With Hulu, YouTube live streaming TV on the horizon, the best time to cut cable from your life is right now


Why breaking up with cable won’t be hard for long

Let’s face it: the truth is cutting the cord is not that easy. There’s great comfort with keeping things status quo. Your household is guaranteed the same shows you love, the same DVR. You just have to keep telling yourself, “Oh well, the price of everything goes up ever year,” when you look at your cable bill rise into the triple digits.

But the truth can always make for a nice tonic, too. The cable industry is already at a point of no return. There’s a really excellent piece by Timothy Karr this week about why big cable companies hate the Internet. He also takes on the farce of data caps now being used to force more money out of customers. Cable companies are slowly losing control of consumers, and 2017, companies like Hulu, YouTube, Apple and Amazon are going to offer more live streaming TV services enabling people to cut the cord.

Bloomberg News sums up what YouTube is considering with their “Unplugged” package.  According to the story, YouTube is considering a $35 price point with possible “skinny” additions for extra money. Hulu is weighing a possible $40 price point, according to a story in The New York Times. Amazon and Apple are reportedly working on similar plans.

The truth that cable companies are now facing is that their business model is slowly melting away like the polar ice caps. The result is all good news for consumers. At this very minute, customers living in areas where there’s little-to-no competition for big cable companies have a shot at lowering their cable bill without sacrificing the content they enjoy. And unlike many cable companies, there are NO CONTRACTS with streaming TV, allowing customers to try out different services anytime they want. (Dude, you could start trying them out right now.)

Sling TV offers packages at about $20, but with few channels and no DVR service. PlayStation Vue (which is what I began using this year) offers more robust channel lineup and a cloud DVR option at a slightly higher price. If you live in the right market, you can even get four ESPN channels, FOX Sports, NBC Golf and Comcast Sports Network in your Vue lineup.

This new world of live TV streaming over the web will be great for consumers because the competition will force companies vying for revenue to offer premium services for the lowest price possible. I enjoy paying less for TV. Getting rid of my cable box felt like dropping a couple of financial cinder blocks off my back. The savings made buying my own Fire TV box, a faster cable modem an easy decision. And seeing that extra bit of cash in wallet really feels great. So, in case I forgot to ask, why are you still paying a cable company for TV?

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