I wanted a laptop with unquestionably strong horsepower, so I made a somewhat unconventional decision. I bought a gaming laptop strictly for what’s under the hood. I don’t play games on it. But I do a lot of graphics-heavy tasks like editing video and photos while I’m writing.

I ended buying an ASUS X550J. It’s not a common model that you can find. It came with 12G RAM, NVIDIA GENFORCE GTX 950M, an Intel Core i7 processor and a 1 terabyte hard drive. Having a laptop with this kind of power allows me to do multiple tasks at once without having to worry about crashing or locking up.

Since becoming a cord cutter, using a gaming laptop for streaming content to a TV is also ideal. Using an app like Plex, I can seamlessly stream movies from laptop to my Plex app.

While cable company salespeople will try to freak you out about having enough Mpbs, what really counts is having decent hardware. I bought this almost a year ago so by today’s standards, this model is already somewhat outdated. I’ll have more to say on my purchase in the months ahead along with any other hardware that I end up buying or testing.