Epix Hits: Movies on demand, streaming during Fall 2016


Epix Hits, the best of what’s on demand this fall

There are great new movies on-demand and streaming on Epix Hits this fall. Here are some highlights that PlayStation Vue subscribers can tap into if they are streaming with an Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire streaming stick.

Epix Hits currently has 572 movies and 606 programs on-demand on PlayStation Vue as of this writing, including action adventures, sci-fi, documentaries and suspense.

[2017 UPDATE]: How to watch Epix, FX channels without cable

Epix Hits, the best movies for October – November 2016

Shine a Light
(2008) Documentary/Biography

Director Martin Scorsese captures the Rolling Stones as they work in run-up to performing at the Beacon Theater in New York City in fall 2006. There’s guest performances by Jack White, Buddy Guy and Christina Aguilera.

(2015) Action/Thriller

James Bond is on a rogue mission to Mexico City. A widow to an infamous criminal, politicians, and the daughter assassin all come into Bond’s orbit as he tries to infiltrate a sinister organization known as Spectre.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
(2015) Action/Thriller

The Impossible Missions Force is disbanded by the U.S. Senate. Its agents are blended into the CIA and Ethan Hunt is on the run. He’s hunting for a group known as the Syndicate. He’s a fugitive now hunted by his old allies at the CIA. You don’t need James Bond. You have Rogue Nation.


(2015) Action, Crime, Drama

A bomb kills members of an FBI drug task force operating along the U.S./Mexican border. An idealistic FBI agent joins a mission to hunt down a drug cartel responsible for the killings.

Marathon Man 
(1976) Crime/Thriller

A car crashes head-on with an oil truck, and a marathon runner and grad student played by Dustin Hoffman is drawn into a diamond smuggling operation orchestrated by a Nazi war criminal. There’s a covert group of government agents called “the division.” There’s Dr. Szell, a Nazi war criminal and dentist that extracts information in the worst way you can imagine. Laurence Olivier won an Academy Award nomination for his performance as Dr. Szell. ‘Nuff said.

Trees Lounge
(1996) Comedy/Drama

Before the everybody-figued-out-Steve-Buscemi-is-awesome era, Steve Buscemi was even more awesome. Exhibit A: Trees Lounge, his 1996 debut as a writer and director. He plays Tommy, a gambling addict and unemployed auto mechanic who lives above the bar Trees Lounge. He got busted taking money out of a register and blowing it gambling in Atlantic City. This is a film where John Lee Hooker is on the soundtrack for a reason, not just because it sounds great. Oh yeah, and there’s Samuel L. Jackson.

(1982) Crime/Drama

In San Francisco, Dashiell Hammett wants to keep his detective days in the rearview mirror of his life, but an old friend turns up asking for help finding a prostitute in Chinatown. Hammett just wants to be a writer, the one that goes on scribe The Maltese Falcon, Red Harvest and The Thin Man. But his old life is not quite through with him yet. The story is based on the 1975 novel by Joe Gores.

The Most Dangerous Game
(1932) Horror/Mystery

Count Zaroff opens his home to the passengers marooned on his private Carribean island when their ship crashes on a reef. A group of survivors who believe they escaped the disaster of a lifetime soon learn they are prey. Zaroff is a hunter, and the big game he hunts for are people.

The Rainmaker
(1997) Drama

Rudy Baylor graduated from law school, and he’s practically broke as he serves drinks at a local bar. Eager for a job, he is thrust into the shady arms of a personal injury firm. He needs money, and he’s going after a powerful insurance company that has refused to pay for a life saving operation of a young man. ‘Better Call Saul’ doesn’t have a monopoly on the lawyers-in-trouble storyline. In fact, nobody does it better than author John Grisham, which the movie is based upon.

Deep Impact
(1998) Action/Drama

The countdown to the end of the world is underway. An enormous comet is set to collide with the Earth. A joint US-Russian team is sent into space to destroy it. But many on Earth are left to ponder their possible end.

How to get Epix Hits on-demand on PlayStation Vue

With an Amazon Fire TV/Android TV

1) Scroll up to the EXPLORE section at the top of the screen

2) Select MOVIES under the CATEGORY section on the left

3) Scroll to CHANNELS on the right

4) Select Epix Hits

5) Go back to GENRE to narrow the list of movies

If you watch on Android

You’re choices limited quite a bit. But there’s some on demand content.

1) Go to My Channels and select Epix Hits.

2) Scroll through right to left on each section

3) Select More to get a full menu of movies
Sources: Epix, Wikipedia, and IMDb


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