Stream PlayStation Vue on a PC


How to watch Playstation Vue PC

PlayStation Vue can now be streamed to your desktop or laptop computer via a web browser.

The interface overall is pretty nice. You just go to and sign into your account.

Not only can you watch live TV, but you can also tap into your shows saved on cloud DVR. I’ve been testing it out via WiFi. The picture is crisp as what you’ll see on your television. You will definitely want a speedy, dual-band router for peak performance if your computer is not hard wired to your cable modem.

The pop-out window is a particularly good feature. If you were watching something on full screen, you can move down to the right corner and hit the pop-out icon. That will move your live TV feed to the upper left corner of your screen so you can channel surf or browse through your saved shows.

I liked running PS Vue on a desktop that I have in my office. 

There is no on-demand function like you see on an Amazon Fire TV. But there are other ways to tap into on-demand features of many channels via authenticating apps.

Can I watch PS Vue away from home?

Yes, you can now actually watch PlayStation Vue away from your home Internet network. It’s surprisingly one of the bigger developments for the streaming TV service that not many are talking about. The added feature is a significant one considering that it was one area where Sling TV had an edge, especially for customers that are frequent travelers.

I have been testing PS Vue while on the road, and so far it has worked pretty well. There is one limitation. Not all of your channels will be available. I suspect this is largely because of certain contractual agreements with networks, but it’s a big step forward.

PS Vue on demand

Before Sony announced plans for offering PS Vue on a PC, a lot of folks have been using their PS Vue credentials to tap into a huge number of apps. Check out the unofficial app login list compiled by some hard working Reddit users. Elite Slim and Ultra Slim subscribers can authenticate about 97 apps. The list is very comprehensive. It even lists which devices – like a Roku or Fire TV – the apps will work on.

But, you can use your PS Vue login credentials to login to sites like the Sundance TV web site and others to watch full episodes.

PlayStation Vue resources

If you’re new to PlayStation Vue, I’ve put together a few tips and tricks around this web site. There’s a handy post and video showing you how to use a TV remote to control PS Vue on your PlayStation console. I also have a comparison of PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. And you can also read our guide on everything you want to know about PlayStation Vue, which we update regularly.

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  1. YAY !!!! Finally, Playstation Vue NOW WORKS on Ubuntu Linux versions of Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers. I’m successfully using it on Linux Lite 4.2 which is a 14.4 LTS Ubuntu version and also Peppermint OS 8 which I believe is another Ubuntu based OS running version 16.04. Everything works just perfectly !!!!!

    • There was some kind of update or redo with the player or system they use so that could be related to why you are having that luck. I have been with pvue for two years, one and a half on browser. I like to use firefox although that and chrome and IE which they say are preferable always had stuttering for things like sports motion. They would never admit there were problems and as usual tended to blame it on me or my setup. Worked smooth on the firestick!. I don’t like how they have treated me but apparently they have fixed this. I now get near perfect play on firefox. I understand they were using adobe, a problem right there, and maybe now they got smart and went to html5. Whatever it is some good to go along with all of my problems and glitches with my dvr content etc. Fairly happy with their service.

  2. I tried Ubuntu today, and ran into issue that the browser was not supported, whether I used the Chrome browser or Firefox. On that a same box, I have a second OS, the lovely Vista OS, and I tried using a current version of Firefox, and the latest version of Chrome that will run on Vista, and I keep getting the message that flash was not the proper version, or was not enabled properly. Anyone else try Vista?

    • Chris I only have experience with windows and the one laptop I had Vista on I converted a couple years ago. I would think that PVue would work fine on Vista. I use ffox on W7 and it also works on chrome fine. I know that there sure are things that wont work at all without an updated version of flash. I suppose you know how to check that, it not just search “adobe flash update” and let the site install the newest version. Uncheck those boxes for mcaffe and whatever else it tries to sneak in.

  3. About two months ago the PC browser app was somewhat rolled out, but they told me there was some kind of hang up and it was delayed. I was normally using a firestick (problems for me) and I did try the PC app in my browser. It was on and off with working properly if at all. I discontinued my service in Nov so I never saw it working properly. I have been watching to hear of it being fully implemented and have never seen that. I just called and the CS woman said it was working. Does anyone know if it is fully operational now?

    • Streaming PS Vue on your PC should work pretty well so long as you have a decent WiFi or Ethernet connection.

      The only issue that I briefly encountered was at times Vue seemed to think I was not on my home network. But I haven’t seen that happen again to me in a while.

      I have tested streaming wirelessly via a PC and desktop with no lag issues. It also works well on the road. By design, Vue won’t give you all your channels when you are off your home network.

      • Are you testing on a Windows PC, Mac or Linux PC? The challenge currently seems to be on Ubuntu Linux based PC’s Browsers i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, etc..

        If anyone has success playing Playstation Vue on a Linux based Browser, I’d love to hear about it.


      • I have been without PVue as I dropped it, but will need to get going again when the nascar racing season starts again in February. Trying to not say too much I didn’t mention your problem actually seemed to maybe be my main problem. It seemed to have a problem not knowing the secondary use of the browser was not mobile use so it was web restricting a lot of channels. To be able to make sure I could watch my programs I was never really able to go 100% to the browser, so like I say I never had it work properly for me.

        I am hoping sling gets their PC dvr setup going also then I will have two options. (I don’t want another W/L setup like the firestick if I don’t have to). I have to have a dvr as that is really the only way I watch my programming so until sling has a dvr I will go with PVue. It is strange to me that PVue will tell us to pay attention to the PVue blog but there has never been an announcement on it only about AppleTV. I am on W7 with firefox. Thanks for the info.

  4. I just discovered the hard way that Playstation VUE WEB View DOES NOT work on my 64 bit Linux Lite 2.8 systems which are based on the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Operating System. I have tried it on both Google Chrome 64bit and Firefox and keep getting the message to update my browsers. Very Disappointing !!! Playstation Vue Tech Support doesn’t have an answer either, but I have seen others mentioning this problem in posts, but not in any public articles. However, PS Vue works great on my Android 4.4.2 Smartphone and also on the Amazon Fire TV 2nd Gen and Amazon Fire Stick 2nd Gen.

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