Who am I?

Doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that I have a golden ticket. And I want to give it you.

That golden ticket is some battle-tested knowledge that will save you a heap of cash every year for the rest of your life.

Cord Cutting 2017, the definitive guide is updated regularly to reflect the some of the latest techniques and tech in cord cutting realm. But don’t mistake me for some self-aggrandizing guru. I’m just your friendly neighborhood cord cutter.

To quote my man Q-Tip, “Not the best, not the worst, and occasionally I curse, To get my point across…”

You get the idea.

The bottom line is….doesn’t matter. But saving you money does.

Welcome to the world of cord cutting

What is this weird thing called cord cutting? Who are these strange people cancelling their cable subscriptions?

Those heathens!

Did you say revolution?

We’re not a bunch of people sacking away jars of fruit in our dirt-floored cellars waiting for the next big revolution. We might be the consumer equivalent of those dudes in Lexington who were drinking beer one time and got worked up about paying taxes to those pesky Brits. Or maybe we’re just like the folks who noticed a ripple in The Matrix once and could never go back to the hypnotic droll of everyday life.

We broke free of the zombie-like habit of paying ever-rising cable bills month after month. We discovered the rich land of cable alternatives. A fairly tale kind of wonderland where there is a feast of programming.

And look! The antenna reception is crystal clear. The Amazon Fire TV actually streams more than just Amazon Prime content. It has live streaming TV! My Internet subscription is only $35 a month. (We had to fight Agent Smith on that one.)

Once free, we could never see the world of home entertainment like before.

Cord cutting vs cable 

What is even considered cord cutting these days? Some people say you’re only a cord cutter if you use an over-the-air antenna and nothing more. Others have more of an anything-goes view so long as you dump your traditional cable or satellite package.

I’m not so sure of what the correct answer is. All I know is that I got sick of paying too much for a cable service that I watched too little of.

A lot of people are apparently feeling that way lately. There’s an interesting piece in Variety, saying folks who are ditching traditional cable are expected to drive down the revenues of big U.S. cable companies by 4.7 percent by 2026. We’re talking about a couple of billion dollars here. That’s a lot of money on the table.

How to get rid of cable fees

Despite those falling numbers, cable bills are expected to keep climbing. The current business model is that cable companies entice consumers with a low introductory rate. The cable or satellite company then tries to roll customers off that rate as soon as possible. The customer gets hit with a number of unexpected broadcast fees. If they get mad and call to complain? Talk them down and see if you can upsell them when they call. When the next customer calls with a similar issue? Repeat cycle.

Cable companies are trying their best to keep you as a customer. They also don’t want you to join the growing tribe of cord cutters across the nation. One way they try to block you is by maintaining ridiculously high rates for a subscription to only broadband.

Many people shrug their shoulders when they’re told that they will have to pay a hefty monthly rate for an Internet-only subscription.

There’s something these companies really, really don’t want you to know. You actually have bargaining power to get a lower rate on an Internet-only subscription, even in if you live in an area with little or no competition.

What’s The Cord Cutting Report all about?

It’s all about sharing what I’ve learned so you can ditch your triple digit cable bill and any kind of contract that will tie up your spending.

I am never going back to cable.

It’s fair to say I have a keen interest in all things tech, especially how the worlds of television and computers are merging. I started this site after finding a better way to enjoy television without a hefty cable bill or any kind of contract.

I’m using an Amazon Fire TV with an Ethernet connection to stream PlayStation Vue on one TV, and a PlayStation 3 with a TV remote for my bedroom set.

Cord cutter DIY

Do you have a stock of old wires, game consoles or computer hardware collecting dust in your basement that you just can’t toss? It’s probably because at one point you spent a lot of money on those items. So you keep them tucked away with hopes that someday they might be useful again.

Guess what? Some of it can. With a little know-how, some of those wires and dusty computer relics can have a second life. We do things a little different here at The Cord Cutting Report. Whenever we can, we’ll be proposing a DIY solution in our reviews that might keep you from spending some of your hard earned bread.

My hope is that readers will learn from my mistakes. Early on, I bought an amplified antenna for about $35 online only to find out later that the one I made with some extra cable wire I had around the house works just as well. My antenna guide will hook you up with some easy-to-understand online tools so you can figure out what kind of TV antenna you will need based on where you live in the United States.

I also do various reviews of products and services related to dropping cable, telecommunications and what’s becoming the Internet of Things.

I saved a little over $792 in my first year ditching cable. That money more than paid for the new cable modem and router I bought to set up my home. My savings will pile up to thousands of dollars in the next few years. You can do the same. All you have to do is read what I’ve put down to get you going.

Go ahead, kick the tires a bit. Check out the posts and tell us what you think.

If you are new to the site, welcome. Start with Cord Cutting 2017, the definitive guide. 






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