Build your own Netflix movie list, and uncover more films and shows


How to build a Netflix movie list for 2017

You could spend all of 2017 searching high and low for the best Netflix movie list around. When you are streaming TV shows and movies every day, finding new things to watch can be tough. Netflix has improved its user interface in the last year so that you can browse its categories easier. But you don’t always see everything. Netflix has about 209 categories, and not all of them rotate into your personalized menu.

You can search around the web to find the codes for the 209 categories list, and type them in manually to your computer. Or you can just use our interactive Netflix movie list builder below.

Before you dive into trying it out, there are a lot of great resources worth a look to give you ideas for new movies and shows on Netflix.

Top 5 resources for searching Netflix catalog

  1. IMDB’s top 250 movies of all time
  2. JustWatch
  3. Can I Stream It?
  4. Paste Magazine
  5. FlixList

These sites all will expose you to what’s either in Netflix’s current catalogue or movies to keep an eye out for. The top 250 movie list from IMDB is really more of a reference point. The rest of the list will give you some real-time intel with what’s currently playing on Netflix.

Our Netflix movie list tool will pull down an entire category whether its Mystery or Crime Thrillers. You just need to take a couple of steps before you start scrolling around on the old school television below.

How to build your own Netflix movie list

  • Open a separate tab on your web browser and make sure you are logged into your Netflix account.
  • Return to our page and begin scrolling around the television graphic below. When a category pops out that you want to see, click on it and the category will pop up in a new window on your computer. From there, you can either pick a movie to watch on the spot, or select ADD TO MY LIST for later viewing on your favorite streaming device like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

If you don’t want to use the TV-shaped cloud below, we’re also providing a list for you to scroll through. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back and use it at your leisure.

A couple more liner notes: For the time being, our cloud TV graphic is best used on a PC or laptop. We hope to later optimize it for tablet and mobile phone use. You may notice that a few categories are currently empty. We still included those categories because Netflix is always adding movies as others go away.

We attempted to use category names that closely resemble ones used by Netflix to avoid confusion, but we shortened some of them in the TV-shaped cloud. Enjoy! (It’s created with

Build your own Netflix movie list, and uncover more films and shows
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Build your own Netflix movie list, and uncover more films and shows
Tap into all 209 categories to build your own Netflix movie list. Our interactive tool will help you do it.
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