With PlayStation Vue now on Roku, a true competition begins for cord cutters

Roku is now offering PlayStation Vue as a live TV streaming option on all its devices.

Roku becomes latest streaming device to get PlayStation Vue app

A lot of people are excited about the news that PlayStation Vue is now available on Roku. But how does it look? Is it really a good alternative to good old fashioned cable?

Check out Mark The Geek’s new video where he goes through the new app from start to finish and shows you how PlayStation Vue works on Roku.

It’s safe to say MTG likes PlayStation Vue on Roku better than Amazon Fire TV. After watching the video, I’m not entirely sold, but I’m definitely interested to see it firsthand. I really like the layout and performance of Vue on Amazon Fire TV, and now you can easily activate the app by telling the voice-controlled remote, “Play PlayStation Vue app.”

No matter which streaming device you prefer, there’s one thing that’s undeniable: Roku has just become a juggernaut in the cord cutting market.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a big game of chess being played in the market of streaming devices, and live-streaming TV has become the new queen on the board. Writer Daniel B. Kline summed up what’s at stake for companies selling streaming-devices, which he described as “mini-stores operating in each user’s living room.”

“Whichever company manages to put its set-top box or streaming device into your living room controls a lot of potential purchases,” he said in an April 9 story for Motley Fool.

Sling TV and Apple join forces

Last week, Sling TV announced that they would launch their service on Apple TV in a deal where customers could buy an Apple TV box for the discounted price of $89 when they pay for three months of Sling TV’s $20-a-month subscription. (The Apple box usually cost $149.)

Since 2007, Apple TV has sold the most steaming devices – 37 million units, and still leads the pack, according to Multichannel News. Chromecast has shipped 27 million units. About 20 million Roku players and the Roku Streaming Sticks are on the market. In January, Roku revealed that the company and its partners sold 1 million smart TVs to U.S. consumers since entering the field in 2014.

With PlayStation Vue now being offered as an option to cut the cord, companies like Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast can seriously challenge both Apple and the cable industry.

What is the best live TV streaming device in 2016?

The latest Apple TV deal hardly seems like a great one for people who have not yet bought a streaming device. The agreement to buy three months worth of Sling TV for a discount on the Apple TV box almost sounds like a contract offered by a cable provider. If you’re not crazy about Sling TV (and its lack of a DVR feature) after three months, what are your other options for live streaming TV? I guess you could wait for another provider to come along in 2017, but that doesn’t exactly solve the looming problem of your triple-digit cable bill.

With PlayStation Vue now being offered on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, there are more choices for live streaming TV that can be tailored to a person’s needs without any contracts or obligations. PlayStation Vue offers three tiers of channel subscriptions and a limitless cloud-DVR option. Sling TV does not.

And, some Roku and Amazon Fire devices still cost less than Apple TV.

For those who took advantage of Roku’s 20 percent markdown on their new streaming stick (priced at $39, and usually $50), they’re in a much better place to enjoy some streaming TV on the cheap.

The Roku Streaming Stick is considered a great deal at $50 because of its speed and has a wider selection of apps. The Amazon Fire Stick remains an inexpensive choice at $40 and offers programming that comes free with an Amazon Prime subscription. If you’re thinking of cutting the cord and want to know more about PlayStation Vue, read through our comprehensive guide about pricing and channel offerings around the U.S.

Of course, how much money you can save by cutting the cord depends on what you’re paying for broadband, but you see our take on how easy it is to get a better price from your local provider.

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  1. Just want you to know how much I value your cite. Great unbiased information. It is a valuable aid to our cord cutting.

  2. Since I have both Amazon Fire and Roku, I don’t have to pick one interface over the other. I will say this about Roku: it has by far the best app support for mainstream streaming, though not the prettiest GUI.

    I may try PlayStation Vue for the Olympics, and later downgrade to Sling (again) for ESPN. $40 a month is more than I’m willing to pay long term for ad-supported TV.

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