Nintendo Switch, the first trailer shows multi-player, Skyrim being played

Nintendo Switch debuts new hybrid console that supports home and portable gaming

Nintendo gave the world its first glimpse of Nintendo Switch, a new hybrid that allows console and portable game play.

A three minute video was posted on YouTube this morning demonstrating classic games such as Zelda and unexpected favorites like Skyrim.

The Switch has been dubbed “Project NX” since the company first mentioned creating a gaming platform with a “brand new concept.”

switch-nintendo5 facts about Nintendo Switch

  1. Hybrid console/portable gaming system
  2. Games include Zelda, Mario Kart and Skyrim
  3. Multiplayer action
  4. About 48 game developers/producers support Switch
  5. March launch date

The portable system comes with two detachable controllers, which are mounted to the hybrid screen. The trailer shows players sliding the controllers off the mounting bracket and using one hand to play.

One player can use a Joy-Con controller in each hand. Two players can each take one controller, or multiple Joy-Con controllers can be used by numerous people for a variety of gameplay options.

The controllers can click back into place or slipped into a Joy-Con Grip accessory, mirroring a more traditional controller. The gamer can also select an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to use instead of the Joy-Con controllers.

Numerous people can bring their Nintendo Switch systems together to enjoy local multiplayer face-to-face competition.

“Nintendo Switch allows gamers the freedom to play however they like,” Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO, Nintendo of America said in a released statement this morning. “It gives game developers new abilities to bring their creative visions to life by opening up the concept of gaming without boundaries.”

At home, Nintendo Switch rests in the Nintendo Switch Dock that connects the system to the TV. The console has a more traditionally looking game controller. By simply lifting Nintendo Switch from the dock, the system will instantly transition to portable mode, and the same game travels with you.

When is Nintendo Switch going on sale?

We’re being told sometime in March. It’s interesting that Nintendo isn’t trying to capitalize on the Christmas holiday or go head to head with PlayStation 4 Pro being released this fall.

How much will Nintendo Switch cost?

No price has been released yet, but Nintendo announced today that a price will be made public before the console’s March release date.

What games are on Nintendo Switch?

During the video preview, Zelda was shown being played in portable mode. Mario Kart was shown in multi-player mode with four people getting in on the action. Skyrim was shown being played in portable mode and with the home console. The video trailer also shows a basketball game and Splatoon. Full game demonstrations and a list of game titles will come before the March release.

But Nintendo did release a long list of publishers, developers and related partners announcing support for the Switch.

Check out the list:


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Nintendo Switch, multi-player, portable action, games include Skyrim
Article Name
Nintendo Switch, multi-player, portable action, games include Skyrim
Nintendo gave the world its first glimpse of Nintendo Switch, a new hybrid that allows console and portable game play.
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