I haven’t gotten to the point yet where I’m doing hardcore reviews on this site although my faithful readers have probably noticed my take on PlayStation Vue, which I use for my everyday live streaming TV instead of boring old cable.

The Cord Cutting Report’s Watchlist is simply my list of things I have researched and secretly covet. I also consider this as my hit list of things that I would lean toward buying if some of my shit breaks (which I hope doesn’t happen anytime soon.) The last thing I want to do right now is spend any cash. Hell, I had to practically choked down the idea of blowing the $71.28 for hosting this site about politics and cord cutting. But hey, since I’m saving $66 per month now by cutting cable, I figured it was a wash for a little over a month of savings.

I’ll probably never have a man room in my life, but if I did and had some Jay-Z money to throw around, I would definitely be scooping up the following:

Acer Predator 34-inch Curved UltraWide QHD NVIDIA G-Sync Widescreen Display

acerpredatorCurved monitors simply dazzle me. This sweet piece of machinery is no exception. Every time I’m up in Costco drooling over the massive TVs, I suddenly find myself gawking at the curve screen ones like some kind of zombie. I think if I had one of these hooked up to a PS4 or Xbox One, my wife would see me about once a month.


I came very close to buying one of these when I considered my options for cutting the cord, but ended up with an Amazon Fire TV because it was a more practical choice for the current needs of my entire household, especially considering that I needed a solid piece of hardware for PlayStation Vue streaming that had a nice remote control that my wife could use.

What appeals to me most about NVIDIA Shield is its potential as a forward-looking device that could improve with age. And NVIDIA seems to be making the most of that right now. It recently announced a free update to version 3.2 of Shield’s software, giving it the ability to stream Netflix’s HDR (high dynamic range) content. That will make Shield the first streaming device to deliver Netflix HDR, beating out rival Roku 4, according to CNet.

Roku 4

Having said that, a Roku 4 looks pretty damn nice: 2500-plus streaming channels and set up to stream 4K Ultra HD once it becomes more common in the market. Long before I became a cord cutter, I was really digging the concept of a Roku, especially with its aggregation of older movies and great content from across the web. I will be updating this list regularly as things get a little more concrete/serious on that end of things. A big thanks in advance for clicking on any of the links above because it helps support all the writing that goes into The Cord Cutting Report.