Android TV devices, NVIDIA Shield TV get PlayStation Vue app


Android TV is the latest platform with PlayStation Vue support

Sony announced today that PlayStation Vue has expanded to Android TV. This will bring the live TV streaming service to many more streaming devices working on the Android TV software.

The company also announced that web support for both PC and Mac will be coming soon. The announcement was made by Dan Myers, head of product for PlayStation Vue, on the PlayStation blog. Here’s part of what he wrote.

“If you already have a PS Vue account, you can begin streaming your favorite TV content starting today by downloading the PS Vue app on Android TVs running Android OS 4.4 or higher.”

PlayStation Vue continues to offer a free seven-day trial through the PS Vue web site. New users are being told to sign up for a trial on their web site first, then link the account to Android TV.

Will PlayStation Vue work on NVIDIA Shield TV, Mi Box?

nvidiashieldtvYes! We received a statement from the folks at NVIDIA today that the new PlayStation Vue app for Android TV will work with NVIDIA Shield TV . The Android TV app will also support on-demand features from many channels. Those channels include AMC, Comedy Central, Disney, ESPN, HBO, NFL Network and SHOWTIME.

Since the PlayStation Vue app for Android TV is supposed work on Android OS 4.4, there shouldn’t be a problem with Mi Box as well. We’ve confirmed that the PS Vue Android TV app definitely works on a Nexus Player. Before today’s announcement, some NVIDIA Shield TV were already side loading a PlayStation Vue app.

When will PlayStation Vue work on a PC?

Sony wasn’t specific about when the PC and Mac support will begin. Meyer said in the announcement that the PC and Mac support will have some unique features, such as a mini-player. The mini player will allows users to shrink the player to a corner of the browser window and continue browsing PS Vue.

PlayStation Vue offers more than 100 live streaming channels, including add-ons of HBO and Showtime. PS Vue is already available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS and Android mobile devices.

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PlayStation Vue on Android TV starting today
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PlayStation Vue on Android TV starting today
Sony announced today that PlayStation Vue has expanded to Android TV software. Can we finally watch PS Vue on NVIDIA Shield TV?
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