Will Amazon Prime drop in price again this year?


Amazon has plenty of reasons to draw more customers to Amazon Prime with a price drop

Will Amazon Prime have a price drop again in 2016? I think they will. And I have a couple of good reasons to believe why.

USA Today reported in an April 29 story that CEO Jeff Bezos said in a letter to investors that he wanted to make Prime “such a good value, you’d be irresponsible not to be a member.” You can read his letter here. The take away from the Bezos letter could be that Amazon might just add so many neat features like same-day delivery on top of Prime’s original programming that consumers just can’t say no. But I don’t think so.

Roku released their latest streaming stick in April to much critical acclaim for its speed and wealth of app options. Amazon will also face a new wave of competition from Hulu and YouTube as they launch new live TV streaming services in 2017.

That may be already happening: a number of recent sales that dropped the price for Fire TV and Fire Stick also signals Amazon’s desire to get as many units as possibly into homes in early 2016. (I bought mine during one such sale a few months ago, and even got a $30 rebate due to a second price drop after my purchase.)

I love my Fire TV for streaming PlayStation Vue. That’s the main reason I bought it instead of a Roku.

I don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime. I don’t plan to anytime soon. That’s because between the 100 or so channels I have on PlayStation Vue, and apps like YouTube, I feel like I have more to watch now than I did when I was shelling out $150 per month for cable.

I’m saving close to $800 this year because I dropped cable and wrangled a good price for my Internet package.

That said, I might say yes to an Amazon Prime subscription if the price dropped below the annual $99. Being a Michael Connelly fan, I would definitely check out some Bosch.



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