Some Insignia Roku TVs are not PlayStation Vue ready


PlayStation Vue not working with Roku 7.0 firmware

Some Insignia TV owners are opting to buy an Amazon Fire Stick as a short term solution.

Want to stream PlayStation Vue on your new Insignia Roku TV and dump your cable subscription? Not so fast.

Some owners of Insignia Roku TVs are complaining to Roku and discussing on PlayStation Forums how they can’t use PlayStation Vue on their new televisions. The problem, according to the complaints, arises from Insignia Roku TVs that operate on firmware version 7.0 – not 7.1 or higher that’s required for the PlayStation Vue app. According to people who have taken to forums on PlayStation and Roku, there seems to be few definitive answers from customer service departments being asked about when a software update might come.

Customers who are complaining to Roku directly are being asked to update the software of their television, but the solution does not seem to help everyone.

PlayStation Vue vs. Sling TV

Many people celebrated the arrival of PlayStation Vue on Roku on June 21 after months of pleading and begging by consumers wanting to ditch their cable. PlayStation Vue has been competing with Sling TV since last March in the live streaming TV market, but has recently gained popularity due a drop in prices in some major markets and expansion of channels. PlayStation Vue offers more than 100 channels for $45 in most markets around the U.S., and a 55-channel “Access” bundle for $30.

Sling TV broadened their channel offerings with Blue and Orange subscription tiers last month, but still lack an alternative to Vue’s cloud-DVR or the ability to stream different channels on multiple devices.

What to do about Insignia TV’s inability to stream PlayStation Vue?

Unfortunately, the matter seems to come down to reading the fine print. If you look at the smallest font at the end of the Roku’s blog post on June 21, it reads that PlayStation Vue will not be compatible with all TV models. Here’s the fine print from the Roku page made a little bit easier to read:

Happy Vue-ing!

*May not be available on all Roku TV models at this time. Expected availability in the coming months.


Roku and its partners have sold more than 1 million of its smart televisions to U.S. consumers since entering the smart TV market in 2014, Variety reported in January. Roku’s goal is to sell even more TV’s by introducing nearly 60 new Roku TV models in 2016. According to Variety:

Roku’s strategy for the TV market has been to team up with lesser-known and lower-cost manufacturers to sell streaming-capable TVs with a familiar interface and all the necessary apps to consumers who don’t want to spend big bucks for high-end TV sets from companies like Samsung and LG. That strategy seems to be working for the company — Roku estimates that it now has an eight percent smart TV market share in the U.S.

That strategy appears to be moving forward. The Verge reported last week that Hitachi will join the growing ranks of companies that make Roku TVs. The story also reported:

Both 1080p and 4K sets will be released “in a variety of screen sizes” beginning this fall. No specifics beyond that have been announced at this time, but the Hitachi Roku TVs will be based on “Roku’s low-cost TV reference design” and include the popular streaming software built in.

Whether Roku or Insignia will deal with the PlayStation issue on a more aggressively remains to be seen. Some Insignia owners are not waiting for the software fix, instead opting to buy an Amazon Fire Stick for $39 so they can start using PlayStation Vue (and presumably begin saving some serious cash by dumping cable.)  If you’ve been affected by this, leave a comment below and tell us your story.


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8 Comments on Some Insignia Roku TVs are not PlayStation Vue ready

  1. I’m in this boat, it’s very frustrating that you can’t seem to get a straight answer from Roku or Insignia on this issue, as I have reached out to both. My 4K tv is only a couple of months old and already out of date on Roku OS

  2. It’s not just Insignia. A lot of TCL Roku televisions are also stuck on 7.0, with no definitive upgrade date available

  3. The bad thing about this is the very first day of release of the Vue Roku app, it was available to install and actually worked. Then without warning it was removed and made unavailable. Pretty cappy service if you ask me.

  4. Glad to see this news making the press. I bought a Roku TV about six weeks ago and an Amazon Firestick immediately thereafter to watch Vue, since Vue hadn’t yet launched on Roku. While disappointed that I have to use two remotes to watch Vue it seems like a minor blip … assuming that Roku and Insignia eventually resolve the issue. Insignia support wasn’t really very helpful when I called them a few days after Vue rolled out on Roku. For some reason they thought Vue was working on Insignia TVs. The very next day though they removed the Vue icon from the Roku menu … which misstep then upset the smart TV owners for whom Vue had apparently already been working. Oh well …

  5. I just bought an Insignia tv fully expecting to use Playstatioin Vue. Alas, I’m also simillarly affected. While frustrating I am currently using a Roku 1 stand alone and hooking it up to HDMI 1 to watch Vue. Two Roku remotes is confusing, just hope it was up and running. I may be looking at purchasing Amazaon stick anyway to have as a back up.

  6. This is why you should always buy the streaming box, not the smart TV. It’s much easier and cheaper to upgrade the box. To me, Roku TVs are a bit like the old TV with built in VCR concept. The VCR becomes obsolete a whole lot faster than the TV.

    I’ll stick with my Roku 4, which supports the PlsyStation Vue app just fine.

  7. I was excited about the two Insignia Roku TVs I bought because of the integrated remote more than anything else. I actually think of them as more of a Roku with a built in TV than a TV with a built in Roku. So it was a big letdown to realize that they were stuck on version 7.0 of Roku.

    I am using a standalone Roku 3 with one but the “Roku within a Roku” experience leaves something to be desired. I may try disabling the built in Roku for now and see if that provides a better experience but am not sure that is possible.

    I actually think we might blame Playstation the most here. After all, their Roku interface is not stellar. So why did they even need 7.1 to build it? I mean if other channel providers are able to build nice apps using Roku 7.0, why can’t Playstation? it just seems to make better sense to develop a channel on a platform that allows the most people to use it.

  8. Same situation here. Bought the Insignia roku tv for my children to watch Vue and 7.1 is not installed. This is a real set back.

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