. You’re covered.

Under the Collections section, celebs like Anthony Bourdain offer up a list of favorite documentaries. You also get fancy member benefits for being a subscriber, which includes chances to win tickets to events like the San Diego International Film Festival and similar gigs around the United States and Toronto.

New customers can get a 7-day free trial. That’s essentially a week’s worth of unlimited streaming for free.

The monthly rate is $6.99 with no contract or obligation. People who pay a full year in advance get a 28-percent discount. So your monthly rate is marked down to $4.99 per month, or $59.99 bill annually.

What do I need to stream Sundance Now?

You can stream Sundance Now on a Roku. Get the free trial on the Sundance Now website first. If you use an Amazon Fire TV or Fire Streaming Stick, you can get your free trial through Amazon Channels. Sundance Now says they’re working on expanding to Smart TV apps. You can also stream its full selection of indie movies and shows from the web site, Google Play and Apple iOS.

Don’t confuse Sundance Now with Sundance TV (the home of Hap and Leonard). They are two different worlds.

Sundance Now is a streaming platform like Netflix, but I would argue a more refined one. These aren’t movies or flicks. We’re talking film, my friends. It’s is definitely an upgrade from DocClub. Coasting through its movie section, I was impressed to see a cross section of genres.

Crime and Suspense. Comedies. International movies. History & Politics.

What kind of movies are on Sundance Now?

It’s better if I just let the movies speak for themselves. I’ve pulled together a few trailers of indie movies that are currently playing on the Sundance Now app.

Terribly Happy

A disgraced Copenhagen police offer is transferred to a small provincial town. He soon gets involved with a married woman and learns about the bizarre, creepy behavior of its inhabitants.


Simon Killer

Simon, a clean cut American college student, goes to Paris to get over some heartache. He meets a prostitute named Victoria, and the two engage in a dangerous game of blackmail.

You’ve Been Trumped

In the mood for a little more conversation about our president-elect? In this documentary, filmmakers capture the battle between a group of Scottish homeowners and Trump as he buys one of the country’s last wilderness areas to build a gold resort.



On the night of an astronomical event, eight friends at a dinner party experience a series of reality-bending events.

The Killer Inside Me

Sure, you’re hearing a lot about Casey Affleck these days. Not for the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial parody. I’m talking about that Manchester By The Sea flick, dude. Check out a completely different side of Affleck’s acting chops in The Killer Inside of Me. He plays a corrupt cop, who maintains a secret life as a killer.


Start the free 7-day trial at the Sundance Now site, or get your free trial through Amazon Channels. And if do you try out Sundance Now, let your fellow readers what you think in the comments below.

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